Bronix – The Next Generation Investment Solution

Good day, my dear readers. Today we will talk about an interesting and promising project, that is Bronix decentralized platform.

What is Bronix ?

Bronix – this is a new decentralized platform that can help users to quickly perform KYC operation and will quickly withdraw money. Now you can work with the latest token inside the platform.

Bronix platform

The Bronix platform offers a wide range of features and fast transaction processing. Currency can be sold and transferred to any location within a few seconds. Transactions are also protected against fraud by means of a decentralized and accessible database that allows users to check the legality of the transaction.

In addition, the transaction carried out on the platform, will be kept strictly confidential, and users will be able to enjoy the anonymity without having to share their personality. In addition, there are no hidden fees, because Bronix removes part or intervention of any middlemen. Continue reading “Bronix – The Next Generation Investment Solution”

Pecunio, A New Platform that Aims to Simplify Cryptocurrency Investment

Investing in cryptocurrency can be very profitable if it is done right. Unfortunately, due to the volatile nature and uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrency, it is difficult to get a grip in this market, let alone make some profit. Pecunio is developed with this problem in mind. The team wants to create a platform that is capable to provide solutions for various problems in crypto investing. As a result, the risks of entering the crypto markets can be significantly lowered. Visit the official site (

What Is Pecunio

Pecunio is a decentralized platform for cryptocurrency investment. This platform can be used to manage everything related to crypto and blockchain investments, from AC and VC to Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). Pecunio will assist users in managing their tokenized commodities. It also offers some asset conversion to valuable commodities such as blue chip crypto fund and Pecunio Gold Coin (PGC).

Vision and Mission

Pecunio has a goal to make cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone. Even though digital coins are currently very popular, it is not a secret that the market is still highly segmented. Only tech savvy people with adequate investment skill and knowledge have the guts to venture into this world. This is one of the main reasons why mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency is still not possible even with all the hypes it gets. By providing an easy to use and trustworthy platform for people to take part in crypto investment, it is hoped that mainstream adoption of blockchain technology will come true someday. Read more on the whitepaper 



One of the best advantages of Pecunio is its user friendly platform. From setting up an account to depositing money, everything can be easily done. Furthermore, users are given plenty of options to withdraw money. Payout is available via PayPal, cryptocurrencies and even bank transfer. Pecunio also takes pride in its trustworthiness. This company has a physical office in Vienna and Dubai, two of the leading cities of crypto investment.

Users also will get a cryptocurrency debit card. Pecunio card allows the users to spend their crypto coins for daily transactions in various merchants all around the world, just like a conventional debit card. For companies who need a reliable manager to take care of their ICO campaigns, Pecunio also can be a good choice. With its numerous experiences in the world of blockchain business, Pecunio can guarantee a more effective ICO campaign.

Crypto investment is known for its high volatility. When there is an event affecting the market, even the value of the most lucrative coins can go down in a heartbeat. This is why this company launches Pecunio Gold Coin (PGC). PGC token is backed by real gold, which reduces the volatility of the token. PGC is basically a tokenized gold. It means, when they own a PGC, they also own a real gold with the same value. This is the best and safest way to own a gold in this modern time.


Pecunio runs on Ethereum platform. Ethereum is chosen because of its security. Furthermore, it is also more stable and predictable compared to running their own blockchain platform. Running the platform on Ethereum also makes it easier for the company to list its token in various exchanges.

Token Details

Pecunio launches its new token that is called PCO. PCO is a utility token which can be used to pay various services in Pecunio platform. The Pre-ICO has been successfully completed on February 2018. Meanwhile, the ICO is held for a month from March 19th 2018 to April 19th 2018.

Token Information

  • Token Name: PCO
  • Token Price: 1.5 USD
  • Token Protocol: ERC-20
  • Payment Accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC

Token Sales

  • Total Supply : 100,000,000 PCO
  • For Sale : 30,000,000 PCO
  • Hard Cap : USD 45,000,000




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Genesis – Simple and Convenient Investment in Real Estate Blockchain Technology

With the growth of real estate business, a breakthrough investment system is needed to make sure that all the investors will get what they really deserve. The Genesis comes with blockchain and digital technology to create more convenient investment system for real estate investors from all around the world.

Genesis: What Is It Actually?

Genesis comes as a breakthrough solution for investors in real estate so they can get optimum profit upon their investment in more convenience way. The blockchain and digital technologies applied are aimed to give protection for the investors for any risk they might get if they use classic system of real estate investment. The idea behind the company’s establishment is that there is often absence of guarantee in real estate investment that prone to put investors in risks. Moreover, the high price needed for entry makes people difficult to join in the investment system if they do not have sufficient capital.

