The Way to Create and Find Audio Contents Easier and Profitable with LetItPlay

Internet is lack of information in the form of audio. LetItPlay is the latest platform which designed to overcome that problem. The platform is trying to accommodate audio content creators to find trusted listeners. Later, the audio source is able to listen by using various audio interfaces. The interesting part is that all users can get benefits including income. LetItPlay is a flexible platform for all users including content creators, content providers, consumers, service providers, artists, studios, and many more.

About Let It Play

LetItPlay is a blockchain based platform to provide information in the form of audio. The platform is used for all users whether those who want to create the audio contents and the users including third party such as advertiser, service provider, and content distributor. The platform is also supported by play token for all transactions. LetItPlay is trying to provide special rewards anytime the audio is listened, liked, and shared.

Vision and Mission

LetItPlay is developed to meet the need of online audio contents. The platform is trying to give easy access for all users who want to share or find audio contents based on their interest. Moreover, this is also a platform for all users who are interested on providing or using contents especially in the form of audio. It hopes that Let It Play becomes the leading audio platform which not only offering the platform but also benefits and income.


LetItPlay is trying to give advantages for all users. The audio content creators are able to share information based on their interest and will be listened by reputable listeners. They also have a chance to get income from it. Customers are finding the best audio contents based on their interest and also have a chance to earn some tokens from any kind of transactions. Advertisers also have a chance to promote their products and services via audio platform and content to gain more customers.


To support its performance, LetItPlay is using specific platform such as play token. Play token is used for all transactions while using LetItPlay. Moreover, the platform is also supported by Play Power and it is useful to get more attention from the customers.

Token detail

LetItPlay is using specific token known as Play token. The token can be used for various activities including payment, trading, transfer, and sharing. Play token is also a good investment for those who want to sell it in the exchange market.

  • Token Name : PLAY
  • Total supply : 1 000 000 000 PLAY
  • Presale supply : 10 000 000 PLAY
  • Token price  : 1 ETH = 10 000 PLAY

Token Sale 

Public 1 : 266.47 ETH RAISED

Presale 1 dates : 25 DEC 2017 – 28 FEB 2018

Private whitelist : MARCH 2018

Private Presale 2 : 1 MAY 2018 – 31 AUG 2018


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