Ethereum Classic Vision Review

As we all know, the Ethereum Classic project team refused to further develop the product due to lack of funding, and so today we have a separate topic on this issue. Today I have prepared for you a reviewer of an interesting project called Ethereum Classic Vision.

About Ethereum Classic Vision

Ethereum Classic Vision is a hard fork of Ethereum that use the best of the two universes – veritable decentralization of Ethereum Classic and bleeding edge conventions conveyed for ETH, for example, PoS mining and sharding. With its tremendous scaling potential, fast, and phenomenal prizes for diggers, Ethereum Classic Vision is a definitive response to the present inconveniences of the market.

Ethereum Classic Vision is another cryptocurrency that expects to interface this gap of needs and reality. A hard fork of Ethereum, it will use most made blueprints proposed for the world’s second-most noteworthy impelled money, in the interim saving the perfect of decentralization. Continue reading “Ethereum Classic Vision Review”

The DIW Token Review

Nowadays, the digital currency grows so rapidly. One of the digital companies where you can invest as well as get more income easier is DIW Token. Get to know more about the token company here.

About the DIW Token

The DIW Token comes with interesting platform that makes earning more income can be done in more fun and easier ways. The areas of application of the token company are quite wide. The company uses digital vault security system with various functions. There is also payment gateway especially designed for fiat and crypto currency. All the platforms designed by the DIW Token are aimed to give optimum services to every person in the world who joins in the token company.

The Vision and Mission of the DIW Token

As a growing digital company, the DIW Token has specific vision and mission to make it the first choice for everyone who wants to join in digital company to gain more income. The company has specific mission and vision to create high security system which relates to Electronic Health Records. The DIW Token will do all the best to secure this health sector by providing an encrypted storage system to protect all data regards to the users’ health. The DIW Token also has specific goal to secure sharing data of every individual EHRs conducted between holders of accounts join in the token company. The shared data protected by the DIW Token also includes the validated pharmacists, laboratories, doctors, or other professionals in medical services. There will be additional options provided by the DIW Token regards to the use of technology of smart contracts that are applied in the token company. Read more on the whitepaper

The Advantages of Joining in the DIW Token

As a trustful and well reputed digital company, the DIW Token will give a lot of advantages to everyone who joins in it.

  1. Applying Secure Digital Vault

The secure digital vault applied by DIW Token will make it possible for the company to secure important data and sensitive information relate to the followers. The company will keep sensitive data such as bank account, passwords to identify personal documentations and information of your credit cards in secret. Not only that, the digital vault security system can also secure validated KYC and other essential digital data in highly encrypted platform. The secure platform will allow all the users to secure their important shared data partially or fully between them.

  1. Payment Gateway

The DIW Token also applies payment gateway especially designed for fiat and crypto currency. By applying that payment system, this token company also obtains a secure medium and ground breaking to the owners of the websites so that they can receive payments either in fiat or crypto currency. The website owners can use the token company’s single login of decentralized platform applied. The Payment Gateway used by DIW Token can be a checkout system that is easily integrated for various digital marketing websites such as Joomla and WordPress.

  1. Global Directory of DIW Token

The next advantage you can receive from the DIW Token comes from the Global Directory applied by the token company. The system will make it possible for you to expand and grow your business. The directory applied also makes it possible for you to get transparency and trust from the other account holders join in the DIW Token.

The Detail of Token and Platform

The DIW Token uses smart contracts which are based on the escrow service. The escrow can help the token company to secure any transactions done among parties involved. It is really simple to do and those who join in the DIW Token will easily get payment over the transactions they accomplish.

  • Token Symbol : DIW
  • Participation : ETH
  • Token Standard: ERC-20
  • Decimals : 18
  • 1 ETH = 8000 DIW

Token Sale

  • DIW Tokens Supply : 1 000 000 000
  • Tokens for crowdfunding : 700 000 000 (70%)
  • Hard Cap : 28 000 000 USD



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  • ETH Address : 0x44cF61F420D6cbA87627a0371521611082a12004