Tedchain – Modern Game Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

Modern people use their mobile devices to download a variety of gaming applications – they are willing to spend time on new, promising projects, while ignoring the computers and other gadgets. But in this segment, small companies also can not please customers with quality content – large players simply do not allow them to do it.

Most mobile applications are available for free – but the creators of such content spend large enough funds to create these Tedchain projects. In doing so, you should do everything to monetize your own efforts.

What is Tedchain ?

Tedchain is a decentralized platform that allows users to conveniently store, use and sell interoperable crypto elements on a blockchain. Crypto-elements of the platform are compatible, that is, they can be used and sold in several games. The platform includes a process of development based on blockchain technology.


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Sidera- The First Blockchain Technology Using Hierarchy

Today I would like to introduce to you a new project that is Sidera.

What is Sidera ?

Sidera is a new platform that allows users in Retail Point of Sale (POS) using the smart meter and smartband not exposed. Sidera is the first blockchain technology using hierarchy.

Sidera is a complete solution from start to finish (end to end solution) for retail and SmartWatch contactless point-of-sale (POS) include a reference implementation of the entire stack all the components. It consists of a mobile application and endpoint point-of-sale (POS) and are ready to deploy. All components will be widely offered through open source and open specifications.

Sidera Vision

Sidera will help generate demand for new and old, as well as large and small electronic money. Sidera focus on Asia, more specifically in Indonesia and China.

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OPU – Inovasi Perawatan Kulit dengan Teknologi Blockchain

Meningkatkan dan memelihara kulit yang baik adalah keinginan bagi siapa pun terutama untuk seorang wanita. Dengan cara ini, mereka hanya bisa lebih percaya diri dalam situasi apapun. Tentu, di era digital ini, informasi mengenai hal-hal yang kulit hanya dapat hanya ditemukan dengan browsing internet. Namun, semua informasi yang asli cukup?

Jika ada platform yang memungkinkan pengguna untuk merawat kulit mereka lebih, itu menjadi benar-benar direkomendasikan. Ini adalah alasan utama mengapa OPU Labs datang untuk memberikan inovasi dalam jangka perawatan kulit menggunakan teknologi Blockchain. Hasilnya sangat efektif untuk membantu orang, pada umumnya, menjaga kulit mereka yang adil dan sehat.

Tentang OPU Labs

OPU merupakan solusi digital untuk perawatan kulit dalam hal pengukuran, pengelolaan, dan pemantauan. Secara global, ada masalah umum yang sering diabaikan di alam industri perawatan kulit. Khususnya di bertukar data itu tidak cukup hanya memberikan pelanggan informasi sepihak. Bahkan, kondisi kulit yang khas harus berbeda dari satu ke yang lain.

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CryptoBank – Global Payment System Based on Blockchain Technology

On this great event I will review a decent platform since it has the points of interest advertised. With the nearness of this stage can give comfort to its clients in exchanges and has a great deal of money trade, with a decentralized stage and based with this blockchain can be a productivity and simplicity in executing. This platform is ” CryptoBank ” to find out about this platform let us allude to the accompanying review.

CryptoBank is a decentralized worldwide installment framework stage with blockchain innovation that has effectively united proficient merchants, the stage depends on bitcoin innovation and utilizations the most recent blockchain abilities and numerous highlights exhibited by this cryptoBank platform.

Based on a bitcoin open source code, this security and straightforwardness require not be questioned on any exchange on account of blockchain and cryptographic money innovation, you can give your own particular administrations and products to clients utilizing non-unstable digital currency, and additionally to limit every single impermanent cost and activities without including conventional monetary establishments. Digital money is accessible for every one of your customers. Continue reading “CryptoBank – Global Payment System Based on Blockchain Technology”

UCHIT: Improving Communication Blockchain Technologies

The concept of communication is of great importance from the first moment of human existence. Currently, communication – a concept that runs every second of our lives with increasing technological capabilities and use of the Internet.

Healthy communication is essential for any kind of transaction, from personal conversations with family to business meetings between institutions. In this article I will discuss the Uchit platform, which will present an entirely different aspect of communication is a plus.

Uchit Platform 

Uchit provide a new exchange of information for users of its centralized and modular operation. In the current environment, we know how to be kept confidential, especially when communicating in social networks, so that all of the data connection with Uchit will be kept in privacy, security and transparency.

With P2P (peer to peer network) or peer Uchit system will try to focus on the healthiest relationship between two users.

Uchit is communication centers and collaborative tools for individuals, professionals and businesses that are not available to existing tools.

Development Uchit – a complete solution for:

  • Personal use, for example, communication with friends and family.
  • Professional use, such as a partnership for programmers, musicians, artists, etc.
  • Professional use, such as communication between the investor, project, freelance, etc.
  • Corporate. use of corporate clients.
  • Web sites that want to have a community function on their websites. (we will provide API) and much more .

Ultimately, we aim to integrate all businessmen, entrepreneurs, employees and business partners integrated ecosystem Blockchain, which will make the project truly effective, transparent and reliable.

Information about Token Uchit

Token Uchit will be released on the Ethereum platform. This compatibility with the token that is compatible with a purse party services, exchange and so on. D., and provides convenient integration. Being implemented tokens of current sales, and you can make a contribution here and get special bonuses every purchase tokens.

