Ethereum Classic Vision Overview

Ethereum is unstable 

A “bomb of complexity” is embedded in the Ethereum code — a code fragment that reduces the mining efficiency of new blocks until the verification process completely stops — this is called the Ethereum Ice Age. None of the improvement proposals offer a real solution – and the promised transition to the Proof-of-Stake (POS) mechanism is still ahead.

Miner rewards will be reduced, and rents will be introduced for smart contracts. Giant mining pools will receive more and more energy, and individual mining will lose its economic meaning. Ethereum has let its supporters down – and its price will continue to fall. Ethereum Classic Vision is the ultimate answer to the current market challenges.

About Ethereum Classic Vision

Ethereum Classic Vision is a hard fork of Ethereum that use the best of the two worlds – genuine decentralization of Ethereum Classic and front line conventions created for ETH, for example, PoS mining and sharding. Continue reading “Ethereum Classic Vision Overview”

Ethereum Classic Vision Review

As we all know, the Ethereum Classic project team refused to further develop the product due to lack of funding, and so today we have a separate topic on this issue. Today I have prepared for you a reviewer of an interesting project called Ethereum Classic Vision.

About Ethereum Classic Vision

Ethereum Classic Vision is a hard fork of Ethereum that use the best of the two universes – veritable decentralization of Ethereum Classic and bleeding edge conventions conveyed for ETH, for example, PoS mining and sharding. With its tremendous scaling potential, fast, and phenomenal prizes for diggers, Ethereum Classic Vision is a definitive response to the present inconveniences of the market.

Ethereum Classic Vision is another cryptocurrency that expects to interface this gap of needs and reality. A hard fork of Ethereum, it will use most made blueprints proposed for the world’s second-most noteworthy impelled money, in the interim saving the perfect of decentralization. Continue reading “Ethereum Classic Vision Review”

GBCoin – Cryptocurrency for Financial System

Respects Bounty Hunters.

Let me tell you another potential project , that is GBCoin with prize equivalent to 650 BTC. Extremely Fantastic would it say it isn’t?

GBCoin – The cryptocurrency that gives You the financial system


GBcoin is a digital currency that can be sent between individuals by means of the web. GBcoin (GBCN) stays consistent with the first vision of cryptourrency: the money related framework claimed by its clients, coins of the general population.

GBcoin isn’t controlled by huge banks or mining equipment makers and can be mined by anybody gainfully. Basically appropriated without introduce, ICO or airdrop,

GBcoin is produced by group individuals functioning as volunteers and the task is completely supported by gifts. A constrained source that is like gold, you can make sure that GBcoin will guard your cash from individual premiums and guarantee that exchange costs are proportioned and shared between an extensive number of diggers. With GBcoin, you truly can be your own particular bank.

Affirm the private Bank framework, with open workplaces in different nations, appropriate for human advantage. GBcoin is in charge of universal exchanges, the Bank’s financial plan and money related structure gave by our framework, due to its entire usefulness.

GBCoin is a chance to build your assets by utilizing a protected virtual money. This is your opportunity to procure new innovation however not standard.

Influence utilization of the data, to get on it. GBCoin is total mystery, all exchanges are mysterious. GBCoin is protected and secure. Criptocurrency can not be stolen as money, it can not be solidified as an electronic cash or a record. You can get assets with private key as it were.

GBCoin is a decent venture strategy, as new criptocurrencies start to spread the world over. It is difficult to accuse the tax of extra discharges in light of the fact that the framework is decentralized. This implies the duty will develop. Numerous merchants around the globe pick GBCoin. Before long we will have our spot on the planet showcase for exchanging. GBCoin has instability, liquidity and other monetary and financial pointers as fiat subsidizing. At the point when GBCoin is discharged on the world market the cost will go up, in light of the fact that GBCoin is bolstered by a money related structure that is appropriate for everybody’s advantage. Group of GBCoin penny – 0.01c; 0.10c; 0.25c; 0,50c as Bitcoin – Satoshi. The entire GBCoin cryptographic money framework is Python + PHP.


1) Banking Sector, in different nations.

2) trade of digital currency.

3) Business stores.

4) Brokerage Company.

5) Purse for capacity of offices.


The battle begins on Wednesday, so consistently closes on Tuesday at 23:59 pm gathering time, at that point the new week will begin on Wednesday 1% of 20000000 coins of which 200000 GBCN (650 BTC) will be apportioned to Bounty Program. After the finish of ICO one GBCoin will be equal to 45 dollars. For more subtle elements see ANN Thread. The program will keep running until the finish of ICO. Bounties will be paid after the finish of ICO.


