Alpha-X – The New Generation Cryptocurrency

Alpha-X is a totally new age of unscrambling innovation dependent on the X13 calculation utilizing the Stake Network (POS) Proof Of Stake organize. Exchanges in the Alpha-X blockchain are quick, mysterious, individual and profoundly secure. Our inspiration isn’t just to offer virtual money (plastic cards) yet additionally to give liquidity and accessibility in the market progressively.

The Alpha-X objective is to change the general part of the utility token utilizing blockchain methods to defeat the authentic disadvantages of conventional frameworks. Joining this innovation with an instinctive UI and appeal, the trust and eagerness of another time can convey new conviction and energy to the biological community of the new age. Continue reading “Alpha-X – The New Generation Cryptocurrency”

Bronix – The Next Generation Investment Solution

Good day, my dear readers. Today we will talk about an interesting and promising project, that is Bronix decentralized platform.

What is Bronix ?

Bronix – this is a new decentralized platform that can help users to quickly perform KYC operation and will quickly withdraw money. Now you can work with the latest token inside the platform.

Bronix platform

The Bronix platform offers a wide range of features and fast transaction processing. Currency can be sold and transferred to any location within a few seconds. Transactions are also protected against fraud by means of a decentralized and accessible database that allows users to check the legality of the transaction.

In addition, the transaction carried out on the platform, will be kept strictly confidential, and users will be able to enjoy the anonymity without having to share their personality. In addition, there are no hidden fees, because Bronix removes part or intervention of any middlemen. Continue reading “Bronix – The Next Generation Investment Solution”

InsCoin – New Generation Insurance

Insurance companies have long been associated in people with something bad. Surprising that there is nothing, as most of today’s insurance companies – it cheats. I will highlight a few basic problems you may encounter each person:

  1. It is difficult to get a payout. In fact, almost every insurance company is difficult to prove that you put the payment or the conditions that create a lot of problems for this.
  2. Almost always, all disputes and latent conditions are written in small print. Accordingly, a person can about them do not even guess.
  3. The high cost of insurance, because there are many intermediaries.

These all problems can be solved with the appeareance of  innovative insurance company, that is InsCoin which is built on blockchain technology.

What is InsCoin

InsCoin – an innovative project in the field of insurance, which provides each of its users a flexible policy, fair conditions and a decentralized structure.

Of course, at first glance it may scare off people, but stable token will be developed within the system, who are interested in absolutely everyone. All users will receive the usual paper certificate, and information about it can be found online.

InsCoin offers a truly innovative approach in the field of insurance, respectively, it will be able to interest a huge number of people around the globe. Continue reading “InsCoin – New Generation Insurance”

ZeCash – The Next Generation Cryptocurrency to Use in the Real World

However, the current characteristics cryptocurrency enough for use in the real world, and this is a serious problem on the way to the widespread introduction blockchain. In the words of one of cryptoblogger: «Bitcoin and Etherium – it’s like a big black mobile phone from the beginning of the 90s.” Project was created to address the current problems cryptocurrency ZeCash Who will attempt to become the world’s IPhone blockchain.

What is ZeCash

ZeCash – is the latest development, the revolutionary blockchain aimed at application in the real world: for trade, electronic trade, etc. The project aims to improve the current processes on cryptocurrency, get rid of the accumulated over a decade of problems.

As a consensus algorithm was selected PoS.

What problems solves ZeCash

Founders of the project are the following the most serious shortcomings of modern cryptocurrency:

  • The High Commission for the transfer;
  • Low transaction speed;
  • The increasing complexity of mining, which makes this process unprofitable;
  • Consensus Algorithm PoW project team also belong to the downside, due to the need to spend huge amounts of energy to maintain the operation of the network;
  • Achieve complete anonymity to the same Bitcoin has so far failed.

Which offers project solutions

  • As I said earlier, PoS consensus protocol has been selected (Proof of Stake), complete with its own ZeProtocol technology. As a result, “fight” for the next block may only those coins which are held on the purse of more than 30 days, and the maximum probability of finding the block is reached after 90 days, “Hold”;
  • Protocol ZeAnon makes your stay in the system is almost completely anonymous;
  • Almost instant payments through its own network Lightning Network System. The team promises that we forget about the status of «Pending»;
  • Extremely low commissions, through which you can carry out micro transactions.

In more detail the operation and advantages are described in WP ZeCash company.

