W12 – Blockchain Protocol for Creating and Executing Smart Contracts

About 5.67 billion dollars were invested in the ICO , as a result they were closed or turned out to be fraudsters.
At the moment, it is obvious that the market needs to be changed, improved, because truly good projects cannot collect investments with such a position in the market. Trust in projects comes to a minimum.
I heard about W12 project that can solve similar problems in the iCO market.  Let’s analyze this project in more detail.

What is W12?

W12 is an open protocol for making and executing smart contracts. The protocol is made from smart contracts templates, DAO management and a decentralized oracle network that controls the implementation of the project roadmap.

They created a system where trust between the parties is not required. In this system, oracles are used, they are needed to monitor the implementation of all steps of the roadmap.

This solution protects users from SCAM projects, as well as projects that cannot complete their business due to unforeseen circumstances, reducing risks and costs, creating transparency and trust between the project and the token you are buying.

Fundraising companies can be of any type: charities, social projects, ICO, crowdfunding, and any other.

W12 creates a decentralized infrastructure in which trust between the parties is not required, and any disputes can be resolved quickly, transparently and with minimal costs.

The W12 protocol can be integrated into any existing business or business solution. On top of that, W12 will provide its own platform for selling tokens with a user-friendly interface, thanks to which projects can easily raise funds.

The goal of the project

To become the largest global platform that will change the established centralized ways of raising funds, which are currently limited to the geographical and political regulatory framework. Provide every investor in the world with a decentralized solution that will create a global world future.

Problems in this segment:

  • Fraud (SCAM) – the fraud rate in the ICO is extremely high and reaches 81%;
  • Low level of survivability of startups in the early stages of investment (less than 30%);

Studies show that only 3.8% of ICOs are successfully traded on exchanges.

  • Lack of trust between fundraisers and depositors;
  • It is extremely difficult or impossible to adequately estimate the cost of a project token;
  • Centralized control over the use and distribution of funds.


1) W12 will allow any user to build (without programming knowledge) smart contracts with the necessary logic:

  • Any type of investment attraction can be performed using the W12 protocol and platform;
  • It is possible to use any type of decentralized control over funds.

2) The decentralized network of oracles, created to confirm the implementation of the stages of the project:

  • Trust is not required between contractors and those who control the project development process;
  • The decentralized system of oracles will allow you to objectively control the development of the project.

3) Secure and transparent transfer of funds to the other party.

4) DAO:

  • Decentralized and self-sufficient method of organizing crowd funding campaign
  • Funds will be released gradually, after confirming the stage;
  • Gradual release and return of funds (if projects fail to meet their requirements) will increase the level of vitality in the industry, provide greater control over fraud and reduce the risk of loss of funds for investors.

W12 solution includes:

  • W12 protocol for creating peer-to-peer digital contracts;
  • digital contract templates;
  • W12 decentralized oracle network;
  • voting and decision-making mechanism;
  • digital contract execution algorithm;
  • service tokens sales platform;
  • charity campaign platform;
  • secure token sales platform;
  • the mechanism of diversification of funds into other cryptocurrencies and their blocking in smart contracts in accordance with the selected project.

Information about token W12

The tokens of this project are very multifunctional and ultimately have a high value.

  • W12 token is a standard for financing projects using the W12 protocol
  • W12 tokens allow users to purchase tokens of other projects registered on the W12 platform
  • W12 tokens are utilized as fuel in a decentralized system.

Token information

Platform: Ethereum
Type of token: ERC-20
Number of tokens: 400,000,000 W12
Price: 1 W12 = 0.00035 ETH

Project ICO: 
Soft cap: 3000 ETH (REACH)
Hard cap: 22 500 ETH
Minimum entry threshold: 1.5 ETH
Accepted currency: ETH, LTC, BTC, BCH, ETC, ADA, XLM
You must pass KYC before purchasing tokens.
When paying using a smart contract, funds will be received immediately after payment, otherwise (without using a smart contract) at the end of the ICO project.
All unsold tokens will be burned.
Listing of the project to the exchange by December 15, 2018.


I actually expected a similar project to appear on the market and I was very surprised that a project like W12 provided such a great system and advanced token economics.
As for the team, she is quite experienced. I watched the presentation of the project W12, there was the project founder Oleg Sharpaty, who answered all the questions easily. Therefore, the project is very open, because of this, confidence in them immediately increases.

For further information about W12 come to visit :

Website: https://tokensale.w12.io
Telegram: https://t.me/w12_io
Whitepaper: https://tokensale.w12.io/W12-en.pdf
ANN Thread: https: // bitcointalk. org / index.php? topic = 3220425.0
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/w12.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/w12_io
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ W12io /
Medium: https://medium.com/@w12_io Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/w12io/
Github: https://github.com/w12-platform

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