  • Facebook Campaign: 20%
  • Twitter Campaign: 20%
  • Content Creation Campaign: 25%
  • Wire Campaign: 10%
  • Interpretations Campaign: 25%;

For further information, please visit :

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CREDITS – A new Generation of Blockchain

The financial industry is probably one of the few industries which is left behind, which rejects the immediate association between the presentation of the inside and the members. Albeit in fact, making a decentralized monetary administration is considerably simpler than making an unmanned vehicle.

Set up a framework that fuses all members and the idea of the required budgetary arranging administrations: client personalization, KYC, credit agencies, clearing focuses, encoding and scrambled cash trade. This is the most recent hindrance to the improvement of distributed monetary items from two fundamental undertakings.

Presently is an answer for these assignments, CREDITS ( – A solitary decentralized innovation stage can join all budgetary administration members with the standards of the record dispersed safely and rapidly play out all exchanges.

Credits is another open source stage for making and overseeing budgetary administrations in light of blockchain/record Credits.

The guideline of executing brilliant contract and joint voting framework makes an interesting open door for all members to communicate with different money related items. The stage opens up gigantic new markets and can possibly utilize blockchain tasks and administrations in other money related and mechanical fields, which were beforehand unusable because of the speed and exchange costs.

The unique system based on blockchain enables us to assemble rapid exchange handling budgetary administrations, up to 100 million times each second, normal exchange preparing speed in 3 seconds. Attributes extremely offer new chances to utilize blockchain innovation in the money related part.

Credits – to make another stage for working monetary items, exceptionally to manufacture chains with savvy contracts/records, can be accomplished:

  • Process exchange up to 1 million times every second
  • Average preparing time per exchange for 3 seconds
  • Very shabby taking care of expense


  • About 100 exchanges for every second
  • Average handling time is 0.5-15 minutes
  • Cost per exchange moves toward becoming $ 0.02-0.5

Well known stages, for example, Ethernet are not appropriate for money related exchanges in light of the fact that the arrangement is moderate at 0.5-15 minutes, and the cost per exchange is around $ 0.02-0.5. The money related industry is unsatisfactory.

CREDITS is intended to accomplish one million exchanges for each second with a normal preparing time of 3 seconds and a normal pinnacle of 10 seconds. The framework is a circulated database with the rule of blockchain/record – the administration and exchanges of appropriated advanced resources, invariant records.

The CREDITS stage gives the execution of one of a kind new blockchain innovation, savvy contracts, information conventions, and has its own particular inner encoded cash. It is a stage with new system innovation capacities, speed, exchange expenses and aggregate exchanges every second. It is an open stage, implying that clients and organizations can utilize piece tie understandings to make online administrations.

CREDITS gives clients to new items by making new calculations to make new highlights to discover accord; another registry design, a calculation for dealing with and keeping up restricted state machine exchanges in light of a joint voting gesture display.

CREDITS stage gives answers for low speed and high exchange costs. This extends the utilization of potential blockchain innovations in the money related and arrange enterprises. Credits central goal is to present blocked innovation and crypto CREDITS innovation all over the place, and make decentralized connections a reality.

Awesome Team

Awesome team require an extraordinary group as well. CREDITS has a group of profoundly gifted and savvy individuals who continually endeavor to make the stage a standard place for group individuals to comprehend the quintessence of innovation.

 Project Team


Token and Sales 

CREDITS  digital tokens will be distributed in constrained numbers. All CREDIT advanced tokens must have a similar usefulness.

The token deal will be on the Ehereum stage in the ERC20 standard. Introductory deal date:

Keeping in mind the end goal to instantly begin the venture plan and advancement, we propose to spend up to 2 ICO rounds.

  • PRA-ICO – in October 2017
  • ICO Round 1 in Nov-Dec 2017
  • ICO Round 2 out of 2Q 2018

The quantity of tokens accessible is set at 1 000 tokens. In the first round of ICO in Nov-Dec cover 80,000 ETH, hard top 120,000

Add up to 100%

2% for abundance

2% for postal blessings

15% for authors and groups

Operation 5%

1% for counsels

75% for Pre-ICO and ICO crusades

Reward for PRA-SALE buy

Reward for PRA deals – 30%

Uncommon difference in Whitelist before PRE-ICO (send ask for or to Constrained token

Reward of procurement sum

0% – up to 50 Ether (15,000 USD)

20% – from 50 Ether (15,000 USD)

25% – from 100 Ether (30,000 USD)

30% – from 250 Ether (75,000 USD)

35% – from 500 Ether (150,000 USD)

40% – from 1000 Ether (300,000 USD)

Clients can buy CREDIT advanced tokens amid the ICO Period by trading ether (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) for CREDIT computerized tokens with 1ETH swapping scale per 4000 CREDIT advanced tokens, and different rewards can be connected as per the guidelines of the CREDIT Token Agreement.