Token sales

  • The name of the token: ZCH;
  • Price per token: 1 ZCH = 0,1 $;
  • The total number of tokens: 500 000 000;
  • Soft cap: $ 20 million;
  • Hard cap: $ 35 million.
  • To purchase currencies are accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, DASH and BCH.

To participate in the ICO follow the link:


Blockchain-projects it is time to leave the area of ​​speculative assets to real application in the real world. ZeCash project offers solutions to get really used tool for payments between companies, individuals.

The combination of unique technology development, a fixed maximum amount of coin, as well as a simple system of rewards Hold (PoS for ZeProtocol technology), makes this “coin” for a good asset investments.

Of course, a key growth factor will be how quickly the team can convince businesses and ordinary users to use their solution, but with this, I think it should be no problem – not to use blockchain will simply unprofitable.

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Join the New Generation of Finance with Traxia

It is not a secret that there is a large gap in the global trade finance that surely generates many more problems. The problems are including the absence of cooperation among banks, limited transparency, the cash liquidity that is limited, worse bureaucracy, and still many more.


It is not something exaggerated if new systems are probably needed to solve all the problems. One of the solutions is by developing a kind of platform that adapts new financial system. Traxia is the example for this. it supports the financing activities through a digital system namely Blockchain. It also gives people more chances to take advantages of using Cryptocurrency.

About Traxia

Traxia is a finance platform that implements the decentralization global ecosystem using Blockchain. In general, the products offered are not different from the banks in which it allows the customers to do activities like trading and investment. Meanwhile, it also provides some banking products like factoring, letter of credit, supply chain finance (SCF), securitization, and more.


Of course, although the products are basically the same with the same functions as well, the system to produce and sell them is those that are different. The different system is basically to give solutions of problems commonly experienced in conventional banks mentioned above. When those problems are solved, it tends to give more benefits for the customers. Read more on the whitepaper


It is probably questioned why conventional finance system is considered not really advantageous for some parties. It is basically because of the fact that the bank is the third party of any transaction. Traditionally, the main parties involved must only two; the sellers and buyers. Meanwhile, the third party, although it is important, it is not that essential so that it should be removed when it is not needed. More than that, the third party tends to give burden as it needs to be paid off as well. Traxia then tries to bring back this traditional concept in which there are only two parties involved. Therefore, it can just lessen the amount of spending as well as decrease some problems commonly occurred due to the involvement of party beyond those two.


How Traxia can simply remove the third party is due to the platform used. It uses Blockchain, a system in which the data are all kept in a system of network. All the parties involved have the same role as to monitor and control. This brings out the transparent concept in which anybody can just see it. Rather than making it less secured, this system is even much more secured than the system that has been known before. As a result, not only is Blockchain more economical, it is safer. This matter also solves a problem where the trust and cooperation among banks are somehow decreased recently. Yes, Blockchain is the platform that bolds the importance of trust and cooperation even in the finance matter.


To start it, there are tokens to be bought. Interestingly, this platform has promoted some token sales. It is as great as it gives more chance to the beginners in the world of Blockchain system.

Token Details

  • Token Name : TMT
  • 1 TMT =  $0.15 USD
  • Accept payment : ETH and ADA
  • Token issued : 1,000,000,000

TMT Token Allocation

  • 60% Token Sale
  • 20% Team
  • 10% Treasury
  • 5% Bounty
  • 5% Advisors



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CREDITS – A new Generation of Blockchain

The financial industry is probably one of the few industries which is left behind, which rejects the immediate association between the presentation of the inside and the members. Albeit in fact, making a decentralized monetary administration is considerably simpler than making an unmanned vehicle.

Set up a framework that fuses all members and the idea of the required budgetary arranging administrations: client personalization, KYC, credit agencies, clearing focuses, encoding and scrambled cash trade. This is the most recent hindrance to the improvement of distributed monetary items from two fundamental undertakings.

Presently is an answer for these assignments, CREDITS ( – A solitary decentralized innovation stage can join all budgetary administration members with the standards of the record dispersed safely and rapidly play out all exchanges.

Credits is another open source stage for making and overseeing budgetary administrations in light of blockchain/record Credits.

The guideline of executing brilliant contract and joint voting framework makes an interesting open door for all members to communicate with different money related items. The stage opens up gigantic new markets and can possibly utilize blockchain tasks and administrations in other money related and mechanical fields, which were beforehand unusable because of the speed and exchange costs.

