Sidera- The First Blockchain Technology Using Hierarchy

Today I would like to introduce to you a new project that is Sidera.

What is Sidera ?

Sidera is a new platform that allows users in Retail Point of Sale (POS) using the smart meter and smartband not exposed. Sidera is the first blockchain technology using hierarchy.

Sidera is a complete solution from start to finish (end to end solution) for retail and SmartWatch contactless point-of-sale (POS) include a reference implementation of the entire stack all the components. It consists of a mobile application and endpoint point-of-sale (POS) and are ready to deploy. All components will be widely offered through open source and open specifications.

Sidera Vision

Sidera will help generate demand for new and old, as well as large and small electronic money. Sidera focus on Asia, more specifically in Indonesia and China.

Half of all people living in Southeast Asia. In China there are over 700 million people internet users. Sidera have local teams with a deep understanding of Indonesia and Middle quoccong market with a track record, connections and products to suit needs market demand is moving toward Sidera. Continue reading “Sidera- The First Blockchain Technology Using Hierarchy”

Uchit- The First Communication Platform

It is not a secret for anyone that recently the state has been increasingly interfering in the sphere of communication. One of the most striking examples of the same Telegram, in Russia it was blocked for refusing to provide encryption keys from our correspondence. All over the world there are various problems with government interference in our personal lives, fingers and toes are not enough to count them all.

What is Uchit?

I’ll start right away with the main thing, Uchit is a peer-to-peer communication and communication platform, whose goal is to maximize the possibility of remote communication between people. It is worth noting that on the platform there will be no intermediaries in the process of communication or file transfer, that is, we will exchange information directly through the network.

Details of the ICO.

The platform will have its own UCHT token, storing which you can spend, for example, buying a ready-made template for your own project or for hiring an employee and much more. That is, this token will be the basis of the protocol, which in turn will give the necessary motivation for Uchit platform users.

Name of the token: UCHT.
Standard token: ERC20
Total tokens: 712,350,000 UCHT
Price of the token: 1 UCHT = 0.19 USD
Terms of sales Pre ICO: 01/05/2018 – 31/05/2018
With a bonus when buying tokens at a rate of 20%
Dates of sales ICO: 01/06/2018 – 30/06/2018
With a bonus when buying tokens at a rate of 5% The
lower limit of fees: 5 000 000 USD The
upper limit of fees: 50 000 000 USD

Distribution of tokens.

  • 65% – will be sold out;
  • 10% – will be in reserve for the team;
  • 8% – will remain as a reserve fund;
  • 8% – will be reserved for consultants;
  • 6% – will be reserved for partners;
  • 2% – to carry out marketing activities;
  • 1% – to conduct company bounty.

Distribution of funds.

  • 53% – will be spent on the development of the project;
  • 29% – for marketing;
  • 12% – IT infrastructure;
  • 4% – On legal and financial costs;
  • 2% – other expenses.

As you stay on the platform, all users will be able to accumulate UCHT tokens, providing various services to other users, for example, selling the same templates and assets, responding to requests and much more. And after each response, communication and sale, the user will be rewarded with the UCHT token.

Roadmap of the projectroadmap.png













The conclusion

In conclusion, it can be noted that the project, in my opinion, looks very promising and has a good idea. Already in November 2018, an alpha version of the platform will be released, which you will probably be able to touch and make for yourself some specific conclusions. Let’s hope that the developers will be able to fully realize their idea.

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BitPaction, the World’s First Digital Asset Trading Platform

The significant development of digital currencies has brought worldwide great repercussions that are now seen as profound transformation. In the global financial system, it has been a great change that definitely attracts more eyes. Blockchain technology is the one behind all of this development and change going on. It has been supporting the continuous growth of cryptocurrencies, the first digital currencies in the world with actual value. As the digital currencies’ types and number growing continuously, the demand for digital currency exchange starts to grow. Responding to the growing demand, the ideal environment for the establishment of BitPaction has been created.

