BuzCoin – Global Online Platform that Integrates Market Functions and Communication Platforms

Today, each person uses a huge number of different mobile applications and Internet sites. Now no one can imagine a day without chats, vaiber and social networks. All people actively use these sites and networks, because each of them brings certain advantages to people. And if you imagine that almost all sites have become one. There is no longer any need to do unnecessary registration for each separately. You can easily get new relationships, meetings, find partners, sellers and buyers. You can also have good access to the market, where there will be excellent opportunities. Such a service will make communication between them very easy and will find beneficial offers for everyone else. 

I’m writing about a very interesting project called BUZCOIN. The project has a very good concept. I know that this project will be a great success.  

What is BUZCOIN?

BuzCoin is a cryptocurrency that will be used as the main payment method in the Buzar Blockchain network.

BUZAR is based on the Russian star Olga Buzova, a modern media personality who has first-hand knowledge of the difficulties of using modern gadgets and, with the help of a team of professionals, is ready to simplify the use of countless applications by collecting them into a single service – BUZAR.

The Buzar platform is a new ecosystem that simultaneously functions as a trading platform and communication application. The BuzCoin Token is closely related to the functionality of the platform in almost all aspects related to it. The dynamism necessary for the platform to have its own life.

In addition, as Buzar grows and the ecosystem joins it, the partnership will have exponential growth and, ultimately, become a commodity among the users of the application. BuzCoin token will be called BUZ. The token was developed using the ERC20 protocol, and the company is currently planning to issue 2.1 billion units to finance the medium development stages of the platform and to provide early access to early investors.    Continue reading “BuzCoin – Global Online Platform that Integrates Market Functions and Communication Platforms”

Orvium – A Unique Platform to Keep track of Publications Materials

Every day there are new scientists, young guys who give us a different opening. Science undoubtedly evolving and it is hard not to notice. And an experienced team of professionals decided to create a project that will be a kind of platform for all scientists, researchers, and anyone who wants to contribute to the research and development of various technologies and the project is called Orvium.

What is Orvium

Orviuma unique decentralized platform, based on Blockchain technology, that is designed to keep track of all the publications of various materials since the creation of the document prior to the implementation of the idea.

The platform is based on the most advanced technologies, namely Blockchain and smart contracts. In addition, the storage platform uses decentralized, various cloud computing, machine learning and sorts the data analyst.

Of course, seeing all of this together, you can say with confidence that the platform will be more than reliable and safe. Continue reading “Orvium – A Unique Platform to Keep track of Publications Materials”

Tedchain – Modern Game Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

Modern people use their mobile devices to download a variety of gaming applications – they are willing to spend time on new, promising projects, while ignoring the computers and other gadgets. But in this segment, small companies also can not please customers with quality content – large players simply do not allow them to do it.

Most mobile applications are available for free – but the creators of such content spend large enough funds to create these Tedchain projects. In doing so, you should do everything to monetize your own efforts.

What is Tedchain ?

Tedchain is a decentralized platform that allows users to conveniently store, use and sell interoperable crypto elements on a blockchain. Crypto-elements of the platform are compatible, that is, they can be used and sold in several games. The platform includes a process of development based on blockchain technology.


Continue reading “Tedchain – Modern Game Platform Based on Blockchain Technology”

Game Loot Network – Unique Online Game Platform

Today we will talk about the platform, which is a unique project that will combine the games industry, network marketing and passive income. I present to you the project Game Loot Network!

What is Game Loot Network ?

Game Loot Network – an online game platform that works as an app store with the functions supported blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency, LOOT, allows the platform to become a revolutionary shop for all games – from games, shopping and design.


The main objective of the Game Loot Network project is that the designers will submit their game ideas in the catalog presented on the platform including the screenshots, demos and footage from the game. Users then offer Loot markers to fund promising projects that caused them concern.

The game players receive income from the games that helped them. Users have the ability to play games, organize game tournaments and earn money. Continue reading “Game Loot Network – Unique Online Game Platform”

Ubex – Decentralized Advertising Platform

Now, in our time, when technologies are increasingly embracing our everyday life, all new inventions are being created, and the development of artificial intelligence, which will remove intermediaries, in the form of people, for automating processes and saving money for customers, does not stand still.

The Ubex project is necessary for effective work and interactions between advertisers and site owners who will provide customer’s blocks for their advertisements on their resources, selecting the most relevant information for the visitor.

The Ubex project creates a decentralized advertising platform, which works with the use of all the advantages of modern block technology and AI-technologies. All transactions between the platform participants will use The UBEX tokens.

At this stage, all this happens through third parties, which significantly affects the final cost of providing advertising services, as well as there are all possible methods of deception, ways of wrapping up or transitions on advertising bots. Continue reading “Ubex – Decentralized Advertising Platform”

LetItPlay, Platform for Find and Share Audio Contents Online

Some content creators love to use audio to share their idea to the internet users. LetItPlay is a solution for those who want to share their idea via audio. At the same time, they can also get reputable people who find audio to fill their needs. LetItPlay is not an ordinary platform because it helps the users to gain income from all activities while using the platform. In the end, LetItPlay is trying to cover the lack of information in the form of audio as well as to support the use of blockchain and crypto currency technology.

About LetItPlay

LetItPlay is a platform for those who want to find and share audio contents online. The platform is developed along with blockchain and smart contract technology. This is also a platform for people who are using crypto currency. The activities while using LetItPlay will be supported by Play token. By using the platform and its features, the users are able to share audio information, get the audio content, promote something through audio content, and many more.

Vision and Mission

Since there is a lack of information in the form of audio, LetItPlay is trying to be a platform which will be cover up it. LetItPlay is not only designed to get more access to audio contents but also to give something profitable for the users. LetItPlay is also designed to fill the needs of internet user especially audio content lovers to use crypto currency. In the future, LetItPlay will be developed into a flexible platform to accommodate all users who need reputable and trusted audio contents.


LetItPlay is a solution for users who want to learn something without loosing their time to do the daily activities. People can use LetItPlay app to listen anything while eating, working, walking, doing sports, including sleeping. LetItPlay is also a great platform for those who love to write something and they want to share it wider into all people. The use of blockchain technology and crypto currency gives more advantages in the sense of fast and secure access as well as profitable activity through rewards given to the users.


To accommodate all users, the developer is designed LetItPlay mobile app. The app can be downloaded via Google Play Store. By having this app, people can start listening to what they want anytime and anywhere they want. The app is using the latest and friendly features so all users can manage based on their needs for the most comfortable experience.

Token Detail

The users will have Play token to support their activities. Along with the use of e-wallet, the users are able to save, transfer, and sell the coins directly without the role of third party. The coins are also used to buy any audio they want to listen with easy and fast process.

  • Token Name : PLAY
  • Total supply : 1 000 000 000 PLAY
  • Presale supply : 10 000 000 PLAY
  • Token price  : 1 ETH = 10 000 PLAY


For further information feel free to visit :

  • Official website: https://letitplay.io/
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