RedCab – Decentralized Transportation Solution

Passenger transportation, one of the largest industries in the world by number of customers and volume of services provided. Today it is difficult to find someone who at least once in his life did not use a taxi or driving. At the same time, the growing demand for such services and the number of companies that provide them. Despite this, the passenger transportation industry is completely centralized, which adversely affects both the passengers and the driver.

RedCab platform will be the first decentralized service, through which passengers can use taxis and private drivers on the most favorable terms.

What is REDCAB?

RedCab – a decentralized platform that has positioned itself as a new solution in the field of transport and schema-based peer-to-peer or person to person, which means that all interaction will take place directly between the users of the system, without intermediaries.

The company is very serious attention to the overall market analysis. More than a year after the founding of the company produces a variety of needs assessment of both passengers and (not least) drivers. After all, in the conventional structure of the taxi basically all proceed from the needs of customers and forget about the drivers. Continue reading “RedCab – Decentralized Transportation Solution”

Ubex – Decentralized Advertising Platform

Now, in our time, when technologies are increasingly embracing our everyday life, all new inventions are being created, and the development of artificial intelligence, which will remove intermediaries, in the form of people, for automating processes and saving money for customers, does not stand still.

The Ubex project is necessary for effective work and interactions between advertisers and site owners who will provide customer’s blocks for their advertisements on their resources, selecting the most relevant information for the visitor.

The Ubex project creates a decentralized advertising platform, which works with the use of all the advantages of modern block technology and AI-technologies. All transactions between the platform participants will use The UBEX tokens.

At this stage, all this happens through third parties, which significantly affects the final cost of providing advertising services, as well as there are all possible methods of deception, ways of wrapping up or transitions on advertising bots. Continue reading “Ubex – Decentralized Advertising Platform”

LetItPlay, the Future of Decentralized Audio Content

There are so many contents in this world but so little time to watch or read all of them. People have to focus their attention to the content if the content is in visual form. Unfortunately, in this busy era, most people don’t have the privilege for that. As a result, there are plenty of good contents that are not appreciated enough. LetItPlay will solve this problem by taking advantage of blockchain and the simplicity of audio content.

What Is Let It Play?

LetItPlay is a blockchain based that aims to convert texts and videos content into audio contents. It also will come with decentralized ecosystem where the audio versions of contents can be distributed and commercialized. Audio content is more flexible compared to text and audio. People can listen to audio content while walking, doing house chores and even driving. This way, more contents will have a chance to be appreciated by more audiences. In the same time, people can maximize their time to gain new knowledge from the contents they listen to.

Vision and Mission

Audio content can be a solution for the scarcity of people’s attention. Unfortunately, only 1% of information in this world are available in audio format. Meanwhile, studies show that almost 95% of texts and around 90% of video can be converted into audio. By using blockchain and the principle of attention economy, LetItPlay aims to convert those text and video contents into audio.


Audio is actually an excellent source of knowledge and information. Unfortunately, it is not utilized well in this digital era. LetItPlay brings a great innovation to the world of audio content. By converting various contents into audio, users can enjoy more contents in limited time. In the same time, LetItPlay also offers a decentralized platform for distribution and commercialization of the content.


The development of LetItPlay’s platform will be divided into six stages. For the first stage, the team will build a mobile app with podcast feed and also web panel for content providers. In the last stage, the platform will be supported by Artificial Intelligence that ensures copyright protection for all the content owners. The sixth stage of the development also will bring a web panel for advertiser which will improve the business aspect of LetItPlay.

Token Details

Token Details:

–       Token Name: Play

–       Token Price: 1ETH = 10,000 Play

–       Token Protocol: ERC-20

–       Payment Accepted: ETH

Token Sales

–       Sales Period: Fall 2018

–       Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Play

–       For Sale: 10,000,000 Play

Register Token Sale Now

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Casper API, Decentralized Data Storage on Blokchain

Casper API is an infrastructure projects to store large data on blokchain technology, which allows you to make the storage of files (photos, video, audio, text files,3D models and etc), configure the optimal delivery channel for content, save backups, working with a data storage company.

Developers managed to create a repository completely decentralized, operating under intelligent contract management. Casper API does not have its own blocking software and can work with any platform that has a smart contract.

