DataXchain – Decentralized Data Trading Service Based on Blockchain

What is DataXchain ?

DataXchain is “Decentralized Data Merchant Services based Blockchain”. DataXchain provide customized services match between Own Data and User Data “Intelligent Matching Engine (IME) their” unique ”

The way it works is simple, as follows:

When Own Data upload Data (Image and Sound), the Data Enrichment (Labeling & Cataloging) begins, to change the Raw Data into Digital Asset that can be declared. With recommend and search functions, the User Data decided to buy a Digital Asset. After purchasing decisions, Smart Contract is automatically executed and paid Token DataXchain (DXCT) is sent to the Data Owner. The user then downloads the data Data obtained authorization to download data purchased as many times as he wants. Continue reading “DataXchain – Decentralized Data Trading Service Based on Blockchain”

VOLT, Blockchain Delivery Service Platform

Delivery service has evolved into much better system and method, compared to few decades ago. You won’t find the Next Day Delivery option, if you look at the past delivery service. There is even Same Day Delivery option on the latest delivery service you can find. The main reason why this service can turn this good is because the technology that can connect everyone that involve in this service, the sender, service provider and receiver. However, do you know that this kind of amazing delivery service can still be optimized? This is what VOLT project is trying to do.

What is VOLT Project?

VOLT basically is a project that uses Blockchain technology to optimize many aspects in delivery service you can find today. This project will help the delivery process become much faster than what you can imagine. The decentralized system that they create from Blockchain technology is the main reason why it can be really effective. There is no centralized center that does the processing for all the order. So, basically it’s peer to peer system, which makes it faster than current system.

Vision and Mission

VOLT was created with vision where the delivery service can be done in simpler and faster way. They do this by revolutionizing the current system that delivery service use to deliver the package or document for their client. The mission of this project is to create a chance for anyone to involve in delivery service system. The Blockchain technology can make it happen, because this system is based on community or people who join this project and service. The user will become the main chain that will deliver the package.

The Advantages of VOLT

The main advantages of VOLT are its cheap cost to pay for the delivery service. In the past, you need to pay more, because the package or document that you send will go through many stages. On these many stages, the process to deliver the package to the destination takes more time and money. Therefore, you will pay more than you should need to pay. With this decentralized system, the delivery order will be send directly to the environment, which will respond by the user that closes to the position of the package and sending destination. With involving more people, the delivery service is also much faster. With VOLT, you can save 1 to 5 hours for Same Day delivery option, which give you more benefits from it.

For the user, they also can make money from this system. By joining the delivery chain, you will get the point that you can change with the token. This is where you will get profit. Moreover, it is easy to do, because you can also do the delivery while doing your activity. For example, if you plan to visit one place and coincidentally, there is package that needs to be delivered to that place, you can take it and deliver it.

The Platform

VOLT use the Blockchain technology as it’s based to build its service platform. This service itself use 2 type of engine, where one of them is operated by decentralized team and the other engine is AI engine that can automatically calculate the price you need to pay to send your package. This will create fastest process to finish the delivery, from sending the package until it is received by the person in the destination.

The Tokens

VOLT Tokens is issued on ICO event. There are total of 4 billion of tokens that you can buy. The token will be used to use the delivery service. You need to buy the token first and store it in your e-wallet, and you can use it.

Token Information

Token Symbol : VOLT (ACDC)
Token Issued : 4,000,000,000 ACDC
Token Platform : ETH
Token Type : ERC20
Payment Accepted : ETH
Token Price : 1 ETH = 50,000 VOLT(ACDC)
Sale Tokens : 2,000,000,000 ACDC


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