What is BitPaction

A world with growing need from the investors for ideal digital asset trading system is a world perfect for BitPaction to build and develop itself. And with the blockchain market being in preliminary stage of development, this is like the gold moment for BitPaction. So, this particular digital asset trading platform is built to offer new digital asset trading system that focuses on providing the best user experiences. BitPaction sees itself as true supporter that promotes the digital currency exchange upgrading into version 2.0. This is the version that leaves the conventional exchange behind so that the investors can enjoy much simpler and securer experiences in digital trading.

BitPaction Vision and Mission

Vision and mission are what make the BitPaction different to others particular given the fact that BitPaction becomes the world’s first digital asset trading system. Its vision is to take advantage of the blockchain technology to overturn conventional trading system and accelerate the upgrading into ear 2.0.

With this vision on mind, the BitPaction operates based on several missions. Let’s say, it starts by building the first digital asset trading platform. It continues its mission by giving greatest experiences for investors. And in the end, it supports and assists the investors to make investment, earn profit and make more bonus.

BitPaction Advantages

In general, there are 4 main advantages provided by BitPaction. The advantages are the following:

  1. Data Security

BitPaction uses multiple protective measures to secure the data and monitor the database performance in real time. Stable database operation is ensured with data load balancing technology.

  1. Fund Security

BitPaction uses superior fund security for its wallet management. It is far superior compared to those applied by ordinary financial organizations. The security uses 64-bit encryption with double special keys and unique dynamic decryption algorithm. This way, the prevention for external and internal risk can be done very well.

  1. Stable System

BitPaction built its platform in accordance with all the essential financial and industrial standards. There will be no jamming or delay in the process thanks to speeded up matching engine.

  1. Stable Network

BitPaction promises improved network resource distribution thanks to the platform that has been achieved the intelligent analysis on the network load and traffic conditions.

BitPaction Platform

As the first digital asset trading platform in the world, BitPaction uses the very unique and intelligent platform. It comes as more diversified, intelligent and simpler platform which focuses on greater user experiences. Platform is promised to be convenient and simple for customers’ best experience. It is also intelligent and smart to reduce loss and improve benefits for investors. The automatic loss stop and profit stop is made available with the use of smart feature. It definitely is very useful when the investors are asleep at night.

BitPaction Token

The token is named BitPaction token with total number of distribution of 300 million with no additional number to be issued. Within only three months, the BPS is released with the following participants welcomed including start up team, individual investors, community funds, strategic partners and angel investors.

Token Details

Token Name : Bitpaction Share (BPS)
Token Price in ICO : 1 BPS = 0.23 USD
ICO start 1st Feb 2018
ICO end 28th Feb 2018

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Worldex, The First Platform for Cryptocurrency Investor

Some people want to start to invest their money on crypto currency. The rest is trying to add new investment on crypto currency. The problem is the same in which they don’t know how to deal with it. They need a supportive platform not only to give a place for investment but also for trading along with the best security system. Worldex is introduced as a crypto currency investment and trading platform. This platform is developed with the latest technology such as blockchain and smart contract for flexible and safe investment. Worldex needs extra effort to make investors sure that investing on crypto currency and using the best platform will be profitable.

About Worldex

Worldex is a platform for crypto currency investors. The idea of this platform is to accommodate investors not only to save their crypto currency but also let them trade only from their gadget. The platform is developed with smart contract and blockchain so investors can do the trading safely. This is also the place where investor can meet trusted buyers or sellers along with peer to peer system. There are no complicated things because Worldex is designed along with high tech features and easy to use for fast access and transaction. In the end, investors and all of the users get benefits from the platform and reduce the investment risks.


Vision and Mission

Worldex wants to be the leading crypto currency trading platform which supports users with the best technology and system. The platform also wants to share benefits for all users and create safe place for crypto currency investment. As the result, more and more people give their trust to Worldex and interested to start crypto currency investment and trading. Worldex is also developed to be a flexible investment and trading platform in which the users can do all their investment and trading activities only from their beloved gadget. Later, there will be no people who are afraid to buy crypto currency and start to invest it with great profit and benefit.