Casper API is protected and reliable utility for DAPP based on Ethereum platform. This is the fastest way to ensure DAPP store your data, ie, video, photos, audio, text, database. This was carried out by the joint effort of various vendors, who provide their hard drives and internet-channel for storing and transferring your files. They would rent their facilities in exchange for monthly prizes, such as tokens. Vendors can choose to be a local data center, which will ensure a higher level of access and low response time for all users, both individuals and companies.

Imagine our nearest future, when the information will not only be generated by you, but billions of IT devices, drones, self-driving cars, robots, AR / VR. All of them require a large storage volume for information, which will lead to a significant demand for such services from both classic style and DAPP applications. This is why we have commenced construction of API Casper early, as it will allow us to solve data storage problems quickly and immediately.


Casper API will enable cloud storage of data with a higher level of confidentiality, reliability, and flexible options for access control. This will remove the intermediary between the user and the location where the data segment is stored. Only the user will have access to their information. Provides storage vendors can not afford a good view or edit the data. To ensure a level higher file transfer, we use proven peer-to-peer protocol (hereinafter P2P). The principles introduced by the decentralized application will allow a reduction in the future in connection with DAPP storage costs, and thus cut costs for end users. This will further enhance the development and increase the decentralized application deployment.

Differences of similar companies

In this project, the team focused on solving a very serious problem faced by application developers decentralization (DAPP).

The project implements the API Casper Casper. With this solution, each application decentralized blockchain Casper will be able to use the API to store user data.

This solution, together with how to manage the storage network and the level of protection of information that is sent is the best on the road and are intended to stimulate the development of applications DAPP.

Casper will be the quickest and most reliable way to store information for DAPP. The principle of the data distribution will be based on a variety of vendors offering their free disk space and data transfer channels.

Casper platforms and will appeal not only to developers DApps and organizations, but also ordinary users who want to keep their personal information with a high degree of reliability.

Using BlockChain

Casper is a file system utility for decentralized applications based Ethereum and other platforms that support smart contract. The platform is based on P2P networks, the participants who have the resources to conduct transactions and settlements.

Casper complement blockchain P2P platform with storage network which provides users with HDD file storage services.

Opportunities to use Casper

Casper  is a data storage network that can appeal to the typical users of cloud services. One characteristic of Casper is the lack of a common point of error, such as DNS services.

However, Casper was built according to the principles of blokchain, ie, automatic execution of user requests, regulation of network participants, the lack of a common point of decision making, independence of individuals and organizations. This ensures the sustainable use DApps Casper without degrading their performance.

In addition, Casper platform will attract not only for developers and organizations from DApps, but also for ordinary users who want to keep their personal information with a high degree of reliability.

Advantages of the project:

  • Stored File Encryption
  • High-level file upload / download for technology peer-to-peer
  • file sharing
  • It is possible to store data prices
  • comfort
  • Security
  • Reliability

The owner CST has the following options

  • Become a resource provider (1CST = up to 25.6 GB) to meet the storage needs of the service and receive compensation for it.
  • Hiring a token vendor and get some rewards you for using your token.
  • Sell ​​free token in exchange at market value.

Token Details

Token Name: CST

Platform: Ethereum -ERC20

Payment accepted: ETH,BTC

Token price: Price PreICO: 1 CST = 0.08 USD

ICO Price: 1 CST = 0.16 USD

Soft cap: 6,700,000 USD

Hard cap: 31,800,000 USD

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IQeon – The First Decentralized PvP Game

What is IQeon

IQeon is a decentralized PvP (Player versus Player) game that enables players to acquire genuine cash (fiat) for their accomplishments. The IQeon team has made the main decentralized PvP game platform where clients can play their most loved recreations and get paid for diversion accomplishments. This stage represents considerable authority in arranging scholarly diversions, PvP contentions, motivational difficulties as members wager on each other and wagering conditions are naturally composed on Blockchain. The triumphant prize will be exchanged straightforwardly to the client’s Crypto wallet on the platform. (read more on their whitepaper)

Project Objectives:

With the continuous development of IQeon ecosystem platform, IQeon team develops developers to develop this platform by assisting by application users, game platforms and also assisted by game developers and game content for IQ Clash game platform development.

