MeFy -The Future of Healthcare

I mainly consider reviews of promising companies that link blockchain with finances, as this is a huge market in which there is a lot of money. This is beneficial for both companies and investors. But we do not often meet companies that implement blockchain in other sectors of the global infrastructure. But it is precisely the development of less profitable from the financial point of view industries that push the market and technology forward and make it possible to receive big dividends.

Today I want to tell you about the company MeFy, which provides the low-income population of the globe with full and affordable medical care, while people have the opportunity to make positive changes in life, getting professional treatment at the lowest cost.

More than half of the world’s population lives below the poverty line. In Africa alone, out of 54 countries, 33 live below the extreme poverty line. GDP per capita in them does not exceed $ 750 per year, the level of health care, education does not reach the minimum standards. Within the UN, the name “least developed countries” is used for such countries.

In most cases, the cause of the problems of these countries are: corruption, climatic conditions, wars, external debts and an unfair distribution of financial services. Residents of the poorest countries are in dire need of help, capable of at least a little improvement in their standard of living. Continue reading “MeFy -The Future of Healthcare”

Financex – The Solution for Cryptocurrency Exchange in the Future

When we want to trade currency, we can do it easily, by trading it on the currency market. But, it’s different on cryptocurrency market. You need to have the cryptocurrency in order to be able to trade. And, to do that, you must buy the cryptocurrency with the standard money or we call it Fiat money. This complicated process cost a lot of money, time and energy. It doesn’t match with the Blockchain technology concept, which makes everything easier and faster. For that problem, Financex team has the solution that you need through their project.

The Financex Project

The Financex project team is those who have 20 years and more experiences in cryptocurrency trading. They know the problem and what it needs so it can be solved. For that reason, they create this project that can simplify the trading process. With this project, you don’t need to buy cryptocurrency to join the cryptocurrency trading. You can do it with Fiat money. Yes, you can use your Dollar, Rupiah, or your own currency to trade. But, now, this project aims for the Southeast Asia area, so the currency mostly comes from the country in this area. Continue reading “Financex – The Solution for Cryptocurrency Exchange in the Future”

LetItPlay, the Future of Decentralized Audio Content

There are so many contents in this world but so little time to watch or read all of them. People have to focus their attention to the content if the content is in visual form. Unfortunately, in this busy era, most people don’t have the privilege for that. As a result, there are plenty of good contents that are not appreciated enough. LetItPlay will solve this problem by taking advantage of blockchain and the simplicity of audio content.

What Is Let It Play?

LetItPlay is a blockchain based that aims to convert texts and videos content into audio contents. It also will come with decentralized ecosystem where the audio versions of contents can be distributed and commercialized. Audio content is more flexible compared to text and audio. People can listen to audio content while walking, doing house chores and even driving. This way, more contents will have a chance to be appreciated by more audiences. In the same time, people can maximize their time to gain new knowledge from the contents they listen to.

Vision and Mission

Audio content can be a solution for the scarcity of people’s attention. Unfortunately, only 1% of information in this world are available in audio format. Meanwhile, studies show that almost 95% of texts and around 90% of video can be converted into audio. By using blockchain and the principle of attention economy, LetItPlay aims to convert those text and video contents into audio.


Audio is actually an excellent source of knowledge and information. Unfortunately, it is not utilized well in this digital era. LetItPlay brings a great innovation to the world of audio content. By converting various contents into audio, users can enjoy more contents in limited time. In the same time, LetItPlay also offers a decentralized platform for distribution and commercialization of the content.


The development of LetItPlay’s platform will be divided into six stages. For the first stage, the team will build a mobile app with podcast feed and also web panel for content providers. In the last stage, the platform will be supported by Artificial Intelligence that ensures copyright protection for all the content owners. The sixth stage of the development also will bring a web panel for advertiser which will improve the business aspect of LetItPlay.