Just like an investment, investors are also wanted to earn profit in the most secure trading platform. This is one of the advantages of using Worldex. You are about to get profit from the referral and any kind of programs. More than that, the users are able to learn and get complete information about crypto currency investment and trading so they can start it clearly for better result. The process is different than traditional currency investment and indeed, Woldex offers simple crypto currency investment whether for beginner and professional investors. The coin holders also get advantage in which they can use the coin to support their online activities which support the use of crypto currencies.


The great performance is because of the high tech platform used. Worldex has a trading platform where investors can meet reputable sellers and buyers. Moreover, the platform is useful, safe, and fast enough for peer to peer transactions. The platform can be used with any kind of crypto currency tools including virtual wallet and its features. By using the platform, investors or the users can use tWorldex safely without anything to worry about. The platform can be updated in the most flexible way so in the future Worldex will be a user friendly crypto currency trading platform. Worldex is also using the sophisticated platform which makes people trust to start to invest their money on crypto currency.


As a crypto currency platform, Worldex is also supported by specific token known as WDX token. The developer launches around 100.000.000 WDX tokens for all users. WDX token can be used to support your virtual activities including buying some products or service virtually or while making transactions with Worldex. If it is not, you just need to keep the token on your wallet as a valuable investment. Later, you can sell it to earn profit. You can also transfer WDX token to your friends who also use Worldex platform faster as well as receive the token from the other users.


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MyDFS- The First Blockchain for Powered Daily Fantasy Sports

Do you love to sport fantasy and wish to earn more money from your hobby? MyDFS can be a good choice for you. Find out more about the token company in this article.Visit the official website (

MyDFS’s Overview

MyDFS is a blockchain especially designed for platform of fantasy sports. The blockchain is created by KHL Fantasy and also u Trener. MyDFS can be applied in mobile devices which are connected to sport fans spread all over the world by using practical and transparent manner. The blockchain will make it possible for the players with all types who join in this token company to enjoy the fantasy games provided.

This is so simple, easy, and practical since you can use the tokens available in MyDFS to win the games you play and then exchange the rewards you get with currencies both in fiat and crypto forms. MYDFS platform is based on mobile application. This will enable the players to find, select, and play the games easily. In addition, the players will also have chance to manage the token they have and then invest them to other players in order to get more rewards.

MyFDS will be launched soon before world football championship 2018 held in Russia. This will be great chance for you as a sport fantasy lover to get benefit from your hobby. For the token company, the event will allow it to get more audience to help it grow. Being supported with experienced and skillful team, the application developed by MyFDS is almost completed and will give pleasure to every gamer no matter on which level their playing skill is. Read more on the whitepaper

The Company’s Platform

MyDFS comes with revolutionary and wonderful platform to solve problem that gamers often face in current fantasy sport industries. There are some reasons that make the platform is really beneficial, include:

1. Gaming with Transparent System

Every game available in this token company is offered in transparent manner. The gamers will easily access the smart contracts provided.

2. Processing for Payment Made

The payment process conducted by the blockhain is really simple and easy to do. The gamers will get reward if they win the games. The payment will be deposited automatically without the involvement of other parties in the process to guarantee the security process.

3. Player Brokerage

The system applied will enable the gamers to make investment in pro players available in the platform. It will also possible for them to share their winnings easily, freely, and transparently.

4. Quick Verification

The verification process conducted by the blockchain is done quicker. The token company will instantly verify the payments process conducted and then identify the parties involved. The verification process is done via blockchain and the company will control all of things by using the smart contracts available.

The Company’s Token

MyFDS tokens are aimed to help the game players to grow the rewards they have got before. The tokens available can be used by the users for some purposes include join in the game and receive rewards, pay for additional applications and game content, make investment in other players join in the platform, and convert the tokens they get to bot crypto and fiat currencies.

The tokens used are also the dynamic ones. By using dynamic tokens, it will enable the blockchain to do more for the clients’ sake. If the blockchain can grab more players then there will be more demand made for the company’s tokens. This reason makes this token company tries its best to get as much sport fans as possible to join in the company’s platform. Thus, the tokens of MyDFS soon will be registered to 10 leading crypto exchanges so that it can improve its total value and usage.

