Use Your Cryptocurrencies for Daily Transactions Easily by Using Cryptassist

More and more people are interested to use cryptocurrency to support their virtual activities. They also know that cryptocurrency as a valuable asset. Due to these needs, the cryptocurrency holders are trying to find a platform which can facilitate their needs. Cryptassist is a platform which designed to accommodate all the needs of the cryptocurrencies holders.

The platform is supporting all holders whether the new cryptocurrency holders and the advanced holders. The holders are supported by features and tools so they get the solution of their problems related to the cryptocurrencies. It hopes that people get more understanding about the virtual currency and use it comfortably and safely.


About Cryptassist

Cryptassist is a platform which used as a cryptocurrency portal. This platform is designed for people who want to know more about cryptocurrency or for those who want to know the latest update. The platform is also introduced to connect the virtual money system and the users.

As the result, the holders can use cryptocurrency for daily transactions even better than before. The platform is using a sophisticated system to be compatible with over 50 different cryptocurrencies. The holders can use their prepaid debit card. Even, the platform is compatible with the Visa or the MasterCard online and offline around the world. Continue reading “Use Your Cryptocurrencies for Daily Transactions Easily by Using Cryptassist”

The Way to Simplify Financial Transactions with Investa

Along with the development of crypto currency, there must be a specific medium to keep this asset. Investa is developed based on the fact that there must be a secure place to save crypto currency as well as to use this asset freely. Investa is a virtual bank which provides the users not only keeping their crypto currency asset but also using it freely, safely, and easily just like when take money from a wallet. Investa is trying to solve the complicatedness from traditional financial activities such as loan, payment, investment, and trading into a fast transaction. The users just need to manage their Investa account and let the system works for them to run the crypto currencies just like what they want.

About Investa

Investa is a financial platform which helps you to do anything you want with your crypto currencies. As a precious asset, you have to keep those coins and crypto currencies in the most secure place. At the same time, you also must have access to use those coins just like what you want. That’s why Investa is developed as a flexible platform which can be a virtual wallet, market exchange, and debit card without any third party. Each user has their personal Investa account and they can make direct transactions from their account. Investa is supported by the latest technology so the system is able to detect all financial activities you have done.


Vision and Mission

Investa is developed to improve the old fashioned financial system and technology especially to support crypto currency users. Investa can be use a virtual wallet to keep crypto currency asset. This platform is trying to offer easiness and simplicity on financial transactions such as for trading, transferring, withdrawing, loading, and many more by using a single platform only. Hopefully Investa will be a solution for future banking system which works and useful for all users and industries. This platform also wants to build a strong community who get maximal advantages from the features especially to run their financial management and transactions.


There are several advantages offered by Investa. For example, users will have more secure platform to keep their asset. Investa is developed with smart contract and Blockchain technology to protect asset from unwanted conditions including hackers. Investa is also trying to solve high trading fee issue with faster processing time. This platform is also a solution to get real time trading so users can do their financial activities or transaction anytime they want. Later, users can see the transactions from the digital record to know what they have done with their asset. The activities are supported by user friendly features. Read more on the whitepaper


To give the best performance, Investa is using specific platform such as crypto ETF basket. This platform is installed for traders which help them to get better trading strategies. This platform is also ready with an e-wallet so you can manage and transacts your asset easily from your gadgets and your fingers. As the result, you can buy something, transfer to friends or family, keep, and invest crypto currencies in the easiest and secure way.


INV coins are designed for Investa users and they can use those coins for payment and any kind of transactions. Those transactions are including subscribe to crypto basket, placing coins on Enterprise and Launchpad. INV coins are also useful for Investa Teller Machine across the world.

Token Information
Token Name  : INV
PreICO Price : 1 INV = 0.4 USD
Price  : 1 INV = 0.8 USD
Platform : Ethereum
Accepting : BTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat
Soft cap : 1,000,000 INV
Hard cap : 30,000,000 INV
1 BTC = 20,803.48 INV

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