Based on those problems, wants to make the easier investment system for investors along with secure mechanism to avoid any risk. The new image of real estate marketing created by the company make the investments in the real estate business is faster, safer and more reliable for the clients. Moreover, the company also successfully combines the traditional real estate investment and the more modern one to reach more progressive targets. The distribution of the Genesis tokens will be conducted in some steps. The token distribution is based on the investment strategy applied in the development of the projects provided by the company. The tokens will be distributed to investors as their profit. Read more on the whitepaper

The Benefits of Joining in Genesis

There are a lot of benefits you can get from the Genesis include:

  1. Working Business

The company has been involving in real estate business for more than 15 years. With years of experience, the company is able to manage different real estate business in many countries. Supported with experienced and skillful team, the company has signed more than $100 million contracts in one year.

  1. Credits and Loans

The nicest thing about joining in the Genesis is that the company can provide you with cash anytime you need money urgently. You can ask for loan at lowest interest. In turn, you will be able to use the tokens you have earned before as guarantee. Interestingly, the tokens will be given back to you after you complete all the payment.

  1. Legitimacy

To provide secure investment for the clients, the company uses EU legislation as standardization of the GES tokens distribution. This is to guarantee that you will not lose the money you invest.

  1. Crypto Currency Rate Independent

In joining Genesis, the rate of your cryptocurrency exchange rate will not influence the profit you get from the company. This is because the reward you get due to your investment is fixed. The profit is also converted to Euro. The platform provided will enable you to choose to get your profit either in any fiat cryptocurrency. This is so beneficial and profitable for investors.

Token Information

Token Details

  • Token Name : GES Tokens
  • Token price : 1 GES = 1 EUR
  • Token Protocol : ETH / ERC20
  • Payment Accepted : BTC, BTH, ETH, ETC, LTC AND XIN

Token Sales

    SOFT CAP: 3 000 000 Euro.

Token Allocation

    2% – BOUNTY

GET YOUR 15% BONUS – Pre Registration



IСO [01 April, 2018 – 15 May, 2018]


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Luxcess Group – Investment Group with Zero Commission.


What is Luxcess group ?

Luxcess group is an underlying venture found with zero commission and life time remunerate for donors. We are making a shaded extension between the Crypto and “Fiat” world. This venture firm formed the Royal stage that depends on blockchain innovation. All financial specialists will be ready to store their tokens on this stage, which can watch over the central of PROFIT SHARE. Implying that you basically can exclusively pay once the benefits we will create. You’ll have the capacity to absolutely administration your capital. Luxcess bunch can build the LXC tokens esteem by fund in our comes exclusively with our LXC token, read more at Luxcess group whitepaper. Be a piece of us and along we will create an enhanced tomorrow.

The Luxcess group could be a youthful group that comprises of 25 merchants, specialists, examiners and outer partners WHO have very six years’ skill of following up on the Forex advertise, Crypto mercantilism, start-up ventures, and significant business (gold and silver). The group that set up Luxcess aggregate was joined by the energy for trade, ventures and accomplishing sensible business comes about.

Vision and Mission

The vision of Luxcess investment group, is to enable individuals to wind up a piece of a major speculation family. Then again, the objective is to empower a straightforward administration and capital heightening for however many individuals as would be prudent. We have dependably trusted that collaboration, avant-garde data and train are most critical for progress. We won’t just join the speculations, for example, crypto-holding, crypto-exchanging, forex exchanging, silver and gold and start up ventures, yet will likewise accommodate reconciliation of the overall population into a major family, which will expand the created benefit and accommodate a superior tomorrow of the greater part of its individuals.

Luxcess Group Platform

The Luxcess group has made the Royal platform, where you contribute your tokens after the buy. By then, you choose whether you put the tokens in Hold or our assets. The Royal Luxcess Hold is a choice where you securely store and keep your tokens. You at that point make a benefit or lose it, contingent upon whether the token value rises or falls on the official securities exchanges. You can exchange your tokens to our assets whenever, or pull back them and place them in your wallet.

Putting tokens in our assets gives you an extra chance to make benefit. Each store will have their own INDEX where all benefits and misfortunes will be recorded.

In this manner, the thought and the stage are composed in a way that guarantees a quick and fast use, since everything should be possible with a few ticks of the mouse.

Luxcess Group Token

Token Name = LXC Token 

Total supply: 35.000.000
Tokens for sale: 28.000.000
Platform: Ethereum (ETH)
Token price: 0.15$

Individuals who have confidence in our group and the task will gain significantly more additional cash with the token. Crypto-examiners trust that over 90% of tokens have no future. There is a vital distinction between having a thought and acknowledging it. They trust that the street from a plan to acknowledgment is long and troublesome; in this manner, just the most grounded can overcome it.

