CryptoBank – Global Payment System Based on Blockchain Technology

On this great event I will review a decent platform since it has the points of interest advertised. With the nearness of this stage can give comfort to its clients in exchanges and has a great deal of money trade, with a decentralized stage and based with this blockchain can be a productivity and simplicity in executing. This platform is ” CryptoBank ” to find out about this platform let us allude to the accompanying review.

CryptoBank is a decentralized worldwide installment framework stage with blockchain innovation that has effectively united proficient merchants, the stage depends on bitcoin innovation and utilizations the most recent blockchain abilities and numerous highlights exhibited by this cryptoBank platform.

Based on a bitcoin open source code, this security and straightforwardness require not be questioned on any exchange on account of blockchain and cryptographic money innovation, you can give your own particular administrations and products to clients utilizing non-unstable digital currency, and additionally to limit every single impermanent cost and activities without including conventional monetary establishments. Digital money is accessible for every one of your customers. Continue reading “CryptoBank – Global Payment System Based on Blockchain Technology”

TraXion: the global financial system on Blockchain

We can see that our world is changing, we have a different way to transmit and store information, pays the purchase and even chat. We are trying to detail all. Why not apply it in the field of payments. Then came blockchain to their capabilities and financial system began to actively introduce this technology to work. And rightly so, because if there is something better, why suffer with the old schemes, especially since they have little effect, and spend a lot of resources. Now you can pay easily transfer or share resources. The only pity is that it is still a bit difficult for everyday use. But there are many platforms that are eager to fix it and make our lives easier. Each sphere is gradually introducing these technologies, particularly affected the financial industry. TraXion – one of these projects,

  • What is TraXion
  • Objective of the project
  • What problems solves TraXion
  • Benefits
  • How does the platform
  • details ICO
  • conclusion

What is TraXion?

TraXion – permitted a scalable platform blockchain for business users. The team is set to create the ideal infrastructure for everyday use. With blockchain technology will ensure the integrity and security of data storage, reporting, reliability and transparency. The platform is configured to increase the level of trust between users through smart contracts. With TraXion you can quickly and inexpensively conduct a transaction, even for small start-up capital, without worrying about security.


Objective of the project

TraXion aims to improve the banking system and to become a leader in this field, creating a global platform without borders on blokchain. Creators intended, it will not be just financial transactions, but also a platform that participants will contribute to the development and favorable conditions in it. What I mean: all the organizations within the platform will have one my crypto economy, mutually beneficial and boundless.

What problems solves TraXion

Using Blockchain technology platform can solve a number of problems that exist in the current banking system, let’s see what kind of problems:

  • The low speed of transactions, especially if it is about the participants from different countries.
  • The high cost of the transaction. Again, when it comes to cross-border payments, the Commission added to the standard also for the exchange rate commission.

For example, you send money to another party, but can not trace their migration path. You do not know where they are, how long they will be in the way, and how many eventually will have to pay.

To carry out a transaction you need a lot of intermediaries (brokers, banks, and so on), which complicate the whole process, while increasing the cost of operations and reducing the efficiency of the system.


Solving these problems, Traxion offers an improved financial system, which will make all the operations easier and safer for users around the world. Here are the advantages of the platform:

  • No boundaries. Where ever you are, and with users of whatever country you do not cooperate, you do not need to worry and overpay.
  • Low cost. Avoiding intermediaries, the platform will save you money and offers minimal fees.
  • Speed. Increased speed of transactions, you do not need to wait for hours until the payment will take place.
  • Audit. There is an opportunity to audit, review reports and make their work more effective.

How does the platform work?

Now let’s take a closer look at how the platform works. Here are the main components it will contain:

  • TraXionWallet

In fintech insurtech and applications will be integrated within this component. That is, you provide financial services and maximize efficiency by using the latest technologies. You will be able to transfer and exchange of assets without commissions if you use a token system. It will also provide analytical reports and summaries, and a system of rewards for which you can follow in his wallet.