The CREDIT Purchase Agreement amongst CREDIT and the User should start upon receipt by the User of all terms of the CREDIT Token Agreement by tapping the purchase catch or by acquiring various CREDIT advanced tokens and utilizing some portion of the brilliant contract CREDIT and CREDIT Platform, and will proceed until ended as per the terms of the CREDIT Token Sale Agreement.

CREDIT is entitled at its sole caution and without earlier composed notice to end the CREDITS Token and Sale Token Agreement if:

  1. The client gives mistaken information to finish the enlistment procedure;
  2. The client neglects to consent to the necessities of Article 7 of the CREDIT Token Contract;
  3. The client neglects to consent to different terms and states of the CREDITS Token and Sale Token Agreement.


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KWHCoin – Renewable Energy Cryptocurrency

KWHCoin will allow the underserved to claim energy independence

KWHCoin is a blockchain based group, biological community and digital money supported by units of perfect, sustainable power source. Physical deliverable units of KWh vitality are utilized from different sources including savvy meters, sensor readings and green catch information. This quantifiable fare yield is tokenized on the blockchain to make computerized KWh Coin tokens for members.

The main possibility of ​​KWHcoin was conceived subsequent to utilizing a commonplace run of the mill age benefit. It isn’t clear when, from where, or how these administrations gather potential customer information, which they at that point pitch to their clients. By bringing down the cost of sustainable power source exchanges, KWH will enable sustainable power source to prosper and convey new powers to the most remote scopes of the world.


We trust that everybody on the planet ought to have sustainable power source access as basic to manageable improvement. We have a dream of a vitality future where all individuals approach and vitality age is 100% inexhaustible and all individuals contribute and get an incentive for their investment.

To arrive we have five key columns:

  • Decentralize Energy
  • Democratize Grid Value
  • Digitize Data
  • Convey Localized Green Energy
  • Create Virtual Alternative Grid

Created Technology

KWH has and keeps on creating decentralized lead age innovation established upon the possibility of crowdsourcing information accumulation and blockchain innovation

Administration will decrease costs for inquiry and approval of the crowd required for business. Such inquiry will be performed by a specialist upon ask. The operator will be roused by getting ERC20 token KWH for work performed and acknowledged.

These are arrange generalists that partake in different undertakings identified with their particular ventures. System patrons will by and large originate from sustainable power source, decentralization, vitality autonomy, advanced money, monetary flexibility, innovation, shrewd urban communities and round financial foundations.

KWHCoin Logo

KWHCoin Value

KWHCoin includes an incentive by bringing down the cost of sustainable power source reconciliation into the lattice by giving a stage to prosumers and purchasers to associate and arrange their vitality assets. As we change to a vitality appropriation framework that depends on a two route age of energy from circulated vitality assets from different sources the collection and estimation of these assets exhibit a test for the vitality business and utilities as lattice modernization turns into a best need.

KWHCoin influences blockchain innovation and shrewd contract start to total the information of conveyed vitality assets to change over them to local advanced tokens that can be arranged on our product stage and portable applications. KWHCoin is an advanced cash that proselytes sustainable appropriated vitality assets to computerized tokens on an exceptional and secure blockchain.

Cryptocurrency Future

Donors get tokens for adding new information to the framework, which is thus purchased by different clients. All patrons are quickly remunerated with interior credits for adding new information to the framework. These credits can be spent inside the framework

In 2015, U.S. electric utilities burned through $103 billion in capital uses to keep up and redesign the network. Circulated vitality assets can be accumulated to give administrations to the electric framework significantly lessening costs and expanding vitality proficiency.

KWHCoin’s answer is to construct a decentralized system of vitality assets by interfacing them through blockchain innovation. Fare vitality is changed over to KWH tokens and exchanged to clients’ advanced wallets on our shared vitality exchanging application — The Grid.

