Nebula Exchange is The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

It is surprising, but in Whitepaper Nebula Exchange practically it is not mentioned. Nevertheless, this project goes to the ICO, and the developers plan to play a big role in the crypto community.

About Nebula Exchange

How is this possible? It’s simple, Nebula Exchange is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

To achieve these goals, it was decided to combine the trading platform with social networking, news and independent reviews. Introduced rating and rewards that promote honest feedback participants.

This approach will significantly reduce the impact of phishing web news publication paid reviews and HYIP to disperse fraudulent schemes such as pump & dump. Every participant will be able to quickly determine whether you can trust this report, review or trading advice.

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GID Coin: Cryptocurrency that Covered by Gold and Diamonds

Gold and diamonds are two of precious goods that valued at high prices. Through the years, the price of the precious items is getting higher from time to time and proved to be a profitable investment. GID Coin uses the gold and diamond to create an international currency based on blockchain technology.

About the GID Coin

GID Coin is a digital company that utilizes blockchain technology to power and secure international currency that covered by gold and diamond. The company guarantees a clear process that is transparent for those who invest their fund there. GID Coin has been involving in the diamond business for about 8 years and in golden business for 5 years. It is connected with the mining industry in some countries such as Canada, Africa, and Russia.

With the experiences that gained through the years, the company knows best what investors need to secure their investment as well as get profit from the two precious stuffs. With the blockchain technology, the investors will be allowed to invest their money in coin which is not only covered by real assets but also insured and protected. In addition, the value of the coin is absolutely free from any issues and decisions made by the countries. Continue reading “GID Coin: Cryptocurrency that Covered by Gold and Diamonds”

XchangeRate Robot, Platform for Cryptocurrency Market Solutions

As everyone knows, the success of trading on the stock exchange due to the adoption of correct decisions on the basis of certain market movements and vibrations. To quickly and easily collect and interpret correctly the required information, the trader need artificial intelligence technology and automation systems. To solve this problem and developed a project that aims to the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies and automation in the process of trading on the stock exchange. XchangeRate Robot is developing a platform that offers a complete set of useful and powerful tools, based on the basis of artificial intelligence.

Its decision the company wants to offer XCHANGERATE of which will be discussed in this article.

Project Description XCHANGERATE

XchangeRate – It is a platform which, you guessed it, founded on the basis of blockchain. This platform was created to allow to plunge into the world of crypto-economic anyone who has dealings with electronic cryptocurrency.

This platform consists of 3 main components:

  1. Automatic trading system;
  2. Different interconnection between floor traders on crypto-currency market;
  3. Certain society crypto-currency traders.

For tracking and collecting large amounts of information, the bot will use artificial intelligence, moreover, it will be necessary for operational decision-making on trade, which is not unimportant.

More about the project XCHANGERATE.

I offer more to talk about the principles of operation and the algorithms of this bot.

As we said above, that as a specific algorithm will be the robotic program that will simplify the decision-making process before committing a transaction or on the basis of the extensive information gathered by the robot for you.

Basic software modules of the artificial intelligence must transmit the information collected by the robot and thus to guarantee the accuracy of the data or analysis. that have been provided.

To ensure that the information was sufficiently complete and quality, the bot is focused on many sources, concentrating and forming all the data into one.

Advantages of the platform

  1. The first advantage I want to note the simplicity and convenience in configuring various filters.
    This is often not an easy task for the average user. is not familiar with these systems, this user-adaptive Panel- this is what the user really needs. Tk this project it was developed by the traders. which for years faced with many systems, they know how to look inside interface, in order to be accessible to the user.
  2. The second thing I would like to mention, is the abundance of functions and a sufficiently fine-tuning algorithm, which leads to a more adequate analysis and as a consequence of decision-making.
  3. A third advantage will be already ready implementation. This means that the platform has features that allow you to test those algorithms that have been presented as expert opinion. In addition, these solutions are adjusted automatically, taking into account all kinds of market conditions.

ICO conditions and the distribution of tokens

As stated in the draft, the token will carry the name of the XRR and is designed to be platform Ethereum
token Type: ERC20;
As for the main sales, the start is scheduled for March 20, 2018 the end of the planned 9 May 2018;
Minimum investment in the project will amount to 0.1 ETH or 0.01 BTC

Token Details

  • Token Name = XRR
  • Platform = Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Bonus = 5%
  • ICO Token price 1 BTC = 100.000 XRR
  • Total Supply = 250.000.000 XRR
  • Hard cap ICO = 18.000 ETH
  • Token supply at ICO = 160.000.000 XRR
  • Token bonus at ICO = 20.000.000 XRR
  • Total Token at ICO = 190.000.000 XRR



The development plans of the project provides information that has been completed or implemented, what goals are at the moment and are in the process and what is planned to make the team, more information is shown below.

The project team

The project team, as you can see, there are people who complement each other with their abilities and skills. In it there are designers, engineers, programmers and software developers a lot, I think such a project team is able to realize their product and promote it on the market.

