BuzCoin – Global Online Platform that Integrates Market Functions and Communication Platforms

Today, each person uses a huge number of different mobile applications and Internet sites. Now no one can imagine a day without chats, vaiber and social networks. All people actively use these sites and networks, because each of them brings certain advantages to people. And if you imagine that almost all sites have become one. There is no longer any need to do unnecessary registration for each separately. You can easily get new relationships, meetings, find partners, sellers and buyers. You can also have good access to the market, where there will be excellent opportunities. Such a service will make communication between them very easy and will find beneficial offers for everyone else. 

I’m writing about a very interesting project called BUZCOIN. The project has a very good concept. I know that this project will be a great success.  

What is BUZCOIN?

BuzCoin is a cryptocurrency that will be used as the main payment method in the Buzar Blockchain network.

BUZAR is based on the Russian star Olga Buzova, a modern media personality who has first-hand knowledge of the difficulties of using modern gadgets and, with the help of a team of professionals, is ready to simplify the use of countless applications by collecting them into a single service – BUZAR.

The Buzar platform is a new ecosystem that simultaneously functions as a trading platform and communication application. The BuzCoin Token is closely related to the functionality of the platform in almost all aspects related to it. The dynamism necessary for the platform to have its own life.

In addition, as Buzar grows and the ecosystem joins it, the partnership will have exponential growth and, ultimately, become a commodity among the users of the application. BuzCoin token will be called BUZ. The token was developed using the ERC20 protocol, and the company is currently planning to issue 2.1 billion units to finance the medium development stages of the platform and to provide early access to early investors.    Continue reading “BuzCoin – Global Online Platform that Integrates Market Functions and Communication Platforms”

Uchit, A New Communication and Collaboration Platform

There are times when business have to collaborate with the other companies or even freelance workers to finish a project. In this case, communication is extremely important. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why a collaborative project face failure. Besides the poor skill of the workers, the lack of reliable collaborative platform also becomes one of the most common reason why a business project fails. To help companies run a more successful collaborative project, Uchit comes with a solution.

About Uchit

Uchit is a new communication and collaboration platform that runs on blockchain technology. It provides a simple and affordable ecosystem where companies, freelancers, investors and entrepreneurs can work together without any hassles or issues related to conventional communication platform.


Uchit’s main goal is to make project collaboration easier than ever. In this modern era, sometimes companies have to work together with people from the other side of the world. This platform will unite people from all over the globe and make communicating and collaborating simple and cheap, no matter where the people or the companies are located.


Uchit offers so many great advantages that will improve every business’ experience n project collaboration. Firstly, it is based on blockchain. So, the users will enjoy the transparency, privacy and security this technology offers in their business activity.

Furthermore, to make remote collaboration more convenient, this platform’s file sharing feature supports various different file types. Of course it can be used for the common file types like text, video or audio. But Uchit takes file sharing to the next level by allowing users to collaborate on program designing and even share webinars.


Uchit runs on Ethereum, which is known as one of the most reputable blockchains in the world. By using blockchain, users can conveniently collaborate with their business partner without the needs of middleman service, which will cut the cost of the project. Furthermore, without a single point of failure, Uchit is more reliable than conventional communication platform, which will ensure the project runs smoothly.

Token and ICO Details

The token will start to go on sale between June 1st 2018 and June 30th 2018. 5% bonus is available for every purchase made in this period. By contributing at least 0.001 ETH, everybody can participate in this ICO and obtain their Uchit token. Here is more information regarding the token of Uchit.

Token Information

 Token Name: UCHT

 Token Price: 4500 UCHT

 Token Protocol: ERC-20

Token Sales

Total Supply: 712,350,000 UCHT

 Soft Cap: $5,000,000

 Hard Cap: $50,000,000


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Uchit- The First Communication Platform

It is not a secret for anyone that recently the state has been increasingly interfering in the sphere of communication. One of the most striking examples of the same Telegram, in Russia it was blocked for refusing to provide encryption keys from our correspondence. All over the world there are various problems with government interference in our personal lives, fingers and toes are not enough to count them all.

What is Uchit?

I’ll start right away with the main thing, Uchit is a peer-to-peer communication and communication platform, whose goal is to maximize the possibility of remote communication between people. It is worth noting that on the platform there will be no intermediaries in the process of communication or file transfer, that is, we will exchange information directly through the network.

Details of the ICO.

The platform will have its own UCHT token, storing which you can spend, for example, buying a ready-made template for your own project or for hiring an employee and much more. That is, this token will be the basis of the protocol, which in turn will give the necessary motivation for Uchit platform users.

Name of the token: UCHT.
Standard token: ERC20
Total tokens: 712,350,000 UCHT
Price of the token: 1 UCHT = 0.19 USD
Terms of sales Pre ICO: 01/05/2018 – 31/05/2018
With a bonus when buying tokens at a rate of 20%
Dates of sales ICO: 01/06/2018 – 30/06/2018
With a bonus when buying tokens at a rate of 5% The
lower limit of fees: 5 000 000 USD The
upper limit of fees: 50 000 000 USD

Distribution of tokens.

  • 65% – will be sold out;
  • 10% – will be in reserve for the team;
  • 8% – will remain as a reserve fund;
  • 8% – will be reserved for consultants;
  • 6% – will be reserved for partners;
  • 2% – to carry out marketing activities;
  • 1% – to conduct company bounty.

Distribution of funds.

