Orvium – A Unique Platform to Keep track of Publications Materials

Every day there are new scientists, young guys who give us a different opening. Science undoubtedly evolving and it is hard not to notice. And an experienced team of professionals decided to create a project that will be a kind of platform for all scientists, researchers, and anyone who wants to contribute to the research and development of various technologies and the project is called Orvium.

What is Orvium

Orviuma unique decentralized platform, based on Blockchain technology, that is designed to keep track of all the publications of various materials since the creation of the document prior to the implementation of the idea.

The platform is based on the most advanced technologies, namely Blockchain and smart contracts. In addition, the storage platform uses decentralized, various cloud computing, machine learning and sorts the data analyst.

Of course, seeing all of this together, you can say with confidence that the platform will be more than reliable and safe. Continue reading “Orvium – A Unique Platform to Keep track of Publications Materials”

Game Loot Network – Unique Online Game Platform

Today we will talk about the platform, which is a unique project that will combine the games industry, network marketing and passive income. I present to you the project Game Loot Network!

What is Game Loot Network ?

Game Loot Network – an online game platform that works as an app store with the functions supported blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency, LOOT, allows the platform to become a revolutionary shop for all games – from games, shopping and design.


The main objective of the Game Loot Network project is that the designers will submit their game ideas in the catalog presented on the platform including the screenshots, demos and footage from the game. Users then offer Loot markers to fund promising projects that caused them concern.

The game players receive income from the games that helped them. Users have the ability to play games, organize game tournaments and earn money. Continue reading “Game Loot Network – Unique Online Game Platform”

ThinkCoin to Offer Unique Micro Share for Traders

Those who have ever been involved in Forex and stocks may be aware of the challenges and problems they are associated with. Some of us may have also encountered problems ranging from unpleasant to serious problems which cost us a whole lot. The primary suspect from these issues are none other than the domination of financial banking institutions and the government in trading markets.

More often than not, the domination leaves traders at their mercy. Not only do traders have to put up with high trading fees, they also have to deal with incredibly slow transaction processing. All of these combined results in limitation, which may put traders at greater disadvantage. With limited access to some of the best global markets, traders are unable to trade efficiently. So what is the solution?

Understanding ThinkCoin

ThinkCoin, as the new project built on the blockchain, aims to lend a hand in solving issues associated with the practices. From challenges in taking businesses to the crypto industry, to the number of middle-man polluting the ecosystem. Using its TradeConnect network, ThinkCoin models its crypto utility token after other blockchain based platform.

However, the platform will only focus on trading, by supporting the trade of wide range of financial products. Some of the aforementioned financial products are Forex, commodities, securities, assets, and many more. Unlike its competitors in the industry, ThinkCoin offers distinctive services by ensuring transparency, speed, security and last but not least, affordability.

Yes, ThinkCoin gives traders the opportunity that is not offered anywhere else. With the freedom to choose, the platform allows each of their users the joy of having an equal playing field. Small scale investors and beginners on trading are given the same opportunity to get involved. The best yet, they do not have to worry on massive buy-in fee which is typically required for trading high priced assets.


Understanding the mission

The ThinkCoin network works seamlessly by matching buyers with the best selllers in the ecosystem. Once matched, the platform will execute the trade through a number of off-chain and on-chain operations. These operations are specifically designed to ensure maximum security and transparency, all while still providing users with lightning fast trading.

In order to understand how the platform works, we must first understand how the finances are stored in this platform. Using smart contracts,ThinkCoin will automatically release and store each and every trade execution to its platform. For service this caliber, you may think the platform charges high fees to get things going. Quite the contrary, all it requires is a connect fee which is split with the following percentage:

  • Seller: 50-percent connect fee
  • Buyer: 25-percent connect fee
  • TradeConnect network: 25-percent connect fee.

