Bistox – A Secure Place to Make Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency owners need to exchange their asset to fill their needs. You also have to exchange your cryptocurrency if you want to use a certain platform. Moreover, cryptocurrency exchange is also an activity for cryptocurrency investment. At the same time, the cryptocurrency owners need to find the best platform to deal with a safe cryptocurrency exchange.

Bistox is a cryptocurrency exchange platform along with NEM or New Economy Movement blockchain platform. This platform offers more benefits than other cryptocurrency exchanges such as fast and safe transactions, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange, and many more. This platform is also designed to solve some of the problems in cryptocurrency exchange such as transparency, security, and customer service.

What is Bistox ?

Bistox is a platform designed for cryptocurrency exchange. The main difference between Bistox and any other cryptocurrency exchanges is on the use of NEM or the New Economy Movement. With this combination, the platform provides the cryptocurrency owners with fast transactions along with safety procedures.

Moreover, this platform offers more transparent transactions, great security system, professional customer support, and easy trading. Bistox is earning money from several sources such as trading fee, listing fee, social trading fee, and withdrawal fee. This platform is supported by BSX token and the users can use the token to support their activities while using Bistox. Continue reading “Bistox – A Secure Place to Make Cryptocurrency Exchange”

How to Make Money from Bitcoin

Sometimes we are often asked people what is the use of Bitcoin now? and how can we earn money from Bitcoin in the present? To answer that question I will help to summarize it in this update:

1. Buy and sell Bitcoin 

This is the simplest way to invest in Bitcoin to buy and sell Bitcoin through bitcoin vendor sites. Bitcoin in weekly movements has a considerable increase in increments. Do not sell Bitcoin below your purchase price to ensure profit for you.

2. Cloud Mining

After you buy Bitcoin sometimes Bitcoin price does not always rise or not infrequently it goes down because of the negative movement of the market. One strategy to reduce the loss is to buy cloud mining to help you gain additional benefits.

What is Cloud mining? Cloud mining is a solution to mining Bitcoin (Mining Bitcoin is the process of creating Bitcoin.) By buying it online usually in GHS units. By purchasing GHS you will get a Bitcoin income per day. Usually GHS can also be sold back to the company or other members.

3. Buying company shares

The next way is to buy company shares through Bitcoin. There are many companies selling shares owned through Bitcoin media for example is The company usually gives you dividends in return.

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Staying in a small house or apartment becomes one of the options for people who rely on practicality. But the problem is, the small room will feel crowded when filled with various kinds of furniture. In theory the small room will look bigger if the walls are light-colored. Color choices such as blue, green, and yellow can be an option to show a great impression on the house.

Blue and green color is touted as a soothing and relaxing color, so no wonder both colors are suitable to be applied as a wall paint color. But not so for the yellow color, if you want to apply the yellow color on the wall of the house, you should choose the color intensity that is not too bright. there is no dark color restriction that can be applied to the wall of the house. You can use brown, maroon, gray, or dark blue colors that can be combined with matching light colors.

In fact, from the psychological side, home furniture that has a large size can also make the room feel bigger.

As for the apartment, it is advisable not to use the insulation in every room. “If the apartment is better off just open the screen so the theme of open space.If you want to use home accessories, just use partition but the size is half.Or use light partition like glass can also,”