  • 53% – will be spent on the development of the project;
  • 29% – for marketing;
  • 12% – IT infrastructure;
  • 4% – On legal and financial costs;
  • 2% – other expenses.

As you stay on the platform, all users will be able to accumulate UCHT tokens, providing various services to other users, for example, selling the same templates and assets, responding to requests and much more. And after each response, communication and sale, the user will be rewarded with the UCHT token.

Roadmap of the projectroadmap.png













The conclusion

In conclusion, it can be noted that the project, in my opinion, looks very promising and has a good idea. Already in November 2018, an alpha version of the platform will be released, which you will probably be able to touch and make for yourself some specific conclusions. Let’s hope that the developers will be able to fully realize their idea.

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Bitcointalk Name : waroenkshisha
Bitcointalk Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=952938
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Uchit – Platform for Communication and Collaboration

Uchit – a decentralized platform that is designed for communication and collaboration between users of the platform. The functionality also includes the exchange of files and images, and all this at the expense of P2P technology. I would like to complement the important information that the company CRASS InfoTech is also a leading publisher of games in South Asia, just founded this platform.

What problems can this project solve?

Uchit wants to solve the problems that are in the category of basic, with which communication sector and faces. Here for example government intrusion, but rather the state with its ‘framework’ that is to say the rules. But the point of the project is that users can directly engage in the exchange of information through the different area, and the most delicious is that there are no intermediaries involved in the communication process. The project is also aiming to become the main targets and the world’s leading platform for file sharing.
Uchit uses Ethereum ecosystem as the basic platform for transaction processing.

How it works?

I called a lot of interesting things, but it is not told about the work of the platform. First, let’s say that the communication platform has to blockchain encryption, it in turn decentralize its entirely and allows users to contact. Communication course begins directly after the connection among the participants.
Some of the tools provided by the platform include text, voice, video chat, file sharing, collaboration tools for programming work, tools, command-based, webinars and so on.

Project Strengths Uchit:

1. Decentralized communication
Uchit as mentioned uses ecosystem ether, which eliminates discounts and enables direct data transmission to engage and make transactions.

2. Security
Using Uchit blockchain technology, and she, in turn, guarantees high security platform.

3. Multiplayer platform

4. Convenience
Excellent work on the interface design, which in turn will not have to strain and work on it will be a pleasure.

5. Unified blockchain ecosystem
The platform is designed to integrate all users, such as professionals, companies, employees and assets of the business co-operation in a single ecosystem; This, in turn, will make all the projects or enterprises effective, transparent and reliable in the end.


The total volume of 712.35 million tokens UCHT
Price 1 ETH = 4500 UCHT

Pre Ico date – May 1, 2018 to May 30, 2018
Bonus – 20% (pre-sale only)
The minimum amount of investment – 0,001 ETH

Crowd Sale
Date – June 1, 2018 on June 30, 2018
Bonus – 5% (for Crowd Sale only)
The minimum amount of investment – 0,001 ETH
Soft Cap $ 5 million
Hard Cap $ 50 million


Towards the end I can say that this is a good project for investors. There is enough purposeful team, competent strategy. Can be with a probability of 99% say that it is not scum, people know what they are doing, responsibility a priority in this command.


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Bitcointalk Name : waroenkshisha
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UCHIT: Improving Communication Blockchain Technologies

The concept of communication is of great importance from the first moment of human existence. Currently, communication – a concept that runs every second of our lives with increasing technological capabilities and use of the Internet.

Healthy communication is essential for any kind of transaction, from personal conversations with family to business meetings between institutions. In this article I will discuss the Uchit platform, which will present an entirely different aspect of communication is a plus.

Uchit Platform 

Uchit provide a new exchange of information for users of its centralized and modular operation. In the current environment, we know how to be kept confidential, especially when communicating in social networks, so that all of the data connection with Uchit will be kept in privacy, security and transparency.

With P2P (peer to peer network) or peer Uchit system will try to focus on the healthiest relationship between two users.

Uchit is communication centers and collaborative tools for individuals, professionals and businesses that are not available to existing tools.

Development Uchit – a complete solution for:

  • Personal use, for example, communication with friends and family.
  • Professional use, such as a partnership for programmers, musicians, artists, etc.
  • Professional use, such as communication between the investor, project, freelance, etc.
  • Corporate. use of corporate clients.
  • Web sites that want to have a community function on their websites. (we will provide API) and much more .

Ultimately, we aim to integrate all businessmen, entrepreneurs, employees and business partners integrated ecosystem Blockchain, which will make the project truly effective, transparent and reliable.

Information about Token Uchit

Token Uchit will be released on the Ethereum platform. This compatibility with the token that is compatible with a purse party services, exchange and so on. D., and provides convenient integration. Being implemented tokens of current sales, and you can make a contribution here and get special bonuses every purchase tokens.

Exchange:1 UCHT = 0,19 USD
Soft cover:$ 5,000,000
Hard Cover:$ .50.000.000
Maximum number of delivery of tokens712,350,000

Private sale
April 1, 2018 – April 30, 2018 (50% bonus)
Minimum investment: 10 ETH

1 Mei 2018 -13 Mei 2018 (Bonus 20%)
Minimum investment:0,001 ETH

15 Mei 2018 – 31 Mei 2018 (bonus 5%)
Minimum investment:0,001 ETH



The project has a strong and highly skilled team, which I think is able to take the project to the highest level in a short time, and I hope that they will succeed. The team consists of experts from various fields with years of experience. With the main actors you can get acquainted.

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