  • TraXionConnect

This component is responsible for carrying out work processes, using smart contracts for more effective management, improve confidence and more holistic data storage. Records of the transactions can not be changed.

  • TraXionChain

TraXionChain – a component that creates solutions for closed networks. It will provide customized business solutions for companies, ensuring interoperability, data integrity, and allowing you to track as move your assets in the chain.

  • Open API

Public API allows merchants, even those who are not members of the platform, to participate in the ecosystem, to receive payments, remittances, donations, and so on, using HyperTraxion purse. By the way, this purse will be able to Peer to Peer lending. Using machine learning can reduce the risks, because credit scores are based on transaction history, how do you pay for them, and other factors behavior.

  • Authorized network

Acceptable TraXion network allows to make a transaction or public hidden and supports smart contracts. Using this network, it is possible to increase the capacity and conduct about 100 transactions per second.

Details ICO

Token Name : TXN
Public sale beginning: June 15, 2018
Completion: July 31, 2018
Total Traxion Token : 500,000,000
Token for sales : 250,000,000
The value of each token 1 TXN = 0.001 ETH (As of April 1, 2018)
Hard Cap : 50,000,000 USD

Funds from the sale of tokens will be distributed as follows: 35% will be used for further development of the platform; 30% – on business development, 20% – to comply with all regulatory requirements; 15% will be operating expenses.

Own tokens, platforms will be released to support the project. The creators emphasize that they do not do so in order to achieve speculative purposes and to raise capital for the development of the platform. As you might guess, the tokens will be used for all transactions, the interaction between the participants, interact with the platform and the payment of commissions, and the platform will reward their users for specific actions. Platform cooperates with, to conduct KYC and not allowed to participate in the platform fraudsters and hackers.


TraXion seeks to create a better financial platform, which will be more comfortable to use and less expensive. It will provide unlimited transactions, transparency, and other advantages, which will be able to evaluate each: organizations, associations, private individuals, and many others. Ann Cuisia creator of the project has more than 20 years of experience in information technology, co-founder of Tamer Maher has over 20 years of experience in software and Fernando Contreras Jr – another co-founder, who has behind him more than 30 years of experience with the technology, by the way, it was he who founded IPhil Communications, which is one of the first Internet-based services. What’s that, and no doubt the team does not matter.


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XChangeRate, Automated Cryptocurrency Trading System

The most important thing in trading is the strategy that you are using. If you use good strategy and familiar with that strategy, you will get better result. Now, for cryptocurrency, that will be hard to do. The reason is you can’t find the right tool where you can apply your strategy in this trading system. However, that would be about to change with the XChangeRate. This will become the solution that you and other trader are looking for.

What is XChangeRate?

XChangeRate is magnificent platform that optimize the Blockchain technology to provide the best tool for trading cryptocurrency. The Blockchain-based concept also make this project become the best place where the cryptocurrency trading community growing. All traders can go to this place and share information and the most important thing to share, their strategy. So, this project isn’t only trading tool, but we also call it as the trigger that will decide the future of cryptocurrency trading.

Vision and Mission

Just like the description above, the vision of XChangeRate is creating a world where cryptocurrency trading can be accessed by anyone in this planet. Then, everyone also can make profit from this digital currency trading.  This will make the main goal of the cryptocurrency when it was invented few years ago become closer within the reach. The cryptocurrency will be able to replace the current imperfect financial system.

With the support from the technology it’s used, this project has mission to make a platform where trading tool can work with augmented intelligence system. The autonomous concept is applied here, which also make the user can easily trade the cryptocurrency that they want.

The Advantages

There are many tools that you can find here, and all of them will be able to help your trading. More than that, this platform is designed with trader as its main concern. Therefore, you will get the easiest experience in trading when you use this tool. The automated filter also helps you to find the best strategy that you can use for trading the certain cryptocurrency that you want.

