EtainPower – Decentralized Platform for Renewable Green Energy

Today, everybody in the whole world uses electricity, applying it in many areas of life, enterprises rely heavily on this resource as an energy source for the smooth operation of equipment and the entire process as a whole. It is produced mainly by burning various minerals, which in turn can release harmful impurities, gas, and have a negative impact on the environment and human health.

Energy distribution is carried out by large monopoly organizations and it is difficult for small businesses to stay in this market and confidently compete with such giants. As a result, they easily set a price that rises almost every year, while in some cases it is spent uneconomically and inefficiently.

This situation can be solve by considering the use of renewable green energy from natural sources such as water, sun, wind, but today such installations require significant investments and the state, banks have changed subsidy policies and entrepreneurs have to find themselves a large part of the initial capital for start.

Mostly accepted ideas that offer traditional options for power generation, as they are more studied and stable. This situation leads to global warming and climate change in general, which adversely affects the flora, fauna and the person himself. But a reasonable solution and solution is offered by an ambitious project called EtainPower

EtainPower creates a decentralized platform-market for renewable green energy using artificial intelligence, which will allow each user or creator of such sources to directly interact with each other from anywhere in the world.

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KWHCoin – Renewable Energy Cryptocurrency

KWHCoin will allow the underserved to claim energy independence

KWHCoin is a blockchain based group, biological community and digital money supported by units of perfect, sustainable power source. Physical deliverable units of KWh vitality are utilized from different sources including savvy meters, sensor readings and green catch information. This quantifiable fare yield is tokenized on the blockchain to make computerized KWh Coin tokens for members.

The main possibility of ​​KWHcoin was conceived subsequent to utilizing a commonplace run of the mill age benefit. It isn’t clear when, from where, or how these administrations gather potential customer information, which they at that point pitch to their clients. By bringing down the cost of sustainable power source exchanges, KWH will enable sustainable power source to prosper and convey new powers to the most remote scopes of the world.


We trust that everybody on the planet ought to have sustainable power source access as basic to manageable improvement. We have a dream of a vitality future where all individuals approach and vitality age is 100% inexhaustible and all individuals contribute and get an incentive for their investment.

To arrive we have five key columns:

  • Decentralize Energy
  • Democratize Grid Value
  • Digitize Data
  • Convey Localized Green Energy
  • Create Virtual Alternative Grid

Created Technology

KWH has and keeps on creating decentralized lead age innovation established upon the possibility of crowdsourcing information accumulation and blockchain innovation

Administration will decrease costs for inquiry and approval of the crowd required for business. Such inquiry will be performed by a specialist upon ask. The operator will be roused by getting ERC20 token KWH for work performed and acknowledged.

These are arrange generalists that partake in different undertakings identified with their particular ventures. System patrons will by and large originate from sustainable power source, decentralization, vitality autonomy, advanced money, monetary flexibility, innovation, shrewd urban communities and round financial foundations.

KWHCoin Logo

KWHCoin Value

KWHCoin includes an incentive by bringing down the cost of sustainable power source reconciliation into the lattice by giving a stage to prosumers and purchasers to associate and arrange their vitality assets. As we change to a vitality appropriation framework that depends on a two route age of energy from circulated vitality assets from different sources the collection and estimation of these assets exhibit a test for the vitality business and utilities as lattice modernization turns into a best need.

KWHCoin influences blockchain innovation and shrewd contract start to total the information of conveyed vitality assets to change over them to local advanced tokens that can be arranged on our product stage and portable applications. KWHCoin is an advanced cash that proselytes sustainable appropriated vitality assets to computerized tokens on an exceptional and secure blockchain.

Cryptocurrency Future

Donors get tokens for adding new information to the framework, which is thus purchased by different clients. All patrons are quickly remunerated with interior credits for adding new information to the framework. These credits can be spent inside the framework

In 2015, U.S. electric utilities burned through $103 billion in capital uses to keep up and redesign the network. Circulated vitality assets can be accumulated to give administrations to the electric framework significantly lessening costs and expanding vitality proficiency.

KWHCoin’s answer is to construct a decentralized system of vitality assets by interfacing them through blockchain innovation. Fare vitality is changed over to KWH tokens and exchanged to clients’ advanced wallets on our shared vitality exchanging application — The Grid.

KWH Distribution Periode

  • 10% of all underlying coin offering and ALL profits produced identified with Kwhcoin will be given to microgrid improvement and off framework innovation interests in Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, The Caribbean and the 1.2 billion comprehensively without access to a dependable vitality source
  • 5% of Kwhcoins will be distributed for a presale to raise capital for pending business openings behind the meter with business, mechanical and private group vitality efficiency ventures
  • 53% of the token offering will be utilized to raise reserves for 4 item offerings identified with propelling Kwhcoin as a decentralized sustainable power source economy.
  • 5% will be assigned to pay for business and regulatory costs utilizing the Kwhcoin as type of installment for administrations rendered.
  • 27% of token age is distributed for Founders, principals, center engineers, and compassionate accomplices for pay and to dispatch the framework for the social effect biological community.

ICO in Late January 2018

The KWHCoin Public ICO is booked to dispatch close to the finish of January 2018. The at present concurred add up to supply of KWH tokens including the rate of issuance has been resolved in view of the items, administrations and the size of the virtual and physical sustainable power source advantages for be made.


The underlying coin offering is set to make an aggregate supply of 195,000,000 KWH tokens to dispatch our propelled vitality economy and system of circulated vitality assets.


The aggregate supply of KWHCoin and its rate of issuance will be chosen by the size of advantages that made, in view of circulated vitality asset age. The outcomes underneath are liable to change in light of conclusive contribution from the Board:

  • 195,000,000 KWHCoins will be made to begin this decentralized distributed vitality economy
  • 19.5 million KWHCoins will be utilized to support the working of microgrids and creating off network advances in Africa, Puerto Rico, South America, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean
  • 50,000,000 KWHCoins for Founders and Partnerships with Social Impact associations to assemble nearby reasonable economies
  • 101,169,000 KWHCoins will be openly discharged the finish of January for open Initial Coin Offering

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