Bistox Develops New Platforms for Fast, Easy, and Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange

The cryptocurrency holders and investors are trying to find the secure place to handle their transactions. Moreover, they also need to do the transactions fast along with the complete detail. Bistox is developed with the goal to meet the needs of the cryptocurrency holders and investors above.

This platform is ready to serve the cryptocurrency holders with fast, secure, and transparent transactions. The technology such as the use of New Economy Movement and Decentralized Artificial Neural Network Integration makes this platform difference than any other cryptocurrency exchange platforms available today. The biggest challenge of the platform is to make sure that it is different and it gives more benefits than the ordinary platforms out there.

About Bistox

Bistox is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which used to support the cryptocurrency holders to use their virtual asset safely. This platform is developed by using a fast order matching machine and high-end features. Since the platform is launched to help all cryptocurrency holders, they will be supported by a professional customer service.

This cryptocurrency exchange platform also cares about the secure transactions. That’s why you will also get the best internet security specialists while using the platform. The system is easy to understand by all types of cryptocurrency holders even if they are a beginner. The use of the latest engine helps the traders to use the platform fast and easy so they can get what they want. Continue reading “Bistox Develops New Platforms for Fast, Easy, and Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange”

Cybit, Blockchain Based Crowdfunding Platforms for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Crowdfunding has become a very common method for start-ups and entrepreneurs to raise fund for their project or business. Taking advantage of the rise of cryptocurrency, CyBit is developed as an alternative for traditional crowdfunding platform. It offers more security, privacy and also transparency that will benefit both entrepreneurs and investors.

What is Cybit

Cybit is a blockchain based open source ecosystem for crowdfunding. This is a safe and secure platform where entrepreneurs, project starters and start-ups can present their idea to global investors. By uploading their projects to CyBit, entrepreneurs will have a bigger chance to have their projects funded.

Even though this platform is dedicated to empowering talented projects starters and entrepreneurs, CyBit also presents many benefits for investors. Blockchain and smart contract makes crypto based crowdfunding platform safer and more reliable compared to traditional crowdfunding platform. Smart contract also will help ensuring the security and legitimacy of each transaction, which will make this platform more attractive for investors.


Vision and Mission

CyBit’s main goal is to help entrepreneurs and start-ups realize their ideas and innovations as well as taking their business to the next level. CyBit aspires to revolutionize fund raising process and makes it easier and safer for both project owners and investors. By providing a safe environment where investors and entrepreneurs can meet, it is hoped that this world will be full of brand new inventions that can bring benefit to the society.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain, despite their popularity, is still a foreign concept for many people. CyBit’s team takes the complicacy of blockchain and cryptocurrency when designing this platform. As a result, CyBit will be just as easy to use as traditional crowdfunding platform, but with all the great benefits of blockchain technology.


CyBit platform is very easy to use. Start-ups simply need to submit their ideas to platform and their proposal will be accessible by many investors in this platform. After evaluating the proposal, investors can fund the projects they like with CyBit token. To protect the investors, in addition to CBT token, they also will get one other type of token which is issued to insure the investors in case the projects are failed to be realized.


CyBit is built on ERC-223 protocol. Its flexible infrastructure and stable system provides extra protection and security for the platform. Furthermore, it also has a smart contract which will help with transaction validation as well as keep every transaction secure. This platform can be used for three different fundraising campaigns. Besides crowdfunding, project owners also can raise fund by starting an Initial Coin Offering and Crowd Investing. This way, people can easily choose the best fundraising method for their project.

Token and ICO Details

  • Token Name: CyBit (CBT)
  • Pre-ICO Period: May 10, 2018 – July 31, 2018.
  • ICO Period: June 8, 2018 – August 1, 2018.
  • Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 CBT
  • Token for Sale: 7,000,000,000 CBT
  • Token Price: $0.07 (pre-ICO), $0.10 (ICO)
  • Payment Accepted: BTC, ETH.
  • Min. Purchase: $100
  • Max. Purchase: No limit.
  • Soft Cap: $2,500,000
  • Hard Cap: $50,000,000 CBT


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Akaiito – The United Cryptocurrency Platforms to Fulfill Daily Necessities

The term cryptocurrency is not a new idea recently. It is a method that enables people to trade and invest to gain more profits later by using some digital site as the platform. Therefore, it is reasonable then if there are numerous types of Cryptocurrency published in the market including the popular ones like Bitcoin.


It is so unfortunate that the functions of Cryptocurrency in real life tend to be limited. Although there may be e-commerce system starting to obtain the attentions, it still doesn’t holistically accommodate people’s daily needs and necessities. Based on that fact, Akaiito comes to optimize the utilization of Cryptocurrency as it provides a platform to use it in everyday life starting from shopping to pay the lawyer.

About Akaiito

Being built from the fact that the world is changing, Akaiito is a complex platforms that unites many sources of human needs at once. It enables the customers to fulfill their daily necessities by using Cryptocurrency. Read more on their whitepaper


Now, any transaction can just be done in digital way without implementing the cash. Uniquely, Akaiito also accommodates customers to do some transactions that are never imagined before to be done through Cryptocurrency. It is something like renting a car or hiring a nanny.


Akaiito offers you some new advantages of Cryptocurrency utilization in people’s daily life. It is common even in this modern day to be rush just for being in the market to buy vegetables within the many schedules. If such things can just be done by pushing some buttons and all are cleared, why should be too puzzled? Despite helping customers to solve this daily problem, the use of Cryptocurrency undeniably offers some more benefits. The system is considered as safer and more secured than the conventional ones. Besides, any transaction can also be done in faster ways. With the fact that Cryptocurrency trading is booming currently, the customers can also advantage it to make some more money.


The use of Blockchain in the world of Cryptocurrency must not be something strange. This is also what has been implemented by Akaiito for years. Blockchain indeed gives a powerful system that allows the users control the entire transaction data without involving the third party. All the transaction data are gathered in a set of computer networking system. Then, the users monitor them so that the possibility of data being changed and hacked is minimized. More than that, it is also more economical since they don’t need to spend cost for the third part. It is not exaggerated if Blockchain is considered as the safest, most secured and transparent system invented for modern transaction.

Token Sale

For the launching of Akaiito project, 30 million of AIC tokens will be released at the beginning. Meanwhile, there is also another sale in which other 22.5 million tokens will be released afterwards. Some other sales are planned to be conducted in the future. The amount of the token depends on the ETH rate through two main steps namely Pre ICO and ICO. The steps are considered beneficial including for those beginners in the world of Crytocurrency.

Token Details

  • Token Name : AIC
  • AIC token price is 0,001 ETH, 1 000 AIC tokens = 1 ETH
  • Accept payment : ETH, BTC, LTC
  • Soft Cap: 1 000 000 AIC = 1000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 20 000 000 AIC = 20 000 ETH

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