Financex – The Solution for Cryptocurrency Exchange in the Future

When we want to trade currency, we can do it easily, by trading it on the currency market. But, it’s different on cryptocurrency market. You need to have the cryptocurrency in order to be able to trade. And, to do that, you must buy the cryptocurrency with the standard money or we call it Fiat money. This complicated process cost a lot of money, time and energy. It doesn’t match with the Blockchain technology concept, which makes everything easier and faster. For that problem, Financex team has the solution that you need through their project.

The Financex Project

The Financex project team is those who have 20 years and more experiences in cryptocurrency trading. They know the problem and what it needs so it can be solved. For that reason, they create this project that can simplify the trading process. With this project, you don’t need to buy cryptocurrency to join the cryptocurrency trading. You can do it with Fiat money. Yes, you can use your Dollar, Rupiah, or your own currency to trade. But, now, this project aims for the Southeast Asia area, so the currency mostly comes from the country in this area. Continue reading “Financex – The Solution for Cryptocurrency Exchange in the Future”

RedCab – Decentralized Transportation Solution

Passenger transportation, one of the largest industries in the world by number of customers and volume of services provided. Today it is difficult to find someone who at least once in his life did not use a taxi or driving. At the same time, the growing demand for such services and the number of companies that provide them. Despite this, the passenger transportation industry is completely centralized, which adversely affects both the passengers and the driver.

RedCab platform will be the first decentralized service, through which passengers can use taxis and private drivers on the most favorable terms.

What is REDCAB?

RedCab – a decentralized platform that has positioned itself as a new solution in the field of transport and schema-based peer-to-peer or person to person, which means that all interaction will take place directly between the users of the system, without intermediaries.

The company is very serious attention to the overall market analysis. More than a year after the founding of the company produces a variety of needs assessment of both passengers and (not least) drivers. After all, in the conventional structure of the taxi basically all proceed from the needs of customers and forget about the drivers. Continue reading “RedCab – Decentralized Transportation Solution”

Bronix – The Next Generation Investment Solution

Good day, my dear readers. Today we will talk about an interesting and promising project, that is Bronix decentralized platform.

What is Bronix ?

Bronix – this is a new decentralized platform that can help users to quickly perform KYC operation and will quickly withdraw money. Now you can work with the latest token inside the platform.

Bronix platform

The Bronix platform offers a wide range of features and fast transaction processing. Currency can be sold and transferred to any location within a few seconds. Transactions are also protected against fraud by means of a decentralized and accessible database that allows users to check the legality of the transaction.

In addition, the transaction carried out on the platform, will be kept strictly confidential, and users will be able to enjoy the anonymity without having to share their personality. In addition, there are no hidden fees, because Bronix removes part or intervention of any middlemen. Continue reading “Bronix – The Next Generation Investment Solution”

Tradelize, a Solution for Cryptocurrency Investor and Trader

Cryptocurrency originally was created to replace the traditional banking system. However, in its journey, it turn into a new currency that many people collect it. This make cryptocurrency become really valuable, which can be used as the asset for investment and trading for making profit. Unfortunately, there is no effective system that we can use to trade or investment in cryptocurrency. However, there is Tradelize.

What is Tradelize?

Tradelize is environment that is created by using Blockchain technology as its platform base. In this environment, professional trader and investor will be able to get the best tool for trading and invest their money. The best of all, the ordinary trader and investor also can do the same trading with same effectiveness like those experts. Trader will be able to get more with their trading in the trading market. Then, investor will be able to get best help to find the best place to put their money on.

Vision and Mission

Tradelize has vision to change the current trading and investment system on cryptocurrency to become much easier, fairer and safer to access. That means every trader and investor has same chance to make profit from trading and investing in cryptocurrency. With that, the cryptocurrency as one of most important financial asset will be able to make into reality. Then, the usage of this digital currency will become more common in the future.

The mission is creating the best tool for trading and investing in cryptocurrency. The tool will be able to use by anyone, anytime and anywhere they want. It’s because the system also can be accessed through mobile gadget. The Blockchain technology also makes it able to provide best performance.

The Tradelize Benefits

For trader, Tradelize will provide the most innovative feature and tool to trade on the mature capital market of cryptocurrency. That will make the trader can easily make profit, compared to the current tool to trade for cryptocurrency. There is also referred system. With this system, if your trading method is used by your referral, you will get more profit than you can imagine.

For investor, the decentralized system in Tradelize will help them to invest in safest way. Their data and fund is much safer when they use this system. The Blockchain technology also helps investor to find the condition of the market as well as cryptocurrency value in real-time. Therefore, they also can make good decision faster.

The Platform and Tokens

Tradelize use Blockchain as its platform base. From this base, they create 3 platforms that support their user activities. They are Tradelize.terminal for professional trader and investor, Tradelize.web for beginner trader and investor, and Tradelize.score, which is the scoring system that will assess the achievement of trader and investor in Tradelize environment.

Tradelize use Tradelize token (TRZ). The token uses Ethereum ERC20 base. The token can be bought on Pre-sale and ICO event. User can use the token for paying the trading fee, using the most effective trading method from other expert trader and using other service in Tradelize.