Understanding its advantages

Not sure how ThinkCoin does its trading activity? Don’t worry, we have come up with a hypothetical example for better understanding. For example, you wish to pruchase Google stock with the amount of money you have to invest. Let’s say you are unable to purchase the whole share since you only have a few hundred dollars. In traditional marketplace, you won’t be able to buy fractions of the shares.

In order to be able to afford it, you may head over the TradeConnect Network on your platform to buy the ThinkCoin tokens. Once the process is completed, simply place an order to purchase a fraction of the desired Google share using Micros Shares function. The TradeConnect Network will promptly match you with sellers offering the share fraction your can purchase. Interesting, isn’t it?

Those who would like to find out more about the platform and its Initial Coin Offering schedule, will find the necessary information on https://www.thinkcoin.io/.

Token Information

  • Token Name : TCO
  • Standard Platform : ERC 20
  • Token Price Pre-ICO and ICO : $0,30 USD
  • Hard Cap : $30,000,000 USD
  • Soft Cap : $5,000,000 USD

To find out more about the project details, feel free to visit :

WEBSITE : https://www.thinkcoin.io/
WHITEPAPER: https://docsend.com/view/5rxxi9c
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/thinkcointoken
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ThinkCoinToken/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ThinkCoinToken

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On this opportunity I will inform you about the ongoing ICO projects that is SINTEC.

What is SINTEC ?

SINTEC is a special Blockchain alternative allowing the chance to put resources into the generation of cutting edge mechanical material – polymer bituminous folios

  • Comparable items are very requested in the roadbuilding business
  • On the check of the one of a kind innovation, Sintec has culminated the qualities of bituminous covers, which enables the material to be utilized for street working in areas with brutal atmosphere conditions


The objective of the Sintec project is to manufacture the primary one of a kind plant in Eurasia to create polymeric black-top cover with a limit of 150,000 tons for each year with speculation of monetary blockchain items (SINT subordinates). A venture of $ 30 million will be coordinated to the development of generation offices, the buy of hardware and shipment. The items delivered are crude materials of street development, waterproofing generation, rooftop and paint items, (read more at Sintec whitepaper)

The interest for polymer bitumen covers is a few times higher than the limit of the plant, which will ensure item deals and rate of return. Purchasing SINT each financial specialist is ensured at least twofold venture development. What’s more, on account of digital currency esteem development, the firm will make up for the trade contrast.

The assets contributed will be secured if there is any impedance. Pick up development is ensured for financial specialists. Speculation capitalization of 8.5% is evaluated after beginning of creation on March 1, 2019.

The SINTEC Projects fabricates polymer bitumen fastener items created at Moscow School of Management Skolkovo as a major aspect of an expert group preparing program for venture administration for restraining infrastructure advancement in the Russian Federation.

The SINTEC project likewise plans to differentiate the economy of the Kemerovo local city arrangement. The benefits of speculation extends all in all can be defined as takes after:

  • The high speculation allure of the task because of its pertinence, gainfulness and payback time of under 3 years.
  • The primary business thought is associated with present day and current polymer black-top folio generation.
  • The biological segment of this task: crude materials are elastic scraps, reused from substantial tires. Usage of this task will essentially lessen the gathering of ecological harm.


  • Polymeric asphalt binder (PBB) is a polymer composite made out of high sub-atomic finished oil solvents, polymers (elastic chips), fillers contained in protonated proton polymers and different modifiers. Sintec quality is warm protection, solid quality, pliability, water protection, long life. The crude material – elastic pieces. Issues tackled were the usage of elastic waste, reusing of polymer squander, direct UN creation in light of low-fluid oil portion.
  • Subsidiary budgetary instruments are contracts in which the gatherings concerned are qualified for take certain activities as for the hidden resources.
  • SINT Derivatives is an agreement for the offer of LLC’s “Blend Technology” items as SINT’s impalpable resources, which incorporate a put choice for SINT reimbursement inside a concurred time span at a concurred cost.
  • The economy of cryptocurreny is a monetary relationship in an advanced society that spotlights on cooperations utilizing system conventions. The fundamental financial bearings of cryptocurreny, which are a piece of this exploration, are: (cryptographic money) tokens, computerized resources, decentralized government managed savings frameworks and crowdfunding frameworks, decentralized administration frameworks, qualified “brilliant” contracts, registering assets, online confide in frameworks and notoriety frameworks, accord calculations etc.


