World Wi-Fi: the Advantageous Free Network to Get Cryptocurrency

World Wi-Fi: the Advantageous Free Network to Get Cryptocurrency

Nowadays, some of you may are familiar with the word cryptocurrency. It has become a world-wide phenomenon while other people still wonder what it is. Banks and even governments are also more aware of the existence of this new digital money system. But what is it really?

Cryptocurrency is a new cash system of electronic that uses a network of peer-to-peer to avoid double spending. This type of system is totally decentralized with no central authority or server. In today’s article we will give you information about a website where you can buy and transact with cryptocurrency securely. World Wi-Fi will be your live saving to begin the understanding of cryptocurrency world. Visit the official website (

About World Wi-Fi

World Wi-Fi is a decentralized global network that is completely free. The users of it are usually advertisers, ordinary people, and route owners. The users in this platform can enjoy free internet. Meanwhile, the advertisers will pay the route owners for the ads that advertisers put in this platform which can be seen by millions of people, the advertisers can get a useful tool to target their analytics and advertising of effectiveness of advertising campaign.


World Wi-Fi is a world-wide project which is built from the community’s collective efforts. The network actually is based on owner routers which are private and most of them are residential. For the route owners, they will get cryptocurrency from internet advertising since they can offer free access of internet to users.

The advantage can get evenly for users, router owners and advertisers. You as a user of the World Wi-Fi will no longer pay for the internet. For the owners of the router, they will share their resources and get paid from the advertisers. And for advertisers, they will reach their audience target to see their advertisement. Read more on the whitepaper


There are two existing projects in the World Wi-Fi that are focusing on advertising in areas of public. They are Radius Wi-Fi and Adrenta. There are more than 14,000 open networks and more than 100 partners’ franchise in Adrenta network. This company also operates with more than 100 employees in 80 cities. In 2017, the number of access points of the Wi-Fi increased to 784%.

The usage of this platform is divided by 4 types of people. They are including:

  • The internet users: The users can access internet for free and they need to watch a short video once they connect to the platform.

  • Router owners: They can install the platform’s firmware in order to create open network which is separated from their Wi-Fi connection. After that, they can start getting cryptocurrency for every view of the ad.

  • Advertisers: For them, the platform can help them to reach certain amount of viewers even more than their target. The platform also helps them providing reliable blockchain, accurate targeting data, real audience with no bots, and statistical data of ads.

  • Entrepreneurs: The platform is a decentralized network of Wi-Fi from the effort of the community. For entrepreneurs, this platform can be their additional income. You can read its whitepaper for detail information.


In the World Wi-Fi, the utility currency for tokens is called as Wetoken. All the transactions in this platform will be conducted only in Wetoken. The price for 1WT equals to 10 AD or $0,10. At the end of the token sale, the price increases up to $0,2. Today, the average of the market for 10 ads are about $0,30. The token sale will be sold during the pre-sale. Meanwhile, the unsold Wetokens, will get burned. The starts and end dates for the token sale are 18 April and 18 May 2018.

Token Details

Token Name : WeTokens (WT)
Token price : 1 WT= $0.30 USD
Token Protocol : ETH / ERC20

Token Sales

Token Issued : 600.000.000 WT Tokens
Token Sold : 258.000.000 WT Tokens


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