BuzCoin – Global Online Platform that Integrates Market Functions and Communication Platforms

Today, each person uses a huge number of different mobile applications and Internet sites. Now no one can imagine a day without chats, vaiber and social networks. All people actively use these sites and networks, because each of them brings certain advantages to people. And if you imagine that almost all sites have become one. There is no longer any need to do unnecessary registration for each separately. You can easily get new relationships, meetings, find partners, sellers and buyers. You can also have good access to the market, where there will be excellent opportunities. Such a service will make communication between them very easy and will find beneficial offers for everyone else. 

I’m writing about a very interesting project called BUZCOIN. The project has a very good concept. I know that this project will be a great success.  

What is BUZCOIN?

BuzCoin is a cryptocurrency that will be used as the main payment method in the Buzar Blockchain network.

BUZAR is based on the Russian star Olga Buzova, a modern media personality who has first-hand knowledge of the difficulties of using modern gadgets and, with the help of a team of professionals, is ready to simplify the use of countless applications by collecting them into a single service – BUZAR.

The Buzar platform is a new ecosystem that simultaneously functions as a trading platform and communication application. The BuzCoin Token is closely related to the functionality of the platform in almost all aspects related to it. The dynamism necessary for the platform to have its own life.

In addition, as Buzar grows and the ecosystem joins it, the partnership will have exponential growth and, ultimately, become a commodity among the users of the application. BuzCoin token will be called BUZ. The token was developed using the ERC20 protocol, and the company is currently planning to issue 2.1 billion units to finance the medium development stages of the platform and to provide early access to early investors.    Continue reading “BuzCoin – Global Online Platform that Integrates Market Functions and Communication Platforms”

Game Loot Network – Unique Online Game Platform

Today we will talk about the platform, which is a unique project that will combine the games industry, network marketing and passive income. I present to you the project Game Loot Network!

What is Game Loot Network ?

Game Loot Network – an online game platform that works as an app store with the functions supported blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency, LOOT, allows the platform to become a revolutionary shop for all games – from games, shopping and design.


The main objective of the Game Loot Network project is that the designers will submit their game ideas in the catalog presented on the platform including the screenshots, demos and footage from the game. Users then offer Loot markers to fund promising projects that caused them concern.

The game players receive income from the games that helped them. Users have the ability to play games, organize game tournaments and earn money. Continue reading “Game Loot Network – Unique Online Game Platform”

Voxelx, Platform Medis Online dengan DICOM

Belajar ilmu kedokteran adalah hal yang menantang untuk dilakukan. Pada saat yang sama, ada pertumbuhan yang signifikan pada informasi ilmu kedokteran dan pengetahuan. VoxelX berusaha untuk memberikan solusi dengan mempromosikan dan mengembangkan platform yang dikenal sebagai DICOM. Tujuan dari DICOM adalah untuk mendukung kesehatan peserta didik ilmu untuk mendapatkan informasi yang lengkap dan pengetahuan melalui e-learning seperti radiologi. DICOM dikembangkan sebagai nyaman karena dapat dan pengguna dapat berbagi mereka divalidasi informasi, pengetahuan, dan kasus. Bahkan, pengguna dapat menguangkan konten online mereka untuk memberikan insentif untuk ahli radiologi terutama jika mereka juga penerbit.

Tentang DICOM

DICOM adalah singkatan dari Digital Imaging dan Komunikasi di Pengobatan. Ini adalah sebuah platform di mana ahli radiologi dapat berbagi gambar medis. Sistem ini dirancang kompatibel dengan beberapa perangkat seperti scanner, server workstation, printer, hardware, dan banyak lagi. DICOM berguna untuk rumah sakit dan dokter dan dokter gigi dalam kantor medis kecil. Platform ini adalah menggunakan alat khusus sehingga pengguna dapat mengakses sumber daya medis ilmu lebih cepat dan lebih mudah. Semua orang-orang yang tertarik pada ilmu kedokteran dapat menggunakan platform dan bahkan mempublikasikan pengetahuan terbaru mereka untuk orang lain dan mendapatkan beberapa insentif dari itu. DICOM mirip dengan media sosial tetapi berfokus pada topik ilmu kedokteran.


Visi dan Misi

DICOM diperkenalkan sebagai platform berbasis blockchain untuk ilmu kedokteran. Tujuan dari platform ini adalah untuk mengakomodasi medis peserta didik ilmu untuk mempelajari informasi terbaru dan pengetahuan tentang ilmu kedokteran. Selain itu, sebagai platform berbasis masyarakat, DICOM juga merupakan platform untuk berbagi dan mendiskusikan spesifik topik ilmu kedokteran. Di masa depan, Voxel X berharap DICOM bisa portal ilmu kedokteran yang tidak hanya memberikan informasi terbaru dan pengetahuan tentang ilmu kedokteran tetapi juga memberikan insentif sesuai dengan ahli radiologi yang juga penerbit. Kemudian, platform dapat menjadi tempat untuk belajar tentang ilmu kedokteran dengan cara yang paling mudah dan nyaman.