Polymeric asphalt binder (PBB) – is a polymer composite made of high atomic dissolvable, dissolvable and polymeric oil, contained in protonation polymers of different modifiers, a noteworthy distinction in the innovation connected to alteration of bitumen elastic morsels show in nano sub-atomic change of crude materials.


SINTEC Blockchain Project

To guarantee the straightforwardness of the undertaking’s budgetary and mechanical streams, the electronic report administration framework blockchain (BEDMS) will be utilized in light of the electronic archive dissemination framework with the open source Alfresco Community Editions and database on the blockchain.

All progressing money related installments and reasonings, contracts, inward task reports, inside archives of undertaking creation solicitations for generation leave, will be electronically marked and enrolled on blockchain (like BEDMS DocSensus of Deloitte). Every financial specialist will have the capacity to completely control all phases of task execution, item conveyance. To guarantee insurance against forging and any control in SINTEC Products, every client will be set apart with compound markers with enrollment in blockchain.

SINTEC Monetary Undertaking

The task includes a crowdfunding venture on SINT subordinates, which is executed as budgetary instruments on the Blockchain-ETHEREUM stage and gives the generation of products from bitumen-polymeric fasteners. The initial step, the speculation battle (raising money/ICO)) includes a time of 30 days: ICO in the procurement of SINT alternatives utilizing US dollars (USD), bitcoin (BTC) and other digital forms of money.

Cryptocurrency is traded at the swapping scale taken from http://coinmarketcap.com at the season of exchange. From the main day of the venture battle will be reduced, in the wake of obtaining SINT tokens (alternative) acquired.

The aggregate number of tokens sold for all speculation organizations is 13.2 million. The quantity of SINT, gave to deals, for each day of the crusade is settled and consistently the organization’s speculation will be lessened. An aggregate of 13,200,000 SINT will be issued, 11,000,000 SINT will be sold to ICO and 2.2 million SINT will be submitted to the designer to pay the prizes of the blessing organization to the task consultant and the venture group.

Token Details

Token Name : STEC (SINT)

Cost 1 SINT : 5 USD. 

The minimum amount of investment : 5 USD.


  • Speculators secure STEC tokens amid the ICO, which are supported by a genuine item – PBB and are thought to be a Blockchain-alternative, sold at a half
  • Beginning from March 2019. Sintec will open an organization for the repurchase of $1.6 million dollars worth of tokens on a month to month premise
  • Tokens which are not asserted for reclamation amid March 2019, will win 8.5% profits for each annum, credited every month


  • By purchasing STEC tokens amid the ICO, financial specialists get an assurance that their underlying venture will develop by more than 100%. With the goal for this to happen, financial specialists basically need to pronounce their expectation to offer tokens whenever, beginning March 2019
  • STEC tokens are supported by crude materials – polymer bituminous folios. Beginning March 2019, any speculators will have the capacity to trade his tokens for crude materials at the primary request
  • Amid the season of the ICO, the cost of 1 ton of crude materials will be settled to 21 000 rub. On the off chance that a demand for a repurchase is submitted, and the cost of the crude material develops, at that point the cost of the token will develop proportionately
  • In the event that the cost of the digital currency that the speculator utilized as a venture develops when STEC tokens are displayed for a buyback, tokens will have the capacity to be returned at the going rate. Along these lines, putting resources into STEC additionally implies that you are putting resources into Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • On the off chance that a financial specialist chooses to offer tokens instantly after March 2019. At that point that financial specialist will win 8.5% profits for every annum, credited every month


For more information, feel free to visit us :


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