The Way to Withdraw Tokens in Atomic Wallet with Atomic Swap Technology

About Atomic Swap Technology

The main reason why people love to use blockchain platforms is because they can buy anything they want faster and easier. The process is also secure to do and they get just like what they are expected. The faster and secure process can’t be separated with the role of atomic swap technology. Atomic wallet provides Atomic swap technology platform’s users to use tokens or coins to transfer or transact without the help from any third party including bank.

The token holders can transfer the coins directly to the sellers. At the same time, the sellers will give the request from the token holders or buyers. This is including if the token holders want to sell it to the exchange market or transfer it to friends. Then, the transaction will be recorded completely by a personal Atomic wallet along with the help from atomic swap.

Overview of Atomic wallet functions

Atomic wallet has an important role to support the app as well as the atomic swap technology used by blockchain based platforms. The main function of Atomic wallet is to keep all your crypto currencies. The interesting part, atomic swap technology is compatible to various types of crypto currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance, and any kind of ERC20 tokens.

There as several features installed on the Atomic wallet for easy and friendly access. By using those features, you are able to transfer those tokens faster directly to the person who will receive it including sellers, providers, developers, and many more while using specific platform. Virtual wallet is also used to keep your tokens safe if you don’t want to use it. Interestingly, you can bring the wallet anywhere you want because it is included on your smartphone. While using the tokens, you can also check the detail of your transactions so you get clear information about what you have done with those coins.

Instructions for using one of the Atomic Wallet functions

There is a case that you want to withdraw the tokens. The first thing to do is opening your Atomic wallet . Then, you have to choose “Withdraw Cash” Don’t forget to bring or memorize the PIN because you will need it to go to the next step.

If you are doing the process in the retail store, just buy something first so you can withdraw the token based on the instruction above. You also need to specify the amount of token you want to withdraw from the wallet. You will be asked to mention your phone number and PIN to complete the process. That’s it! You can withdraw the token and use it for your needs. Atomic swap technology is compatible for Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora.

Token Infomation

  • Token Name: Atomic Wallet Coin
  • Token Ticker: AWC
  • Standard Platform : Ethereum ERC20
  • Decimals: 8
  • Total supply: 100,000,000 AWC

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