DICOM dikembangkan dengan beberapa alat bantu yang mendukung. Sebagai contoh, pengguna dapat menggunakan alat gambar. Alat membantu medis peserta didik ilmu untuk mendapatkan informasi ilmu kedokteran dalam bentuk gambar. Akibatnya, peserta didik dapat memahami tentang pengetahuan khusus ilmu kedokteran yang lebih baik karena mereka dapat belajar dari sebuah gambar. Platform ini juga memberikan reward dan insentif untuk penerbit berdasarkan pangkat. Mereka akan mendapatkan Gray tanda atau koin. token akan dikirim ke dompet virtual dan kemudian dapat digunakan untuk segala macam aktivitas saat menggunakan DICOM. Sebagai platform berbasis masyarakat, DICOM menyediakan informasi ilmu kedokteran yang lebih besar dan terpercaya dan pengetahuan dari pengguna.


DICOM dibangun dengan beberapa platform. Salah satu platform adalah Ethereum yang digunakan untuk mengembangkan token GRAY. Selain itu, platform ini juga dikembangkan dengan alat gambar sehingga pengguna dapat mempelajari lebih lanjut tentang ilmu kedokteran secara detail melalui gambar bersama dengan sumber terpercaya. Semua pengguna akan memiliki dompet Voxel X yang merupakan dompet virtual untuk menjaga Gray koin. dompet adalah seperti rekening bank virtual pribadi sehingga pengguna dapat mengatur koin atau mata uang kripto secara online. DICOM juga memiliki platform tertentu untuk membangun komunitas virtual yang juga mengembangkan platform ke platform yang ramah fleksibel dan user.


Untuk mendukung apapun kegiatan saat menggunakan platform yang DICOM, pengguna harus menggunakan tanda tertentu yang dikenal sebagai GRAY tanda. Token ini juga penting untuk memberikan penghargaan kepada penerbit atau ahli radiologi kapan saja mereka mengirimkan konten atau informasi. koin GRAY membantu ahli radiologi untuk menguangkan konten berkualitas tinggi melalui insentif yang menarik. Token GRAY dirancang dengan teknologi Ethereum terbaru yang membuatnya kompatibel untuk platform yang berbeda dan berharga bagi pemegang. Akan ada sekitar 10 miliar Gray token didistribusikan dan beberapa dari mereka akan dijual ke pengguna pribadi untuk mendukung aktivitas mereka saat menggunakan platform yang DICOM.

Informasi Token

Nama Token  : GRAY
Platform : Ethereum (ERC 20)
Supply Token  : 10,000,000,000 GRAY
Harga Token :
1 ETH = 2,500,000 GRAY
1 GRAY = 0.0002 $

Pre-Sale (live) = 1.071055 ETH
Private Sale (live) = 93.5 ETH
Public Sale (Not Started)
Total Sale = 94.571055 ETH


Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, silahkan melihat link dibawah ini :

WEBSITE: https://voxelx.io/
WHITEPAPER: https://voxelx.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/White-paper.pdf
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3242811
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/voxelx
REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/voxelx/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Voxel_X

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Biometrids – Platform Online ID on the Blockchain

The human face recognition system is one of the most evolving areas of today, where applications can be applied in security areas such as room entry permits, surveillance, or individual identity searches on police databases and etc. Since the breakthrough of the internet, it has become even more important with verification of identities as digital identities and has become a daily usage. In this opportunity I would like to introduce a new system which is connected with blockchain, the new system is Biometrids.


What is Biometrids ?

Biometrids platform is an online ID on the blockchain that uses machine learning for facial recognition by mobile device.  The Biometrids platform enables individuals to distinguish themselves to others utilizing the face identification incorporated with their phones. Read more on their whitepaper


Why Biometrids ?

Because we are the only REAL decentralised online ID.

To fabricate an online ID on the blockchain, you generally need to check the information that has been placed in, i.e. your travel permit. To do this, you require an outsider to con rm the information is approvable. In the event that the framework, for example, utilizes the identification, at that point there is a possibility the international ID has been stolen and has been supplanted by a phony picture. Today you can purchase counterfeit characters on the web.

With Biometrids, you approve yourself by recognizing yourself with your face. Thusly our ID is decentralized; we needn’t bother with any outsider to approve things. Your face must be in the bind once because of your biometrics. In the event that somebody makes an extortion inside the biological community, it will be stamped all over for eternity. Thus, it resembles putting your face on the web, when you recognize yourself to somebody.

