Use Your Cryptocurrencies for Daily Transactions Easily by Using Cryptassist

More and more people are interested to use cryptocurrency to support their virtual activities. They also know that cryptocurrency as a valuable asset. Due to these needs, the cryptocurrency holders are trying to find a platform which can facilitate their needs. Cryptassist is a platform which designed to accommodate all the needs of the cryptocurrencies holders.

The platform is supporting all holders whether the new cryptocurrency holders and the advanced holders. The holders are supported by features and tools so they get the solution of their problems related to the cryptocurrencies. It hopes that people get more understanding about the virtual currency and use it comfortably and safely.


About Cryptassist

Cryptassist is a platform which used as a cryptocurrency portal. This platform is designed for people who want to know more about cryptocurrency or for those who want to know the latest update. The platform is also introduced to connect the virtual money system and the users.

As the result, the holders can use cryptocurrency for daily transactions even better than before. The platform is using a sophisticated system to be compatible with over 50 different cryptocurrencies. The holders can use their prepaid debit card. Even, the platform is compatible with the Visa or the MasterCard online and offline around the world.

Vision and mission

Crypassist is trying to be the leading cryptocurrency portal. In the future, Cryptassist becomes the solution for the holders to solve their problem as well as to update the information fast, easy, and accurately. The platform is also developed to accommodate the system and the cryptocurrency holders. Later, the holders are able to use their crypto asset to support their daily life whether for online and offline around the world.

The platform is developed to be an effective solution for any kind of cryptocurrencies issues so the holders can use the virtual money comfortably and safely. Even, the platform is designed to be a connection between the virtual money and real-life activities.


There are several advantages the holders will get from the Cryptassist. In general, the holders are able to use cryptocurrencies even better than before. Moreover, by using this platform the holders can use their crypto asset anywhere around the world. As the result, the holders can use the virtual money anytime they want just like when they use a fiat money.

Cryptassist is like a one-stop platform where the users can use it for any kind of activities related to cryptocurrencies including purchasing, transferring, saving, and even investing only from their smartphone. It doesn’t matter if the holders are using various types of cryptocurrencies because the system is compatible with various most popular cryptocurrencies.


The Cryptassist is supported by several features which help the users to use the platform easily. For instance, the platform is using a specific feature to make sure that the users can purchase something offline or online by using their Debit Card. There is also an exchange feature and it can be used by the holders to exchange their cryptocurrencies, especially for those who use the virtual currency as an investment.

The interesting feature is CryptoGo and by using this feature the users are able to earn more cryptocurrencies through the rewards. For a fast and easy transaction, Cryptassist is using a feature namely ChatPay. Just like the name, the feature is designed not only for chatting but also for cryptocurrencies transactions.

Token detail

Cryptassist is using a specific token known as CTA token. The token is used to support all kind of activities while using the platform. For example, the token is used for the operational expenses, research and development, marketing, and the platform’s users. The holders can also use the CTA token to create some valuable projects.

Token Ticker : CTA
Token Supply : 88 Million
Token Price : $0.38
Token To be Sold : 74.75 Million
ICO Dates : ICO restarts: 31st July 2018
Ending on: 12th September 2018 (or until the hardcap is reached whichever is the earliest)
Accepted payment methods: Fiat, bank transfer or PayPal,
Cryptassist – the top 100 crypto currencies listed on CoinMarketCap


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