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ZeCash – The Next Generation Cryptocurrency to Use in the Real World

However, the current characteristics cryptocurrency enough for use in the real world, and this is a serious problem on the way to the widespread introduction blockchain. In the words of one of cryptoblogger: «Bitcoin and Etherium – it’s like a big black mobile phone from the beginning of the 90s.” Project was created to address the current problems cryptocurrency ZeCash Who will attempt to become the world’s IPhone blockchain.

What is ZeCash

ZeCash – is the latest development, the revolutionary blockchain aimed at application in the real world: for trade, electronic trade, etc. The project aims to improve the current processes on cryptocurrency, get rid of the accumulated over a decade of problems.

As a consensus algorithm was selected PoS.

What problems solves ZeCash

Founders of the project are the following the most serious shortcomings of modern cryptocurrency:

  • The High Commission for the transfer;
  • Low transaction speed;
  • The increasing complexity of mining, which makes this process unprofitable;
  • Consensus Algorithm PoW project team also belong to the downside, due to the need to spend huge amounts of energy to maintain the operation of the network;
  • Achieve complete anonymity to the same Bitcoin has so far failed.

Which offers project solutions

  • As I said earlier, PoS consensus protocol has been selected (Proof of Stake), complete with its own ZeProtocol technology. As a result, “fight” for the next block may only those coins which are held on the purse of more than 30 days, and the maximum probability of finding the block is reached after 90 days, “Hold”;
  • Protocol ZeAnon makes your stay in the system is almost completely anonymous;
  • Almost instant payments through its own network Lightning Network System. The team promises that we forget about the status of «Pending»;
  • Extremely low commissions, through which you can carry out micro transactions.

In more detail the operation and advantages are described in WP ZeCash company.

Token sales

  • The name of the token: ZCH;
  • Price per token: 1 ZCH = 0,1 $;
  • The total number of tokens: 500 000 000;
  • Soft cap: $ 20 million;
  • Hard cap: $ 35 million.
  • To purchase currencies are accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, DASH and BCH.

To participate in the ICO follow the link:


Blockchain-projects it is time to leave the area of ​​speculative assets to real application in the real world. ZeCash project offers solutions to get really used tool for payments between companies, individuals.

The combination of unique technology development, a fixed maximum amount of coin, as well as a simple system of rewards Hold (PoS for ZeProtocol technology), makes this “coin” for a good asset investments.

Of course, a key growth factor will be how quickly the team can convince businesses and ordinary users to use their solution, but with this, I think it should be no problem – not to use blockchain will simply unprofitable.

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The Overview of ZeCash Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency – this digital money created by users specific peer to peer networks of special purpose. Their market is separate from the operating currency of the world. Of all cryptocurrency Bitcoin – the first significant and cryptocurrency, she has the status of “digital gold”. A new, newly created, designated altkoinami. But, even with this abundance of emerging currencies, they, along with Bitcoins, can not meet the growing demands and needs of the users, because the existing financial possibilities do not meet the requirements of time, the number of financial transactions is growing, the number of transactions as well as the speed of their falling, not all of the currency guarantee full anonymity and security of payments and their stability.

And it entered the market cryptocurrency  ZeCash, The development team, who will try to address these shortcomings, and that’s the way.

ZeCash, what is it?

ZeCash– it is perhaps the most “secretive” today cryptocurrency that promises its adherents complete security and anonymity during transactions. It is quite possible, since its open source code created using a special protocol ZeAnon. It protects and conceals all the participants of the transaction: the sender, the recipient and the amount of funds. ZeCash specially created for real life, and not for savings, unlike Bitcoin. The main task ZeCash – to facilitate electronic commerce, daily payments and revitalize the online business in the real economy.

Objectives ZeCash

The team has set itself the following goals and objectives for the realization of the stated features ZeCash:

  • Make this cryptocurrency frequently used tool in the real world;
  • Ensure the safety of PoS algorithm ZeProtocol;
  • To increase the anonymity of all transactions through ZeAnon Protocol;
  • Increase the speed of all transactions significantly.

Proposed solutions

The goals of the team decides during the development and implementation of the following innovations:

  1. Using an enhanced version of blockchain, which has the capacity of up to 440,000 transactions per second, it made it possible to conduct a transaction as quickly as possible;
  2. Application Lightning network guaranteed minimum fees for operations;
  3. Computing power was replaced by a virtual resource, so the benefits of mining by ZeCash was higher than on other coins of mining.
  4. To ensure the anonymity of all personal data have become encrypted and to confirm the action with them needed personal script created by the user.

Benefits ZeCash

  • Fast transaction processing;
  • Its own protocol to process transactions, maintain a high level of safety of all operations;
  • You can get more profit, as for mining is only necessary to set the wallet to purchase coins and keep them quite a long time;
  • The system is decentralized, which gives transparency and reliability in use;
  • Platform completely anonymous, since the process uses a process of mixing the transaction and the user’s signature ring;
  • ZeCash purse has an automatic interaction with all other wallets cryptocurrency.