Token Details

  • Token name: TRADELIZE
  • Token Ticker: TDZ
  • Platform: Ethereum ERC-20
  • Token Price: $1.00
  • Hard cap: USD 30,000,000


01.05–14.07: 15% bonus

Token Sale

  • 15.07 -20.07: 10% bonus
  • 21.07–15.08: 5% bonus
  • 16.08–31.08: 0% bonus

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KEPLER, the Solution for Today’s Robotic and AI Industry

Robot and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) that we can only watch in sci-fi movie, is actually existed today. The technology and ideas that we can find today has possibility to make the robotic and AI technology grow into more advanced stage. However, most of them are only ideas. There are also some of them that has become a company, but still in the startup stage. They need help (fund) that will boost their development into further stage. And this is where KEPLER project come as a help.

The KEPLER Project

KEPLER project provide help for those who have ideas and startup companies in robotic and AI industry to acquire fund support from investor. This project was born from the team worried about how undeveloped the robotic and Ai industry is. There is $80 billion market that is available for the product from this industry, that hasn’t been optimized, because of the lack of financial support for those companies. KEPLER will solve this problem by connecting the ideas owner and investor who are interested to this industry. And, with Blockchain technology, this system can be done easily and optimally.

Vision and Mission

The team has interesting vision with this project. They want to create a social network universe, where everyone can share ideas and try to make those ideas into reality. The platform will be easy to access and can be relied on. Using Blockchain technology, we can say that this vision can be fulfilled.

KEPLER project has mission to create a platform where everyone can work together, share ideas and make development for robotic and AI industry. Then, with this platform, in the end, the industry will be able to grow bigger. The investor and ideas owner can work together for the future of the humanity. And, the world will become better place in the future.

The Advantages of KEPLER Technology

KEPLER technology provides the more transparent system for investor. The investor can easily know how their money is used and the condition of the company or ideas, where they put their money on. This platform also uses the Blockchain technology, which make the investor easily find the promising startup for their investment.

The startup owner also can easily find the investor and fund support for their project. With this condition, the development of the robotic and AI industry will be boosted. So, our dream to see the advance robot or AI like what we can see on the movie can be fulfilled sooner than we’d expected.

The Platform and Tokens

KEPLER project use Ethereum platform to operate its system. This design creates a platform, which is called KEPLER Universe Platform. This platform will work faster and safer. This project also uses the latest security standard for protecting their user data and fund, which can be done with this platform.

Then, for tokens, like its platform, it uses the ERC20 standard. The tokens are called as KEP tokens. The tokens are available to be bought on Pre-Sale and ICO event. User also can use this token for investing or using other service in KEPLER environment.

Token Details

Token Name: KEP
Token Supply: 257,000,000 KEP
Amount to be Raised: $250,000,000
Token Price: $1 USD = 0,8 KEP
Payment Accepted: BTC, ETH.
Soft Cap: $10,000,000
Hard Cap: $62,500,000


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Fluzcoin, The Best Solution for Cryptocurrency Transaction in the Future

The future of transaction actually can be seen since few years ago, when cryptocurrency was born and came up as the solution for the current financial system. However, the problem is always the same with the old system. It is hard to get the cryptocurrency or coin that we need. We have to invest on the tool to mine the coin, which can take lot of time. More than that, the transaction with cryptocurrency isn’t also that effective and efficient. That make there are many potencies has been thrown away because of this system. Fluzcoin is trying to change that condition by providing much better system in acquiring coin.

The Fluzcoin

Fluzcoin is a retail store where you can buy or acquire coin from different cryptocurrency. This service use Blockchain technology as its based, which means the most operational process is machine-based controlled. Fluzcoin, with this unique system, offer the fastest, cheapest and reliable system that anyone can find to get and trade their cryptocurrency coin. This service also provide environment where merchant and their client can be connected. From that, the transaction can occur, but with much faster and more effective method. The coin holder in Fluzcoin program also has chance to get reward from holding the coin.

Vision and Mission

The vision of Fluzcoin is providing the best solution that will change how the cryptocurrency will be treated in the future. In the end, the new system will be able to facilitate all user and customer who need cryptocurrency and use it like what they want, without problem.

The main mission of Fluzcoin is to realize this project and merge it with the current transaction and retail system. When the program can be well-tuned with the current global transaction system, customer will have more benefits than they ever imagined. The quote of customer is the king, will be able to be materialized, finally.

The Advantages of Fluzcoin

The price of coin in Fluzcoin is much cheaper than other place. Its price is also lower than the FIAT values, which make it become the best investment you can try. More than that, you also need less effort to acquire or mining the coin. Once you become the member of Fluzcoin program, you can get coin just by holding coin in your account. The main reason why you can get have this kind of easy day is the reward system of Fluzcoin. With this reward system, the coin that user has will be like an investment asset or stock, which can produce dividend.

From the merchant point of view, the benefits that the Fluzcoin give to them can be found on the transaction effectiveness. The merchant will be able to improve their transaction quality, because it will be cost free transaction, plus it has lower risk than the current transaction system. More than that, the coin that the merchant got will be converted into FIAT currencies as soon as they receive it. This is also the other way that Fluzcoin team tries to do, in order to merge this system with the current system.

The Platform and Tokens

Using Blockchain technology and Ethereum as its platform, Fluzcoin can work really well with any condition. More than that, this program also has EUNOMIA, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that can be said to be one of most powerful AI in cryptocurrency field. This AI will be able to maintain the operation process and erasing the volatility problem on crypto-economy.

The token of Fluzcoin was released in ICO event on April this year. The token is created by using ERC20 Standard as its base. With this token, user will be able to use many features and transaction in Fluzcoin environment.

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