Bistox Develops New Platforms for Fast, Easy, and Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange

The cryptocurrency holders and investors are trying to find the secure place to handle their transactions. Moreover, they also need to do the transactions fast along with the complete detail. Bistox is developed with the goal to meet the needs of the cryptocurrency holders and investors above.

This platform is ready to serve the cryptocurrency holders with fast, secure, and transparent transactions. The technology such as the use of New Economy Movement and Decentralized Artificial Neural Network Integration makes this platform difference than any other cryptocurrency exchange platforms available today. The biggest challenge of the platform is to make sure that it is different and it gives more benefits than the ordinary platforms out there.

About Bistox

Bistox is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which used to support the cryptocurrency holders to use their virtual asset safely. This platform is developed by using a fast order matching machine and high-end features. Since the platform is launched to help all cryptocurrency holders, they will be supported by a professional customer service.

This cryptocurrency exchange platform also cares about the secure transactions. That’s why you will also get the best internet security specialists while using the platform. The system is easy to understand by all types of cryptocurrency holders even if they are a beginner. The use of the latest engine helps the traders to use the platform fast and easy so they can get what they want. Continue reading “Bistox Develops New Platforms for Fast, Easy, and Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange”

Bistox – A Secure Place to Make Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency owners need to exchange their asset to fill their needs. You also have to exchange your cryptocurrency if you want to use a certain platform. Moreover, cryptocurrency exchange is also an activity for cryptocurrency investment. At the same time, the cryptocurrency owners need to find the best platform to deal with a safe cryptocurrency exchange.

Bistox is a cryptocurrency exchange platform along with NEM or New Economy Movement blockchain platform. This platform offers more benefits than other cryptocurrency exchanges such as fast and safe transactions, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange, and many more. This platform is also designed to solve some of the problems in cryptocurrency exchange such as transparency, security, and customer service.

What is Bistox ?

Bistox is a platform designed for cryptocurrency exchange. The main difference between Bistox and any other cryptocurrency exchanges is on the use of NEM or the New Economy Movement. With this combination, the platform provides the cryptocurrency owners with fast transactions along with safety procedures.

Moreover, this platform offers more transparent transactions, great security system, professional customer support, and easy trading. Bistox is earning money from several sources such as trading fee, listing fee, social trading fee, and withdrawal fee. This platform is supported by BSX token and the users can use the token to support their activities while using Bistox. Continue reading “Bistox – A Secure Place to Make Cryptocurrency Exchange”

Financex – The Solution for Cryptocurrency Exchange in the Future

When we want to trade currency, we can do it easily, by trading it on the currency market. But, it’s different on cryptocurrency market. You need to have the cryptocurrency in order to be able to trade. And, to do that, you must buy the cryptocurrency with the standard money or we call it Fiat money. This complicated process cost a lot of money, time and energy. It doesn’t match with the Blockchain technology concept, which makes everything easier and faster. For that problem, Financex team has the solution that you need through their project.

The Financex Project

The Financex project team is those who have 20 years and more experiences in cryptocurrency trading. They know the problem and what it needs so it can be solved. For that reason, they create this project that can simplify the trading process. With this project, you don’t need to buy cryptocurrency to join the cryptocurrency trading. You can do it with Fiat money. Yes, you can use your Dollar, Rupiah, or your own currency to trade. But, now, this project aims for the Southeast Asia area, so the currency mostly comes from the country in this area. Continue reading “Financex – The Solution for Cryptocurrency Exchange in the Future”

The Financex Project Simplify The Cryptocurrency Trading

Tokens or coins that you can find on many platforms made from Blockchain technology is needed in order to use the service from that platform. In order to get the coin, you must buy it with cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and such. This is actually a good system.

However, with the current currency system that still can’t leave the Fiat currency, it can become troublesome. For your information, in order to buy the coin, you will need cryptocurrency. And, to get cryptocurrency, you can only use the Fiat currency. You won’t be able to buy the coin directly with your fiat currency. But, we found Financex project that seems able to solve his problem.

What is Financex Project?

The Financex project is a project that tries to create a platform, where you can trade your fiat currency in the cryptocurrency platform. In the past as well as today, you will need to buy cryptocurrency to make a trading. However, this project tries to break that limit. With this project, now you can buy or sell any currency with your own currency. Continue reading “The Financex Project Simplify The Cryptocurrency Trading”

Nebula Exchange is The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

It is surprising, but in Whitepaper Nebula Exchange practically it is not mentioned. Nevertheless, this project goes to the ICO, and the developers plan to play a big role in the crypto community.

About Nebula Exchange

How is this possible? It’s simple, Nebula Exchange is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

To achieve these goals, it was decided to combine the trading platform with social networking, news and independent reviews. Introduced rating and rewards that promote honest feedback participants.

This approach will significantly reduce the impact of phishing web news publication paid reviews and HYIP to disperse fraudulent schemes such as pump & dump. Every participant will be able to quickly determine whether you can trust this report, review or trading advice.

Continue reading “Nebula Exchange is The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange”

GID Coin: Cryptocurrency that Covered by Gold and Diamonds

Gold and diamonds are two of precious goods that valued at high prices. Through the years, the price of the precious items is getting higher from time to time and proved to be a profitable investment. GID Coin uses the gold and diamond to create an international currency based on blockchain technology.

About the GID Coin

GID Coin is a digital company that utilizes blockchain technology to power and secure international currency that covered by gold and diamond. The company guarantees a clear process that is transparent for those who invest their fund there. GID Coin has been involving in the diamond business for about 8 years and in golden business for 5 years. It is connected with the mining industry in some countries such as Canada, Africa, and Russia.

With the experiences that gained through the years, the company knows best what investors need to secure their investment as well as get profit from the two precious stuffs. With the blockchain technology, the investors will be allowed to invest their money in coin which is not only covered by real assets but also insured and protected. In addition, the value of the coin is absolutely free from any issues and decisions made by the countries. Continue reading “GID Coin: Cryptocurrency that Covered by Gold and Diamonds”