Luxcess group has built up a framework that ensures long haul master t. We will accomplish a phenomenal token cost available, on the grounds that putting resources into our ventures will be conceivable just with our token. The token cost will be steady and consistent development will be secured, which is a certification that an ever increasing number of individuals will put resources into our token. In time, more cash will be expected to purchase tokens, which is the main alternative for individuals to join our story.

In Luxcess Group, we have faith in the that shared trust and support are vital for progress, so we have built up a framework that will additionally remunerate each one of the individuals who have faith in our undertaking and us over the long haul.

Of all the gathered capital in the ICO, we will contribute as much as 40% on the portfolio. half of the benefit produced, which we will make with these 40%, will be utilized to purchase LXC tokens at the trade workplaces. Once every month, the tokens bought with this benefit will be wrecked. It’s gotten back to BUY and BURN. With this, fewer tokens will be accessible from month to month, and therefore the token cost will increment.


For further information, feel free to visit :

  • Website :
  • Whitepaper :
  • Ann Thread :
  • Telegram :
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  • Facebook :
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Gifcoin – Gambling Investment Fund

What is GIFcoin ?

GIF in GIFcoin implies a shared reserve for gambling. This store is upheld by the current wagering site VitalBet is a completely useful and controlled gambling site with all the well known industry highlights, for example, sports wagering, club, live clubhouse, IN-play rates, eSports and virtual games. There are no void guarantees and false dreams. Put resources into genuine brands with a genuine undertaking drove by an expert group of industry specialists.

Our principle item is the delight of web based gambling whenever, anyplace on the planet. To put it plainly, we create present day IT arrangements that enable individuals to wager online on brandishing occasions and most loved wagers. We will probably transform wagers for every client into basic, protected and moderate activities.

The Advantages

  • What us from by far most of others
  • Bookmaker recognizes, is the way that we utilize digital money installments
  • Bitcoin – both for the portions and for installments (stores and Water withdrawals).

Just a portion of the main 100 bookmakers give this alternative in the As of now. Past that because of the financing by ICO all center crypto variations as wagering parameters and Add installment techniques to us in the To truly feature the web based wagering industry.

Notwithstanding computerized cash installments and wagering choices you get extra administrations like:

  • Wagering on donning occasions
  • Wagering IN-Play
  • Gambling club
  • Live gambling club
  • eSports
  • Virtual games
  • Live spilling (not far off)


We have secured all real installment techniques in the business (Charge/Credit Cards – VISA and MasterCard – and E-Wallets – Skrill, Sofort, Paysafecard, and so on.), and we additionally have thosewell known digital money – Bitcoin – included. We will likely draw in more players that enable it to be fundamental to utilize cryptographic forms of money, including Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), (DASH) and the sky is the limit from there.

This broadens the compass of our clients, as well as additionally add to the improvement of cryptothermines installment and duty instrument. Of course, this new component will be the utilize blockchain innovation to give most extreme security to all clients and make playing much all the more energizing.


Frequently, wagering sites have an intricate outline that the load the client is. We will likely be the most appealing and to make the most moderate plan at any point made. On our imaginative stage, the clients just observe and utilize the highlights that extremely matter to them add to wonderful costs.

  • pay
  • net pay
  • $ 7368602
  • $ 33,158,871
  • Dynamic clients 20.453
  • Normal amusement misfortune per client $ 360.27
  • Transformation proportion amongst client and client 15.4%


The security of the client – both fiscally and secretly has need for us. To demonstrate this, we are pleased to reveal to you the accomplishments of VitalBet:

Since the dispatch of the stage we have none experienced genuine difficulties.We do customary security reviews. By programmer assaults have not lost a solitary dollar to our clients. VitalBet offers legit wagers without shrouded ones restrictions.

I might want to accept this opportunity to visit the page, which as of now has more than 20,000 dynamic clients.



Appropriation and utilize

A sum of 300,000,000 GIF tokens will be made, including 20,000,000 for the Pre-ICO + 15% (3,000,000) and 240,000,000 for the ICO. Another 27,000,000 will be appropriated to the originators of the GIF token, with the staying 10,000,000 being allotted to warning, gift and PR pools. The unsold GIF, which was offered available to be purchased in the period before ICO and ICO, will be demolished. GIF toners are not begun by clients or different organizations.

After an effective ICO crusade and hard capitalization (24,000 ETH ~ 24,000,000 US dollars), $ 1,000,000 will be utilized to modernize our stage and make a versatile application for a superior client encounter. $ 4,000,000 will be utilized for the promoting effort. $ 12 million will be utilized for a forceful promoting effort. $ 5,000,000 will be added to the current bank – exchange cash for benefits and misfortunes. Furthermore, $ 2,000,000 will fill in as lawful assentions in various nations.

All data in detail can be found on the site of the venture. There are likewise connects to all the undertaking’s informal organizations, which enable you to get news in detail and in time, and watch the way toward creating and setting up the stage.








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