KWH Distribution Periode

  • 10% of all underlying coin offering and ALL profits produced identified with Kwhcoin will be given to microgrid improvement and off framework innovation interests in Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, The Caribbean and the 1.2 billion comprehensively without access to a dependable vitality source
  • 5% of Kwhcoins will be distributed for a presale to raise capital for pending business openings behind the meter with business, mechanical and private group vitality efficiency ventures
  • 53% of the token offering will be utilized to raise reserves for 4 item offerings identified with propelling Kwhcoin as a decentralized sustainable power source economy.
  • 5% will be assigned to pay for business and regulatory costs utilizing the Kwhcoin as type of installment for administrations rendered.
  • 27% of token age is distributed for Founders, principals, center engineers, and compassionate accomplices for pay and to dispatch the framework for the social effect biological community.

ICO in Late January 2018

The KWHCoin Public ICO is booked to dispatch close to the finish of January 2018. The at present concurred add up to supply of KWH tokens including the rate of issuance has been resolved in view of the items, administrations and the size of the virtual and physical sustainable power source advantages for be made.


The underlying coin offering is set to make an aggregate supply of 195,000,000 KWH tokens to dispatch our propelled vitality economy and system of circulated vitality assets.


The aggregate supply of KWHCoin and its rate of issuance will be chosen by the size of advantages that made, in view of circulated vitality asset age. The outcomes underneath are liable to change in light of conclusive contribution from the Board:

  • 195,000,000 KWHCoins will be made to begin this decentralized distributed vitality economy
  • 19.5 million KWHCoins will be utilized to support the working of microgrids and creating off network advances in Africa, Puerto Rico, South America, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean
  • 50,000,000 KWHCoins for Founders and Partnerships with Social Impact associations to assemble nearby reasonable economies
  • 101,169,000 KWHCoins will be openly discharged the finish of January for open Initial Coin Offering

Official Detail for HWHCoin :

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Elcoin – Blockchain Intelligent Medicine

ELCoin Descriptions

The goal of the projects is to influence commitments to comprehending various inconveniences that to emerge inside the world prescription. We give an exhaustive answer that is fundamentally in light of worldwide clinical data and restrictive patterns inside the subject of diagnostics, treatment, avoidance of a broad assortment of disorders, for example, the most extreme typical ones – cardiovascular ailments.

The dispatch of the gadgets will viably supplement the presentation of a decentralized arrangement of blockchain prescription, expecting to expand the supply of therapeutic offerings, upgrade their superb, unwavering quality, and disperse the most extreme amount of data related with human wellbeing inside the group.

Our main goal, the group will have get right of passage to a subjectively new phase of human services and strength, as officially many several individuals have, who utilize the innovation and gadget created by methods for our organization.

Created Equipment

  • Mechanical assembly “CARDIO”
  • Mechanical assembly “QUANTUM”
  • Mechanical assembly “Proficient”

How does the ELCoin work


Why the ELCoin Are Different ?

  • Exceptionally created application

  • Decentralized information stockpiling

  • Consolidates doctors, specialists, and patients

  • Leading preparing and instructive online courses for doctors, patients, pros

  • Generous change of the quality and dependability of diagnostics through the trading of data between experts

  • Capacity to recommend more precise complete treatment programs for patients

  • Expanding the accessibility of therapeutic and wellbeing administrations for individuals everywhere throughout the world

  • Raising the attention to doctors and specialists about the most up and coming techniques for diagnostics and treatment

The ICO Details


The Token Structure



ELCoin Road Map

1993  : Foundation of Scientific and Production Enterprise ELIS

1994  : Registration in Russia and beginning of production

2011  : Registration in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Israel

2014  : Beginning of development of CARDIO apparatus

2015  : Registration of company in European Union, Latvia

2016  : Beginning of development of Professional и Quantum

First educationela seminars in European Union, Athens.

2017  : Beginning of development of Blockchain Medical Platform

Q4 2017 – Q1 2018 : PRE SALE and ICO

Q2 2018  : End of development and start of production of Quantum apparatus

Q2-Q3 2018  : End of development of Cardio and Professional devices. Start registration in European Union and Russia.

Q3 2018  : Launch of test version of Blockchain Medical Platform

Q4 2018 – Q1 2019  : Cardio, Professional. End of registration in Russia. Start sales


The ELCoin Team



The ELCoin Advisor Team









The ELCoin Official 

White Paper:

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ETH Address  :  0x3A55583F56D1ac35E1eD82A7cB6302B74E6FDA0b