Token Details

Token Details:

–       Token Name: Play

–       Token Price: 1ETH = 10,000 Play

–       Token Protocol: ERC-20

–       Payment Accepted: ETH

Token Sales

–       Sales Period: Fall 2018

–       Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Play

–       For Sale: 10,000,000 Play

Register Token Sale Now

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Fluzcoin, The Best Solution for Cryptocurrency Transaction in the Future

The future of transaction actually can be seen since few years ago, when cryptocurrency was born and came up as the solution for the current financial system. However, the problem is always the same with the old system. It is hard to get the cryptocurrency or coin that we need. We have to invest on the tool to mine the coin, which can take lot of time. More than that, the transaction with cryptocurrency isn’t also that effective and efficient. That make there are many potencies has been thrown away because of this system. Fluzcoin is trying to change that condition by providing much better system in acquiring coin.

The Fluzcoin

Fluzcoin is a retail store where you can buy or acquire coin from different cryptocurrency. This service use Blockchain technology as its based, which means the most operational process is machine-based controlled. Fluzcoin, with this unique system, offer the fastest, cheapest and reliable system that anyone can find to get and trade their cryptocurrency coin. This service also provide environment where merchant and their client can be connected. From that, the transaction can occur, but with much faster and more effective method. The coin holder in Fluzcoin program also has chance to get reward from holding the coin.

Vision and Mission

The vision of Fluzcoin is providing the best solution that will change how the cryptocurrency will be treated in the future. In the end, the new system will be able to facilitate all user and customer who need cryptocurrency and use it like what they want, without problem.

The main mission of Fluzcoin is to realize this project and merge it with the current transaction and retail system. When the program can be well-tuned with the current global transaction system, customer will have more benefits than they ever imagined. The quote of customer is the king, will be able to be materialized, finally.

The Advantages of Fluzcoin

The price of coin in Fluzcoin is much cheaper than other place. Its price is also lower than the FIAT values, which make it become the best investment you can try. More than that, you also need less effort to acquire or mining the coin. Once you become the member of Fluzcoin program, you can get coin just by holding coin in your account. The main reason why you can get have this kind of easy day is the reward system of Fluzcoin. With this reward system, the coin that user has will be like an investment asset or stock, which can produce dividend.

From the merchant point of view, the benefits that the Fluzcoin give to them can be found on the transaction effectiveness. The merchant will be able to improve their transaction quality, because it will be cost free transaction, plus it has lower risk than the current transaction system. More than that, the coin that the merchant got will be converted into FIAT currencies as soon as they receive it. This is also the other way that Fluzcoin team tries to do, in order to merge this system with the current system.

The Platform and Tokens

Using Blockchain technology and Ethereum as its platform, Fluzcoin can work really well with any condition. More than that, this program also has EUNOMIA, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that can be said to be one of most powerful AI in cryptocurrency field. This AI will be able to maintain the operation process and erasing the volatility problem on crypto-economy.

The token of Fluzcoin was released in ICO event on April this year. The token is created by using ERC20 Standard as its base. With this token, user will be able to use many features and transaction in Fluzcoin environment.

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TokenUnion for Better Token Usage in The Future

Token is like a special currency that you can use in specific environment that was built on the Blockchain technology platform. Whenever you want to use the token, you need to buy it first using cryptocurrency or real money. The problem is it’s difficult to use token on different platform. You can still use it, but to calculate how much other token you can get from exchange the tokens that you currently have is not easy thing to do. You need to consider many factors that affect its value. Then, exchange it with other token from other place. More than that, if you keep the token in your e-wallet, you won’t get anything, but just a place where you keep your token. However, TokenUnion will change this condition.

What is TokenUnion?

This is unique program that was created to provide the solution for those who have too much problem in keeping their tokens and cryptocurrency. The user will be able to become more active in maintaining and monitoring the tokens that they keep with the help from TokenUnion. The solution that this program has will give all its user greater benefits. And, we also can say that this program will become the trigger of the new system and method to save cryptocurrency and token.