The implementation proofing features also one of the best things you can find. With this feature, the strategy that you choose will be ready and proven to be used in the trading on the market. So, you don’t need to worry about the failed or something like that. The strategy here will work find and give you good result.

The Platforms and Tokens

Using SaaS App as its base, the team creates a platform, where the Augmented Intelligence system can be applied. This will give you an environment where everything can be done easier. You will have fewer jobs to do with more chance to success.

For tokens, XChangeRate use tokens that are called as XRR. You use these tokens for trading in XChangeRate environment. You can get the tokens in ICO event that will end in June 2018. There will be 235 million of XXR tokens that you can get. So, you still have high chance to buy more tokens. There is minimum limit of how many tokens you need to buy. That will become your initial investment in this environment to start your cryptocurrency trading.

Token Details

  • Token Name = XRR
  • Platform = Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Bonus = 5%
  • ICO Token price 1 BTC = 100.000 XRR
  • Total Supply = 250.000.000 XRR
  • Hard cap ICO = 18.000 ETH
  • Token supply at ICO = 160.000.000 XRR
  • Token bonus at ICO = 20.000.000 XRR
  • Total Token at ICO = 190.000.000 XRR



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SRCOIN – Blockchain Health Information System

SRCOIN is the main decentralized membership income business on the universe of the cryptocurrency which can give you stability and long term income and expanding basic estimation of its crypto coin. ‘SRCOIN’ is the Subscription Revenue Coin that has blockchain wellbeing data framework.

For the individuals who haven’t any hint about the membership business, let me disclose it to you. The membership income based business is a sort of plan of action where you can buy or buy in to a seller’s administrations for a particular time frame at an expected cost rate.


The K Rental is an organization behind the SRCOIN. The Korean-Malaysian organization that are best known for their water purifiers item and recorded an offers of US $10 million dollars in 2017. They’re additionally the third biggest organization that have share in the membership business advertise in Malaysia after Coway and Cuckoo.


As per SRCOIN’s Whitepaper, “There are a few preferred standpoint of utilizing message seats as a stage for our membership business.” Here are the focal points,

1.) Message seat is a common gadget. With only one message seat, it can gather individual wellbeing information of all family unit individuals. K Rental is intending to team up with COMTEK to create Wifi and Bluetooth fused back rub seat that can gauge wellbeing data, for example, heart rate, body temperature, and circulatory strain. With this data, they will make a BlockChain based time arrangement database for all individuals from the family unit.

2.) These wellbeing data can be gathered effectively and more than once each time the part utilizes the message seat, and this will yield in a powerful time arrangement database after some time. Time arrangement database will show different patterns in each sort of information gathered. In this way, it can be a critical wellspring of data for beginning period finding, preventive care, and other therapeutic medications.

3.) Message seat as of now has a structure to gather valuable wellbeing data.

  • Arm massager will have the capacity to differ in strain to gather circulatory strain level
  • Different seat situating permits to quantify more precise wellbeing data. For instance, to quantify Ankle Brachial Index, one needs to rests level on the back and message seat can be situated thusly
  • Wifi and Bluetooth openness
  • Electrical base of message seat permits IoT
  • Can without much of a stretch add gadgets to gauge heart rate, blood oxygen level, rest examination, and different kinds of wellbeing information


Hasil gambar untuk SRCoin

SRCOIN isn’t just be utilized for membership business yet the coins will turn into an extraordinary attractive item that holds high shortage esteem on the digital money trade.

  • The 30% of the benefit earned inside the 6-year period(from the culmination of the ICO to year 6) will be utilized as a part of our buyback and consume program,which will viably diminish the extraordinary supply of SRCOINs, and will thusly raise the market cost of SRCOINs and the estimation of SRCOINs held byour ICO donors.
  • The 20% of benefits earned inside the 3-year time span (from the finishing of the ICO to year 3) will be come back to our ICO benefactors in the money of Ethereum. Accordingly, our ICO supporters will have the capacity to get a lot of their underlying speculation back by means of this savvy contract structure without expecting to offer any SRCOINs
  • The remaining 50% of benefits will be reinvested in the items that fuel our membership business
  • The raised assets from SRCOIN’s ICO and benefit produced by the membership business will be ascertained by a free outsider bookkeeping firm to guarantee validity and straightforwardness.