The unique system based on blockchain enables us to assemble rapid exchange handling budgetary administrations, up to 100 million times each second, normal exchange preparing speed in 3 seconds. Attributes extremely offer new chances to utilize blockchain innovation in the money related part.

Credits – to make another stage for working monetary items, exceptionally to manufacture chains with savvy contracts/records, can be accomplished:

  • Process exchange up to 1 million times every second
  • Average preparing time per exchange for 3 seconds
  • Very shabby taking care of expense


  • About 100 exchanges for every second
  • Average handling time is 0.5-15 minutes
  • Cost per exchange moves toward becoming $ 0.02-0.5

Well known stages, for example, Ethernet are not appropriate for money related exchanges in light of the fact that the arrangement is moderate at 0.5-15 minutes, and the cost per exchange is around $ 0.02-0.5. The money related industry is unsatisfactory.

CREDITS is intended to accomplish one million exchanges for each second with a normal preparing time of 3 seconds and a normal pinnacle of 10 seconds. The framework is a circulated database with the rule of blockchain/record – the administration and exchanges of appropriated advanced resources, invariant records.

The CREDITS stage gives the execution of one of a kind new blockchain innovation, savvy contracts, information conventions, and has its own particular inner encoded cash. It is a stage with new system innovation capacities, speed, exchange expenses and aggregate exchanges every second. It is an open stage, implying that clients and organizations can utilize piece tie understandings to make online administrations.

CREDITS gives clients to new items by making new calculations to make new highlights to discover accord; another registry design, a calculation for dealing with and keeping up restricted state machine exchanges in light of a joint voting gesture display.

CREDITS stage gives answers for low speed and high exchange costs. This extends the utilization of potential blockchain innovations in the money related and arrange enterprises. Credits central goal is to present blocked innovation and crypto CREDITS innovation all over the place, and make decentralized connections a reality.

Awesome Team

Awesome team require an extraordinary group as well. CREDITS has a group of profoundly gifted and savvy individuals who continually endeavor to make the stage a standard place for group individuals to comprehend the quintessence of innovation.

 Project Team


Token and Sales 

CREDITS  digital tokens will be distributed in constrained numbers. All CREDIT advanced tokens must have a similar usefulness.

The token deal will be on the Ehereum stage in the ERC20 standard. Introductory deal date:

Keeping in mind the end goal to instantly begin the venture plan and advancement, we propose to spend up to 2 ICO rounds.

  • PRA-ICO – in October 2017
  • ICO Round 1 in Nov-Dec 2017
  • ICO Round 2 out of 2Q 2018

The quantity of tokens accessible is set at 1 000 tokens. In the first round of ICO in Nov-Dec cover 80,000 ETH, hard top 120,000

Add up to 100%

2% for abundance

2% for postal blessings

15% for authors and groups

Operation 5%

1% for counsels

75% for Pre-ICO and ICO crusades

Reward for PRA-SALE buy

Reward for PRA deals – 30%

Uncommon difference in Whitelist before PRE-ICO (send ask for or to Constrained token

Reward of procurement sum

0% – up to 50 Ether (15,000 USD)

20% – from 50 Ether (15,000 USD)

25% – from 100 Ether (30,000 USD)

30% – from 250 Ether (75,000 USD)

35% – from 500 Ether (150,000 USD)

40% – from 1000 Ether (300,000 USD)

Clients can buy CREDIT advanced tokens amid the ICO Period by trading ether (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) for CREDIT computerized tokens with 1ETH swapping scale per 4000 CREDIT advanced tokens, and different rewards can be connected as per the guidelines of the CREDIT Token Agreement.

The CREDIT Purchase Agreement amongst CREDIT and the User should start upon receipt by the User of all terms of the CREDIT Token Agreement by tapping the purchase catch or by acquiring various CREDIT advanced tokens and utilizing some portion of the brilliant contract CREDIT and CREDIT Platform, and will proceed until ended as per the terms of the CREDIT Token Sale Agreement.

CREDIT is entitled at its sole caution and without earlier composed notice to end the CREDITS Token and Sale Token Agreement if:

  1. The client gives mistaken information to finish the enlistment procedure;
  2. The client neglects to consent to the necessities of Article 7 of the CREDIT Token Contract;
  3. The client neglects to consent to different terms and states of the CREDITS Token and Sale Token Agreement.


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