Motivations behind the project:

  • Advance improvement of IQeon platform;
  • Making of IQeon ecosystem;
  • Development of the group of onlookers of connected with applications platform and recreations clients;
  • Arrangement of associations with diversion engineers and game content for the platform;
  • Advancement of a line of IQ Clash appropriate games in view of the platform.

Benefit of the platform

For game developers

  • A prepared created foundation for the presentation of installments in view of the digital currency into its own particular items.
  • The utilization of IQeon tokens is predictable with the App Store Review Guidelines and the Google Play Developer Policy.
  • Lessening of charges for developer expenses withdrawal (from 30% Google Play and Apple Store to 10%).
  • Extra game audience for your own particular items.
  • API interface that permits snappy coordination of your items into a current biological community.
  • SDK for fast sending of new applications in view of IQeon platform.

For Game players

  • Genericity. The inward cash IQeon, earned in one diversion, can be utilized as a part of another.
  • Liquidity. Utilizing your own particular platform wallet IQeon tokens can be traded for fiat cash .
  • Convertibility. Utilizing different crypto currency trades, IQeon tokens can be traded for some other crypto currency (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and so forth.).
  • Reliability. On account of the blockchain innovation, all exchanges of IQeon tokens in the biological community are of no arrival; they are more than once recorded in the decentralized exchange enlist, and in this way are shielded from falsification and any kinds of misrepresentation. The utilization of savvy contracts guarantees that the terms and states of each question are recorded and constant and ensures installment of the rewards.
  • Obscurity. IQeon platform enables players to remain anonymous.

For Game Investor

  • Games and applications for self-improvement field demonstrates quick development, and IQeon platform is the primary arrangement around there that enables players to get wage as fluid digital currency.
  • Created organization framework, contribution of outsider engineers in IQeon ecosystem and development of its own product offering will prompt a development in the group of onlookers of clients and increment popular for IQeon token.
  • These actualities ought to guarantee the development of the estimation of IQeon token, which can be acquired at the most reduced cost amid the Crowdsale period.


  • TokenName: IQEON
    Type: ERC20
    Symbol: IQN
    Platform: Etereum
    General release: 10,000,000 IQN
  • Token Sales

    Pre-Sale (PreICO)
    Start time : December 16, 2017  End : December 25, 2017
    Received  : ETH, BTC
    Tokens for sale: 500,000 IQN
    ICO prices :  1 ETH = 700 IQEON
    Minimum number of transactions: 3 ETH


  • General sales (ICO)
    Starts: January 30, 2018    Expires: March 13, 2018
    Currency received: ETH, BTC, LTC
    Maximum collection amount: 20,000 ETH
    Number of tokens sold: 6,500,000 IQN
    Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 325 IQEON
    Min. Number of transactions: 0.1 ETH
    Max. Number of transactions: unlimited.
    sales bonus scheme
    First hour = 30%
    First week = 25%
    Second week = 20%
    Third week = 15%
    Fourth week = 10%
    5th week = 55


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Essentia – Decentralized Data Management

What if you were making the most profitable asset on Earth, however giving everything endlessly for nothing. That is precisely the end result for’s you, at the present time, with your information. Presenting Essentia (ESS), the structure for decentralized data administration.

What is Essentia ?

Essentia is a decentralized information administration system that makes another approach to associate with the web, protecting full information proprietorship and control. Essentia will give clients, organizations and their devices full responsibility over their identity, information, belonging, and individual correspondences. Essentia is based on simple however powerful and effortlessly replicable cryptographic activities: sign/ verify/encrypt/ decrypt/.

Essentia is the primary task that deals with making decentralization solidly fungible, and adequately usable, by the clients. Due to its characteristics and execution, the Essentia system can’t be contrasted with any of other existing undertakings. Essentia can coordinate alternate ventures when fundamental and, in the meantime, it gives its administrations in a radical, decentralized manner without, for instance, asking to the client to depend on go-between applications for doing basic errands, for example, logins. These should rather be possible in a genuinely decentralized manner. By marking and confirming a message after a fruitful handshake/challenge between the gatherings. Read more on their whitepaper

Why Essentia ?

