Use Your Cryptocurrencies for Daily Transactions Easily by Using Cryptassist

More and more people are interested to use cryptocurrency to support their virtual activities. They also know that cryptocurrency as a valuable asset. Due to these needs, the cryptocurrency holders are trying to find a platform which can facilitate their needs. Cryptassist is a platform which designed to accommodate all the needs of the cryptocurrencies holders.

The platform is supporting all holders whether the new cryptocurrency holders and the advanced holders. The holders are supported by features and tools so they get the solution of their problems related to the cryptocurrencies. It hopes that people get more understanding about the virtual currency and use it comfortably and safely.


About Cryptassist

Cryptassist is a platform which used as a cryptocurrency portal. This platform is designed for people who want to know more about cryptocurrency or for those who want to know the latest update. The platform is also introduced to connect the virtual money system and the users.

As the result, the holders can use cryptocurrency for daily transactions even better than before. The platform is using a sophisticated system to be compatible with over 50 different cryptocurrencies. The holders can use their prepaid debit card. Even, the platform is compatible with the Visa or the MasterCard online and offline around the world. Continue reading “Use Your Cryptocurrencies for Daily Transactions Easily by Using Cryptassist”

MyDFS- The First Blockchain for Powered Daily Fantasy Sports

Do you love to sport fantasy and wish to earn more money from your hobby? MyDFS can be a good choice for you. Find out more about the token company in this article.Visit the official website (

MyDFS’s Overview

MyDFS is a blockchain especially designed for platform of fantasy sports. The blockchain is created by KHL Fantasy and also u Trener. MyDFS can be applied in mobile devices which are connected to sport fans spread all over the world by using practical and transparent manner. The blockchain will make it possible for the players with all types who join in this token company to enjoy the fantasy games provided.

This is so simple, easy, and practical since you can use the tokens available in MyDFS to win the games you play and then exchange the rewards you get with currencies both in fiat and crypto forms. MYDFS platform is based on mobile application. This will enable the players to find, select, and play the games easily. In addition, the players will also have chance to manage the token they have and then invest them to other players in order to get more rewards.

MyFDS will be launched soon before world football championship 2018 held in Russia. This will be great chance for you as a sport fantasy lover to get benefit from your hobby. For the token company, the event will allow it to get more audience to help it grow. Being supported with experienced and skillful team, the application developed by MyFDS is almost completed and will give pleasure to every gamer no matter on which level their playing skill is. Read more on the whitepaper

The Company’s Platform

MyDFS comes with revolutionary and wonderful platform to solve problem that gamers often face in current fantasy sport industries. There are some reasons that make the platform is really beneficial, include:

1. Gaming with Transparent System

Every game available in this token company is offered in transparent manner. The gamers will easily access the smart contracts provided.

2. Processing for Payment Made

The payment process conducted by the blockhain is really simple and easy to do. The gamers will get reward if they win the games. The payment will be deposited automatically without the involvement of other parties in the process to guarantee the security process.

3. Player Brokerage

The system applied will enable the gamers to make investment in pro players available in the platform. It will also possible for them to share their winnings easily, freely, and transparently.

4. Quick Verification

The verification process conducted by the blockchain is done quicker. The token company will instantly verify the payments process conducted and then identify the parties involved. The verification process is done via blockchain and the company will control all of things by using the smart contracts available.

The Company’s Token

MyFDS tokens are aimed to help the game players to grow the rewards they have got before. The tokens available can be used by the users for some purposes include join in the game and receive rewards, pay for additional applications and game content, make investment in other players join in the platform, and convert the tokens they get to bot crypto and fiat currencies.

The tokens used are also the dynamic ones. By using dynamic tokens, it will enable the blockchain to do more for the clients’ sake. If the blockchain can grab more players then there will be more demand made for the company’s tokens. This reason makes this token company tries its best to get as much sport fans as possible to join in the company’s platform. Thus, the tokens of MyDFS soon will be registered to 10 leading crypto exchanges so that it can improve its total value and usage.

Token Details

  • Token Name :MyDFS  Tokens
  • Token price :1 MyDFS token = $1.00
  • Token Protocol : ETH / ERC20
  • Token Type : Utility token

Token Sales

  • Hard Cap :$40,000,000
  • Pre Sale Date : March 19 – April 2, 2018
  • ICO Sale : April 9 – May 7, 2018




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Akaiito – The United Cryptocurrency Platforms to Fulfill Daily Necessities

The term cryptocurrency is not a new idea recently. It is a method that enables people to trade and invest to gain more profits later by using some digital site as the platform. Therefore, it is reasonable then if there are numerous types of Cryptocurrency published in the market including the popular ones like Bitcoin.


It is so unfortunate that the functions of Cryptocurrency in real life tend to be limited. Although there may be e-commerce system starting to obtain the attentions, it still doesn’t holistically accommodate people’s daily needs and necessities. Based on that fact, Akaiito comes to optimize the utilization of Cryptocurrency as it provides a platform to use it in everyday life starting from shopping to pay the lawyer.

About Akaiito

Being built from the fact that the world is changing, Akaiito is a complex platforms that unites many sources of human needs at once. It enables the customers to fulfill their daily necessities by using Cryptocurrency. Read more on their whitepaper


Now, any transaction can just be done in digital way without implementing the cash. Uniquely, Akaiito also accommodates customers to do some transactions that are never imagined before to be done through Cryptocurrency. It is something like renting a car or hiring a nanny.


Akaiito offers you some new advantages of Cryptocurrency utilization in people’s daily life. It is common even in this modern day to be rush just for being in the market to buy vegetables within the many schedules. If such things can just be done by pushing some buttons and all are cleared, why should be too puzzled? Despite helping customers to solve this daily problem, the use of Cryptocurrency undeniably offers some more benefits. The system is considered as safer and more secured than the conventional ones. Besides, any transaction can also be done in faster ways. With the fact that Cryptocurrency trading is booming currently, the customers can also advantage it to make some more money.


The use of Blockchain in the world of Cryptocurrency must not be something strange. This is also what has been implemented by Akaiito for years. Blockchain indeed gives a powerful system that allows the users control the entire transaction data without involving the third party. All the transaction data are gathered in a set of computer networking system. Then, the users monitor them so that the possibility of data being changed and hacked is minimized. More than that, it is also more economical since they don’t need to spend cost for the third part. It is not exaggerated if Blockchain is considered as the safest, most secured and transparent system invented for modern transaction.

Token Sale

For the launching of Akaiito project, 30 million of AIC tokens will be released at the beginning. Meanwhile, there is also another sale in which other 22.5 million tokens will be released afterwards. Some other sales are planned to be conducted in the future. The amount of the token depends on the ETH rate through two main steps namely Pre ICO and ICO. The steps are considered beneficial including for those beginners in the world of Crytocurrency.

Token Details

  • Token Name : AIC
  • AIC token price is 0,001 ETH, 1 000 AIC tokens = 1 ETH
  • Accept payment : ETH, BTC, LTC
  • Soft Cap: 1 000 000 AIC = 1000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 20 000 000 AIC = 20 000 ETH

For further information, feel free to visit and join :


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