Crypt-ON – P2P Platform for Secure Cryptocurrency Trading

Today I would like to introduce a new project, that is Crypt-ON. Crypt-ON digital token is an important project unit. Its main task is to provide trust in the network between the participants of the platform.

What is Crypt-ON ?

Crypt-ON is a P2P platform that provides safe and secure cryptocurrency trading based on blockchain technology. The Crypt-ON platform provides you with 4 services, namely, escrow trading, p2p lending, work sharing for freelancer chronologists and exchanges in the P2P area (exchange of cryptocurrency on fiat using geolocation-based search).

Crypt-ON seeks to bring together people from all over the world involved in the cryptoindustry, which allows them to quickly and safely interact with partners in various fields at all stages of cooperation. Crypt-ON is not only a solution to current problems when performing p2p cryptocurrency transactions, but also creating a global workspace for crypto operators from around the world.

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BQT – P2P Crypto Hedge Exchange

Today we will consider a new project for the exchange of crypto-currencies. We all know that exchanges play a big role in the life and functioning of crypto-conversions. The exchange market is growing, and the exchange is developing along with the development of the entire cryptographic world.

Since we remember the leadership in terms of trading volume, and therefore the popularity of the stock exchange as a whole is constantly changing. The BQT exchanges is more innovative and functional trading platforms that bring more and more useful functions to their system.

What is BQT and what are its outstanding functions?

The main problem of current crypto-exchange exchanges is that they are closely related to fiat currency and are often targeted at them (for example, USDT). Not all crypto allocations can directly communicate with each other. This, in turn, brings inconvenience to users, as well as hinders the development of the entire crypto-currency market.

The BQT team believes in reducing the dependence on FIAT, while many Blockchain experts are trying to find more ways to marry crypto money with fiat money.

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BQT-Social P2P Crypto Exchange

Project outline

Wow, this is cool. The most transparent and welcomes you with scalable and unbreakable platform. So far, the project must cryptocurrency boundaries that attracted recent interest in authentic ecumenical.
Many people have invested in the market and cryptocurrency magnifying glass. Online Investment encryption technology investments based on Blockchain is advantageously very informative. People are always very reliable future Probing a good investment projects.

Now, it is that I have two people of the world are mainly governed by the project, on the other hand, decide how much information to the information, the truth, this generation of business projects to succeed in the business. This is why we have to bring to the readers – investors implicitly updated on the world’s best ICO. I always monitor the encrypted call news today, it was discovered a very attractive project with a great future and encrypted calls. Let me introduce one of the cryptocurrency Exchange project, that is BQT (Better Quick Transparent) Exchange. Continue reading “BQT-Social P2P Crypto Exchange”

Staking Coin – Blockchain P2P Credit Network

Credit has dependably had a few preferences for society. In any case, the credit/advances industry still has a few issues sitting tight for arrangements. Both conventional managing an account organizations that give credit offices and late p2p choices have tremendous issues and there are various open doors for development.

We are Introducing XTC, an open source convention in light of blockchain innovation, which acquires most extreme straightforwardness and unwavering quality credit and loaning.

Staking Coin takes care of the issue on lessening the loss of credit capital on default. On solid credit connections the advance is constantly paid back.

What is Staking Coin ?

Staking Coin is a protocol based on brilliant contracts that institutionalizes credit lending through blockchain innovation. The convention set a few principles to encourages associations among a few specialists, every one of whom interfaces with a savvy contract to at last associate loan specialist and borrower. The system can associate borrowers, loan specialists, and other system operators everywhere throughout the world, enabling every last one of them to deal with the credit in their neighborhood currencies, as long as they have Internet get to.

Additionally with our extraordinary staking platform, you can stake your XTC coins for benefits of up to 100% every year, one of the most elevated staking returns in the cryptocurrency space. You will be in total control of your coins consistently and we will remunerate you for balancing out the system. This implies any individual that holds Staking Coin in their wallet will get enthusiasm on their adjust of up to 100% a year. Banks loan their XTC coins to the credits stage for prizes of up to 15% every month, the most astounding in the business. Read more on their whitepaper

Why Should Staking Coin ?

Earn with our Credits Platform

Funds invested into our shared credits platform will be lent to trustworthy crypto investment and exchanging firms with guarantee. They will thus utilize the advanced assets to exchange, contribute and have masternodes to make benefit. We have set up associations with 20 firms and checking. Our Credits platform restores a benefit of 10-15% every month on contributed reserves.

On account of a general P2P loan, the bank doesn’t know whether the borrower will have enough installment limit later on to pay off the loan or not. On the off chance that the loan specialist gets a specific number of borrowers having similar qualities, he will discover that in the long run some of them pay off the obligation and some of them don’t. As it were, in a consistent P2P credit, the loan specialist faces an arbitrary wonder, measurably; by making precisely the same in evidently comparable conditions, he gets diverse outcomes.

Grow your Coins- Risk Free

With our specific staking platform, you can stake your XTC coins for benefits of up to 100% every year, the most elevated returns in the digital currency space. You will be in total control of your coins consistently and we will compensate you for helping the system.

Be your own Bank

With an assortment of approaches to acquire (through referrals, mining, staking, advances, exchanging) and our distributed stage, we empower you to be your own particular bank, do your own thing and be fiscally free. NOTE: This isn’t a get rich speedy plan.

With our specific blockchain, stakingcoin control the eventual fate of shared credits. We understand that the venture and monetary space will be altered by cryptocurrencies and blockchain innovation. In light of this examination, we are building a money related stage to bring every one of the upsides of the blockchain to the normal end client.

Staking Coin

Coin details

  • Coin Name                        : Staking Coin
  • Coin Ticker                       : XTC
  • Address Letter                 : X
  • Algorithm Scrypt Type  : PoW/PoS
  • Excepting                         : ETH, BTC

Coin Distribution

  • Price                                   : 1 USD = 5 – 7 XTC
  • Presale                               : 4,500,000 XTC
  • ICO                                     : 18,000,000 XTC
  • Bounty                               : 2,000,000 XTC
  • Team                                  : 8,500,000 XTC
  • Cold Storage                     : 30,000,000 XTC

The staking coin is comprised of an intercontinental, extremely motivated, anonymous team. We have finished our interesting Lending, Staking and Mining blockchain, Windows and Linux wallets. Throughout the following month we will be finished with the Mac wallet and versatile applications and they will sent to our beta-analyzers. We complete things.

XTC Debit Card

For simplicity of getting to stores, Staking Coin is proposing to present a debit card. Fueled by VISA, this is relied upon to be accessible third quarter 2018. The application and lawful procedures has been started.

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