In the event that you need to find out about SRCOIN, you may visit SRCOIN official site and read SRCOIN whitepaper for all the more understanding with their great framework and stage for what’s to come.

Pre Sales ICO Details :

Coin Name; SRCOIN
Accepted currency: ETH
Total supply: 15 Billion SRCoins
Main ICO Price: 1 ETH = 700,000 SRCoins
ICO utilization: Contributors 70% / Founding Team 15% , Advisors & Early Contributors 10%,Sales 5%
SRCoin  Value Proposition: Value of SRCoin will increase through repeated Buy-back & Burn policies



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GBCoin – Cryptocurrency for Financial System

Respects Bounty Hunters.

Let me tell you another potential project , that is GBCoin with prize equivalent to 650 BTC. Extremely Fantastic would it say it isn’t?

GBCoin – The cryptocurrency that gives You the financial system


GBcoin is a digital currency that can be sent between individuals by means of the web. GBcoin (GBCN) stays consistent with the first vision of cryptourrency: the money related framework claimed by its clients, coins of the general population.

GBcoin isn’t controlled by huge banks or mining equipment makers and can be mined by anybody gainfully. Basically appropriated without introduce, ICO or airdrop,

GBcoin is produced by group individuals functioning as volunteers and the task is completely supported by gifts. A constrained source that is like gold, you can make sure that GBcoin will guard your cash from individual premiums and guarantee that exchange costs are proportioned and shared between an extensive number of diggers. With GBcoin, you truly can be your own particular bank.

Affirm the private Bank framework, with open workplaces in different nations, appropriate for human advantage. GBcoin is in charge of universal exchanges, the Bank’s financial plan and money related structure gave by our framework, due to its entire usefulness.

GBCoin is a chance to build your assets by utilizing a protected virtual money. This is your opportunity to procure new innovation however not standard.

Influence utilization of the data, to get on it. GBCoin is total mystery, all exchanges are mysterious. GBCoin is protected and secure. Criptocurrency can not be stolen as money, it can not be solidified as an electronic cash or a record. You can get assets with private key as it were.

GBCoin is a decent venture strategy, as new criptocurrencies start to spread the world over. It is difficult to accuse the tax of extra discharges in light of the fact that the framework is decentralized. This implies the duty will develop. Numerous merchants around the globe pick GBCoin. Before long we will have our spot on the planet showcase for exchanging. GBCoin has instability, liquidity and other monetary and financial pointers as fiat subsidizing. At the point when GBCoin is discharged on the world market the cost will go up, in light of the fact that GBCoin is bolstered by a money related structure that is appropriate for everybody’s advantage. Group of GBCoin penny – 0.01c; 0.10c; 0.25c; 0,50c as Bitcoin – Satoshi. The entire GBCoin cryptographic money framework is Python + PHP.


1) Banking Sector, in different nations.

2) trade of digital currency.

3) Business stores.

4) Brokerage Company.

5) Purse for capacity of offices.


The battle begins on Wednesday, so consistently closes on Tuesday at 23:59 pm gathering time, at that point the new week will begin on Wednesday 1% of 20000000 coins of which 200000 GBCN (650 BTC) will be apportioned to Bounty Program. After the finish of ICO one GBCoin will be equal to 45 dollars. For more subtle elements see ANN Thread. The program will keep running until the finish of ICO. Bounties will be paid after the finish of ICO.


  • Facebook Campaign: 20%
  • Twitter Campaign: 20%
  • Content Creation Campaign: 25%
  • Wire Campaign: 10%
  • Interpretations Campaign: 25%;

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