Token Details

  • Token Name :MyDFS  Tokens
  • Token price :1 MyDFS token = $1.00
  • Token Protocol : ETH / ERC20
  • Token Type : Utility token

Token Sales

  • Hard Cap :$40,000,000
  • Pre Sale Date : March 19 – April 2, 2018
  • ICO Sale : April 9 – May 7, 2018




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  • Facebook :
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IQeon – The First Decentralized PvP Game

What is IQeon

IQeon is a decentralized PvP (Player versus Player) game that enables players to acquire genuine cash (fiat) for their accomplishments. The IQeon team has made the main decentralized PvP game platform where clients can play their most loved recreations and get paid for diversion accomplishments. This stage represents considerable authority in arranging scholarly diversions, PvP contentions, motivational difficulties as members wager on each other and wagering conditions are naturally composed on Blockchain. The triumphant prize will be exchanged straightforwardly to the client’s Crypto wallet on the platform. (read more on their whitepaper)

Project Objectives:

With the continuous development of IQeon ecosystem platform, IQeon team develops developers to develop this platform by assisting by application users, game platforms and also assisted by game developers and game content for IQ Clash game platform development.

Motivations behind the project:

  • Advance improvement of IQeon platform;
  • Making of IQeon ecosystem;
  • Development of the group of onlookers of connected with applications platform and recreations clients;
  • Arrangement of associations with diversion engineers and game content for the platform;
  • Advancement of a line of IQ Clash appropriate games in view of the platform.

Benefit of the platform

For game developers

  • A prepared created foundation for the presentation of installments in view of the digital currency into its own particular items.
  • The utilization of IQeon tokens is predictable with the App Store Review Guidelines and the Google Play Developer Policy.
  • Lessening of charges for developer expenses withdrawal (from 30% Google Play and Apple Store to 10%).
  • Extra game audience for your own particular items.
  • API interface that permits snappy coordination of your items into a current biological community.
  • SDK for fast sending of new applications in view of IQeon platform.

For Game players

  • Genericity. The inward cash IQeon, earned in one diversion, can be utilized as a part of another.
  • Liquidity. Utilizing your own particular platform wallet IQeon tokens can be traded for fiat cash .
  • Convertibility. Utilizing different crypto currency trades, IQeon tokens can be traded for some other crypto currency (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and so forth.).
  • Reliability. On account of the blockchain innovation, all exchanges of IQeon tokens in the biological community are of no arrival; they are more than once recorded in the decentralized exchange enlist, and in this way are shielded from falsification and any kinds of misrepresentation. The utilization of savvy contracts guarantees that the terms and states of each question are recorded and constant and ensures installment of the rewards.
  • Obscurity. IQeon platform enables players to remain anonymous.

For Game Investor

  • Games and applications for self-improvement field demonstrates quick development, and IQeon platform is the primary arrangement around there that enables players to get wage as fluid digital currency.
  • Created organization framework, contribution of outsider engineers in IQeon ecosystem and development of its own product offering will prompt a development in the group of onlookers of clients and increment popular for IQeon token.
  • These actualities ought to guarantee the development of the estimation of IQeon token, which can be acquired at the most reduced cost amid the Crowdsale period.


  • TokenName: IQEON
    Type: ERC20
    Symbol: IQN
    Platform: Etereum
    General release: 10,000,000 IQN
  • Token Sales

    Pre-Sale (PreICO)
    Start time : December 16, 2017  End : December 25, 2017
    Received  : ETH, BTC
    Tokens for sale: 500,000 IQN
    ICO prices :  1 ETH = 700 IQEON
    Minimum number of transactions: 3 ETH


  • General sales (ICO)
    Starts: January 30, 2018    Expires: March 13, 2018
    Currency received: ETH, BTC, LTC
    Maximum collection amount: 20,000 ETH
    Number of tokens sold: 6,500,000 IQN
    Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 325 IQEON
    Min. Number of transactions: 0.1 ETH
    Max. Number of transactions: unlimited.
    sales bonus scheme
    First hour = 30%
    First week = 25%
    Second week = 20%
    Third week = 15%
    Fourth week = 10%
    5th week = 55


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