Blockchain is about decentralization, so nobody can control the information on the chain. This implies when we work with blockchain, we need things to be decentralized without outsider intrusion, similar to government or any inconsistent information that could potential be phone.

Biometrids Platform

  • Make sure that people are who they say they are.
  • Deal with impostors and prevent identity fraud.
  • Opportunities to identify themselves, even in countries where this is not possible at the time being.
  • Give people the ownership of their own ID.
  • Help blockchain services that faces the identity problem.
  • Make payments more secure and trusted.
  • Remove the middleman for identification

How it Works ?

Biometrids aim is to be the number one supplier of secure and easy usage identities, by o ering a decentralized P2P network, represented by blockchain technologies. Using the Biometrids platform as an entry point, we will meet the demand and limitation of the market today.


Facial identification works around a person picture. This photo could be 2D or 3D. On the off chance that we are utilizing a 2D picture, odds of control will rise signicantly due to the non-complexities in the photo and the way that it is anything but difficult to take a photo of someone else, check it with the telephone, and after that sign in to that client’s record. By utilizing 3D pictures, we will raise the intricacy signicantly. When you need ears, eyes, and button, from an edge, it gets significantly more confused to control. When we additionally include a skin filter, and perhaps an iris examine, the many-sided quality and uniqueness will be at a significantly more fulfilling level and your facial output will be one of a kind.

We will join the facial identification with a password, giving a more entire and amazingly secure framework where each face is one of a kind and unmistakable for the framework.

Token Information


Token Details

  • Token Name : IDS
  • Token platform  : ETH
  • Total tokens :  100.000.000
Token ICO
  • Soft cap 3500 ETH.
  • Hard cap 23000 ETH.
  • Pre-ico: 4000 IDS/1 eth
Token Distribution
  • 5% will be sold in PRE-ICO.
  • 70% will be sold during the crowdsale.
  • 10% will be held for foundation.
  • 10% will be held for team members.
  • 5% will be set for bounties and advisors.

For further information, feel free to visit and join :

Website|Official Thread|Twitter|Facebook|Discord|Telegram|Whitepaper

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SKARA – New Online Game Currency

SKARA is a mix of cross-stage video games and books (Novels). In SKARA’s reality, each character and gathering of players confront the same testing whole-world destroying condition from their own particular special viewpoint.

An online free game “SKARA”, will discharge its own game currency, and it will be an ERC20 Token.

SKARA is one of the principal games to defeat this boundary by making another cryptographic money as an ERC-20 token based off the Ethereum blockchain called a SKARAT (SKARA Token – SKRT), which can be exchanged on the open market.

Envision getting genuine esteem while playing your most loved game. In SKARA you would now be able to do this legitimately, for more info you can read the whitepaper.

​Computer games have explored different avenues regarding absolutely advanced monetary forms and computerized resources for quite a long time, regularly with awesome achievement. Be that as it may, until the appearance of blockchain innovation, these economies existed in official detachment to the genuine economy. The time has come to change this.

Through this new vehicle, members in the SKARA people group will have the capacity to purchase, offer and exchange diversion resources without going to shady illegal businesses.

About The Game

Skara is right now in alpha stage, I played a little on Steam and its look extraordinary and it has a decent gameplay, yet playerbase is’nt that high yet.

Skara is a Free-to-Play focused group based scuffle battle diversion set in a dreamland which future is impacted by players. The gameplay is like DarkSouls,For Honor,Battle Gladiator and such.

SKARA goes a long ways past a basic computer game. SKARA is a rich world concocted by maker Pablo Rodriguez – a world inhabited by significantly dif ferent societies who contend to survive an inestimable debacle. By consolidating crossplatform computer games with books and funnies, the SKARA Universe is completely planning to end up noticeably an enduring social commitment of an indistinguishable extent from Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. Pablo has been taking a shot at the story behind SKARA for over 5 years.

This work has finished in a presentation novel, SKARA – THE TIME OF THE TWO SUNS, which will be distributed in January 2018. SKARA – THE TIME OF THE TWO SUNS depicts the universe of SKARA before a planet collides with the sun, releasing a vicious disturbance that crushes everything. This dystopian world is the place SKARA’s creative, group based activity computer game starts. SKARA – THE BLADE REMAINS is intended for aggressive eSports. It joins AAA level designs, the extraordinary feel of online multiplayer recreations with the spirit of a RPG.

SKARA (PreICO) ICO details

Start Date: 2017-11-27

End date: 2018-1-21

  • Category: CryptocurrencyEntertainment
  • Token: SKT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • Initial price: 1 ETH = 500 SKT
  • Bonus: Whitelist – day 1 15% Whitelist – day 2 10% Public – day 3 5%
  • Accepting: ETH


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