  1. Essentia gives a total arrangement of answers for clients, decentralized specialist organizations and their advancements. Essentia is the multi resource swiss-armed force cut arrangement that clients dependably have in their pocket.
  2. Giving a portal to decentralized assets and, through them, conventional web administrations, while likewise having selective, full control, over their personality, advanced life and information.
  3. Essentia fills the arrangement hole of the present scene and makes accessible an entire and adaptable multi-chain system. Its essential objective is to enable clients with a toolset of decentralized arrangements which flawlessly coordinate with on-chain or off-chain frameworks, administrations or assets.
  4. Essentia ensures clients’ protection, needs and security by building up a front line and easy to understand structure. The Essentia system gives full and granular control to clients and empowers them to act namelessly, pseudo-secretly or freely.
  5. Clients can choose whether or not to share their information to some extent or in full and when, how and where that information is shared. Past the ID framework and its associated information and metadata apparatuses or administrations, Essentia likewise gives secure, trustable and decentralized programming condition arrangements that can keep running on all major OSs and equipment.
  6. Essentia is the connective tissue between the client, decentralized assets and conventional frameworks. It empowers anybody, anyplace to exploit in loaded with present and future advances. The Essentia structure is the missing connection that at last empowers a trustable, basic and effective approach to interface with decentralized frameworks and everything that can be associated with them, regardless of whether programming or equipment.

The Essentia Main Framework

  • Highly customizable Modular Decentralized Framework for humans and machines.
  • Decentralized digital IDs for humans and machines.
  • Trust-less, Trustable and Secure. Backed by strong cryptography.
  • Private: only the user has full and total ownership and control.
  • A single personal, custom environment for managing and interacting with multiple IDs, data, assets, decentralized and traditional resources, cross-chain resources and communications, and more.
  • Decentralized, always available, un-stoppable.
  • Cross-Chain, Multi-Chain and Multi-Protocol.
  • Modular, Flexible and Scalable.
  • Privacy-Focused, Anti-Censorship, Persistent, Not-Corruptible.
  • Anonymous and encrypted by default.
  • Agent Agnostic, Head/less and Automatable/Orchestrable, CLI, UIs.
  • Open-Source and Open-Hardware, Essentia has both Software and Hardware implementations.
  • Language Agnostic, Host Agnostic.
  • Fault-Proof and Future-Proof.

Essentia Features

  1. Modular : The Essentia structure extends to fit your developing decentralized life. Include dApps, stages, and wallets at the push of a catch.
  2. Scalable : High throughput enables Essentia to help a huge number of clients all the while.
  3. Full Data Ownership : Your information/data . Your property. Take the power back and recover control of your computerized character and opportunity.
  4. Multi-Chain. Multi-device : Essentia supports different blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more. It can work on any device, IOT or CLI.
  5. All In One Seed : One secure seed. Endless applications. Essentia is the key that opens your decentralized web experience.
  6. KYC and GDPR by default : Adjust to improved check systems securely without taking a chance with your information or protection. Both for organizations and clients.

User Advantages

  • With the Essentia system, the clients’ IDs, information, work area, records, accounts, programming, wallets, logins et cetera, are not overseen by outsiders or brought together administrations. They can basically take after the client and continuously be completely open and utilized from anyplace, in a trustable working information condition.
  • Ensured by cryptography and blockchain-based frameworks, the client can in a split second and safely access on-chain and off-chain outsider administrations and to collaborate with them. In each case, choosing whether or not to share data or information.
  • The client’s information can be encoded and kept up on decentralized capacity, evacuating any concernsregarding the perseverance and substance of the client’s information. Clients’ scrambled information isn’t openly associated with their IDs. Information must be cryptographically gotten to and utilized by its proprietor and by whom the proprietor chooses to give access and incomplete or full control to.

Token Overview

Token Name : ESS

Token type : Ethereum ERC20

Used to pay for additional services and features

Fungible (i.e each token has the same worth and is interchangeable)

ICO prices  : 1 ETH to 8000 ESS

Crowdsale Hard Cap : $32 million USD



For more information, please join their Twitter|Telegram|Facebook and be sure to check out theirWebsite|Ann Thread| Whitepaper


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