CryptoPolice Creates Scam-Free Internet World

The use of internet has been undeniable as billions of people have been benefiting it in their everyday lives. Unfortunately, this technology also brings negative effects, the risk of being victims of internet fraud and scam. This risk is growing every day unfortunately and has put internet users at risk. Known as cybercrime, this particular act of crime has also been causing great financial loss around the world. The number has even reached almost 600 billion USD. Despite the increasing work and protection from the government and other authorities, online users still face the great threat from internet fraud.

What is Cryptopolice

Knowing and witnessing the fast growing of cybercrime that takes place throughout the world, particular group of people cannot just stand and see this crime taking over the online world. Therefore, they designed and built a unique platform known as Cryptopolice to help fighting the cybercrime. Cryptopolice doesn’t work alone. Instead, it works with the help from the whole online community to fight the cybercrime.

Community supports for Cryptopolice are in several forms. The community member becomes the Cryptopolice officer or becomes the one submitting any reports pointing to suspicious facts that may lead to cybercrime. As for the facts, Cryptopolice determines different forms of scams to be received and reviewed. The forms include Shopping Scam, Medical and Health Scam, Investment Scam, Pyramid Schemes, Jobs and Employment Scam, Betting and Sports Scam, Phishing and Fake Charities.


CryptoPolice Vision and Mission

As unique application platform, Cryptopolice is designed based on particular vision to create synergies from the modern technology and efforts of the community to fight internet scam, protect the security online while helping others at large. This particular vision definitely requires a set of particular missions to make sure the vision becomes real.

Therefore Cryptopolice works with particular main mission which is to bring the technology and community together in the efforts to safeguard world’s online users against cybercrime. To achieve the mission, CryptoPolice has developed particular product that can deliver effective protection against cybercrime.

CryptoPolice Advantages

With particular vision and mission, the CryptoPolice expects to delivers various advantages. The advantages are for each particular user.

  • Advantage for whole society

Living and interacting with each other in comfortable and safe online conditions

  • Advantage for expert users

Enjoying unlimited opportunities to apply their knowledge and skill by becoming the CryptoPolice officer

  • Advantage for ICO owners

Enjoying unlimited opportunities to increase their project’s investment prospects and use the contracts of CryptoPolice escrow

  • Advantage for owners of internet projects

Enjoying unlimited opportunities to affirm their project validity and authenticity

  • Advantage for internet users

Enjoying maximum safety from cybercrime and unlimited opportunities for both training and earning

  • Advantage for investors

Enjoying protection from cybercrime when investing in projects and less risks in crypto projects investment.

CryptoPolice delivers two main products known as The Watchdog System and CryptoPolice Academy. These two products will ensure the delivery of CryptoPolice missions for the public sake.

CryptoPolice Platform

In order to deliver the mission for all online users, CryptoPolice works using particular application platform. This platform is built based on the advanced blockchain technology. The result is user-friendly platform with great functionality. It includes the application form for escrow use, officers’ personal office, application for officer position, forms for information submission, watchdog system, knowledge base, projects database and scam database.

CryptoPolice Token Details

Since it uses blockchain technology, CryptoPolice has particular token known as OfficerCoin which is distributed from the Pre-ICO phase. This token is used for several activities including to unite the community, to identify officers, to pay for the CryptoPolice officers and to pay for rewards.

Token Information

Token name: OfficerCoin
Token Symbol : OFCR
Token Supply : 1,000,000,000 OFCR
Token Platform : ETH
Token Type : ERC20

Sale Tokens : 510,000,000 OFCR
Minimum goal: 12,500,000 OFCR

Token Price per 1 OFCR

Closed pre-sale : 70,000,000 OFCR 1 OFCR = 0.050 USD
Public pre-sale : 80,000,000 OFCR 1 OFCR = 0.055 USD
Sale : 140,000,000 OFCR 1 OFCR = 0.060 USD

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