The Vision and Mission

The vision of TokenUnion is changing how the token keeping system in the future. More than that, the team also wants to optimize the usage of the Blockchain technology in token and cryptocurrency keeping needs. With this program, the user won’t only keep their token and cryptocurrency. But, they also can get more from their activities to keep them. In the end, this program was created with one mission, which is providing the tool that will help people to use their tokens effectively and profitably. And, with just keeping the token and exchange it, the user will be able to make profit from it. It can become the new business type that only exists in the future, where the Blockchain technology has been applied.

The Advantages

This program use Blockchain technology. That means for safety, you don’t need to worry. The decentralization concept will protect your data and tokens that you keep within TokenUnion. There is no specific party that has total control on this system. All of them are automated. Therefore, the system won’t be able to change your data and use it wrongly.

The other benefit is the reward system. When you use the TokenUnion service, you can get reward in a shape of token from TokenUnion. The reward can be acquired, for example when you withdraw your tokens that you keep in TokenUnion safe. When you withdraw and transfer the tokens to your e-wallet, you need to pay with the TokenUnion token (UNI Token). This fee will be distributed to all users of TokenUnion. So, whenever any user uses the service and UNI token, you will also get reward from it. This is where the reward comes from and why this service is quite profitable.

The Platform and Token

Using Ethereum platform, TokenUnion will be able to provide quite fast service. The token that they use is also based on ERC20. This means you can easily use the service, for example to get the token. The token itself, like mentioned before, is called UNI Token. By using Holding Contract, the token can be used freely and safely in TokenUnion.

We can say that TokenUnion is quite promising program. There is big chance that it will turn the token and cryptocurrency usage into better system. With more advantage that user can get, this is worth to invest your money into.

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BCharity Will Change the Future of Humanity

Human is social creature. Therefore, it’s natural for human to help each other. To do this, you can do it directly or using the help from charity foundation. Using charity foundation help will allows you to help more people that you ever imagined. You can even change the world and help other country with this kind of help. Unfortunately, the system to do this charity is still limited. Currently, there is no easy and big network that can connect you to other that needs your help or, a system that can help you to do charity with ease. So, here comes the unique project, called BCharity. Visit the official site (

What is BCharity

BCharity is an international scale charity system, which help you to donate and help other people from many places easily. This project use Blockchain technology to remove the limit that you can find on traditional charity system. Now, you will need to go through very long and complicated road to help other. With Blockchain technology and environment, you can do it in second without worrying about these complicated processes.

Vision and Mission

The vision of BCharity is created the most effective platform to help other people and do the charity. In the end, this project will help to change humanity so they will have better future. More than that, the platform for helping other will be delivered without limit and it use transparency system. This way it can reduce the chance of scam or the irresponsible usage of the fund that was meant for charity.

BCharity has mission to make everyone, regardless their social and economy status, has a chance to do charity and help other. With the Blockchain platform, this mission can be achieved. More than that, this technology also keeps develop and growth, which makes the system of this charity project, will be much better in the future. Read more on the whitepaper

The Advantages of BCharity

The Blockchain technology will give this project has possibility to grow more, because its growth is all depending on the community that support it. With so many people that want to help each other, we can say that this project will become the best thing ever happened for humanity in the future.

The Consensus Threshold feature will make the charity process become more transparent. Then, it also is equipped with better security, which can prevent money laundering crime. The system use encrypted system and advance algorithm which make it impossible for someone to change the data and fund stored in this system wallet. BCharity also has formed partnership with many charity foundations from all over the world, so you can easily use their help to help other people.


BCharity token uses Ethereum platform and ERC20 standard. You also can use cryptocurrency to purchase this token, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, ZCash, Monero and Ripple. The BCharity token is called CHAR. The total numbers of CHAR are 100 million CHAR, which will be released on several stages of ICO event. This is indeed promising project, which can change the humanity in the future.

Token Details

Token Name : CHAR
Token Price : USD 0.35
Token Protocol : Ethereum

Token Sales

Total Supply : 100,000,000 CHAR
Hard Cap : 35 Million USD
Soft Cap : 5 Million USD



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