In more detail the operation and advantages are described in WP ZeCash company.

Token sale

  • The name of the token: ZCH;
  • Price per token: 1 ZCH = 0,1 $;
  • The total number of tokens: 500 000 000;
  • Soft cap:  20,000,000 ;
  • Token Hard CAP: 500,000,000 ;
  • To purchase currencies are accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, DASH and BCH.

To participate in the ICO follow the link:

Token distribution will be as follows:

– 75% of sales;

– 15% of the team and the reserve;

– 10% Institutionals.


As a result, to create their cryptocurrency ZeCash developers the most advanced technology and innovation, and able to solve tasks: to protect their users and give them a high-speed mechanism for conducting transactions with the low cost of the total commission. And it was possible to enter the market cryptocurrency with very low investment, without buying expensive equipment to produce a high return on Mining ZeCash.

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INGOT COIN – Connection of Cryptocurrency and Traditional Financial Markets

Currently, the financial system lacks efficiency and transparency. In general, despite the popularity and blokcheyna cryptocurrency, there are some problems, such as:

  • Lack of communication between the traditional financial and cryptocurrency market.
  • Inefficient structure of the current market.
  • High Commission in the financial markets.
  • Lack of trust in cryptocurrency markets.

These issues are forcing many investors to abandon the profitable investment opportunities. INGOT Ecosystem offers a comprehensive solution to all these problems.

This solution is to create an ecosystem that links cryptocurrency markets with traditional investment and economic markets, thereby creating a “bridge” for the effective co-existence of these two distinct ecosystems, as well as to improve the financial outlook and the benefits to the investor.

IC Ecosystem will be the first to bring together the world cryptocurrency the current tradition.

IC Ecosystem consists of:
IC Wallet, IC Exchange, IC Digital Bank, IC ICO Accelerator, IC Brokerage, and IC Crypto Certifier.

  • IC Wallet– the main multi crypto purse designed to send, receive and store digital assets. It will be integrated into a digital pot that allows safe exchange or buy cryptocurrency for cash. It has several levels of protection and prevent hacking attempts.
  • IC ExchangeIt will be securely integrated with IC Wallet, IC Digital Bank and IC Brokerage through a user-friendly platform. There will be presented the main new coins and ICO to familiarize participants.
  • IC BrokerageLiquidity is a center that provides access to all financial products. This service is represented by the purchase of shares, metals, currencies, and other global assets. Along with the above modules, IC Brokerage provides hundreds of options trading when the market is in an indeterminate state.
  • IC Digital Bank– a service that automates the processing of payments with the help of Web services. It facilitates the work of modules and IC Brokerage IC Exchange, and provides services for the accounts by means of electronic payments.
  • IC Crypto Certifier will produce the training of all interested blockchain technology, IT consulting, cryptography, and financial consulting. Graduates will receive a certificate with different standards of influential world leaders.
  • IC ICO Accelerator– is to help new start-ups and entrepreneurs, such as PR-services, assistance in creating Whitepaper, assistance in financing, documentation, in general, the whole range of services required for the ICO. IC ICO Accelerator will post those coins startups that are under his supervision IC Exchange.


  • Security. verification program will be provided to ensure the safety of its users, for many it is a time consuming process. This is done in order to avoid multi-client for the security and transparency of the system.
  • Versatility. All in one place. Using the platform, traders are able to log on different exchanges. It is very convenient, it allows to discard additional fees and the difference between them.
  • High liquidity. History will be recorded and available for review potential new customers. Availability of information content, will create confidence in the platform, and this influx of new customers.
  • Multi-currency exchange. Commerce between cryptocurrency and other assets of traditional markets such as the NYSE, NASDAQ, EURONEX and others. Opportunity to trade using “fiat money” couples and couples Fiat / Fiat, for example, USD / EUR.
  • Minimizing risks. INGOT provide low fees, provide technical analysis of various financial products, including indices, commodities. Thanks to an experienced team, users will be offered the best at the moment of investment options.
  • Debit card. Binding card to a personal account allows you to make payments or completion of cryptocurrency and fiat money. Its use is possible, both in the platform and in daily life.

Tokens and details of ICO

Platform was developed token INGOT COIN (IC), which caters to the needs of both beginners and experienced traders. Newcomers to this area will be able to start with minimal capital. It is planned to trade on different exchanges and ensures fair and equal treatment, regardless of the volume of trade and the initial capital. One of the most attractive aspects is the fact that when the solid capitalization, INGOT token holders will receive dividends. The use of tokens within the platform as payment will give users discounts from 5 to 50%.

Token Name: ICC
Type: ERC20
Start ICO: July 1
End of ICO: August 11
Hard Cap: 90,000,000 USD
Minimum deposit: 100 USD
Total: 120,000,000 IC
Cost: 1 IC = 1 USD
The accepted currency: USD, ETH, BTC, XRP, and other cryptocurrency.

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White paper:

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