Exchange:1 UCHT = 0,19 USD
Soft cover:$ 5,000,000
Hard Cover:$ .50.000.000
Maximum number of delivery of tokens712,350,000

Private sale
April 1, 2018 – April 30, 2018 (50% bonus)
Minimum investment: 10 ETH

1 Mei 2018 -13 Mei 2018 (Bonus 20%)
Minimum investment:0,001 ETH

15 Mei 2018 – 31 Mei 2018 (bonus 5%)
Minimum investment:0,001 ETH



The project has a strong and highly skilled team, which I think is able to take the project to the highest level in a short time, and I hope that they will succeed. The team consists of experts from various fields with years of experience. With the main actors you can get acquainted.

For further information feel free to visit :

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TraXion: the global financial system on Blockchain

We can see that our world is changing, we have a different way to transmit and store information, pays the purchase and even chat. We are trying to detail all. Why not apply it in the field of payments. Then came blockchain to their capabilities and financial system began to actively introduce this technology to work. And rightly so, because if there is something better, why suffer with the old schemes, especially since they have little effect, and spend a lot of resources. Now you can pay easily transfer or share resources. The only pity is that it is still a bit difficult for everyday use. But there are many platforms that are eager to fix it and make our lives easier. Each sphere is gradually introducing these technologies, particularly affected the financial industry. TraXion – one of these projects,

  • What is TraXion
  • Objective of the project
  • What problems solves TraXion
  • Benefits
  • How does the platform
  • details ICO
  • conclusion

What is TraXion?

TraXion – permitted a scalable platform blockchain for business users. The team is set to create the ideal infrastructure for everyday use. With blockchain technology will ensure the integrity and security of data storage, reporting, reliability and transparency. The platform is configured to increase the level of trust between users through smart contracts. With TraXion you can quickly and inexpensively conduct a transaction, even for small start-up capital, without worrying about security.


Objective of the project

TraXion aims to improve the banking system and to become a leader in this field, creating a global platform without borders on blokchain. Creators intended, it will not be just financial transactions, but also a platform that participants will contribute to the development and favorable conditions in it. What I mean: all the organizations within the platform will have one my crypto economy, mutually beneficial and boundless.

What problems solves TraXion

Using Blockchain technology platform can solve a number of problems that exist in the current banking system, let’s see what kind of problems:

  • The low speed of transactions, especially if it is about the participants from different countries.
  • The high cost of the transaction. Again, when it comes to cross-border payments, the Commission added to the standard also for the exchange rate commission.

For example, you send money to another party, but can not trace their migration path. You do not know where they are, how long they will be in the way, and how many eventually will have to pay.

To carry out a transaction you need a lot of intermediaries (brokers, banks, and so on), which complicate the whole process, while increasing the cost of operations and reducing the efficiency of the system.


Solving these problems, Traxion offers an improved financial system, which will make all the operations easier and safer for users around the world. Here are the advantages of the platform:

  • No boundaries. Where ever you are, and with users of whatever country you do not cooperate, you do not need to worry and overpay.
  • Low cost. Avoiding intermediaries, the platform will save you money and offers minimal fees.
  • Speed. Increased speed of transactions, you do not need to wait for hours until the payment will take place.
  • Audit. There is an opportunity to audit, review reports and make their work more effective.

How does the platform work?

Now let’s take a closer look at how the platform works. Here are the main components it will contain:

  • TraXionWallet

In fintech insurtech and applications will be integrated within this component. That is, you provide financial services and maximize efficiency by using the latest technologies. You will be able to transfer and exchange of assets without commissions if you use a token system. It will also provide analytical reports and summaries, and a system of rewards for which you can follow in his wallet.

  • TraXionConnect

This component is responsible for carrying out work processes, using smart contracts for more effective management, improve confidence and more holistic data storage. Records of the transactions can not be changed.

  • TraXionChain

TraXionChain – a component that creates solutions for closed networks. It will provide customized business solutions for companies, ensuring interoperability, data integrity, and allowing you to track as move your assets in the chain.

  • Open API

Public API allows merchants, even those who are not members of the platform, to participate in the ecosystem, to receive payments, remittances, donations, and so on, using HyperTraxion purse. By the way, this purse will be able to Peer to Peer lending. Using machine learning can reduce the risks, because credit scores are based on transaction history, how do you pay for them, and other factors behavior.

  • Authorized network

Acceptable TraXion network allows to make a transaction or public hidden and supports smart contracts. Using this network, it is possible to increase the capacity and conduct about 100 transactions per second.

Details ICO

Token Name : TXN
Public sale beginning: June 15, 2018
Completion: July 31, 2018
Total Traxion Token : 500,000,000
Token for sales : 250,000,000
The value of each token 1 TXN = 0.001 ETH (As of April 1, 2018)
Hard Cap : 50,000,000 USD

Funds from the sale of tokens will be distributed as follows: 35% will be used for further development of the platform; 30% – on business development, 20% – to comply with all regulatory requirements; 15% will be operating expenses.

Own tokens, platforms will be released to support the project. The creators emphasize that they do not do so in order to achieve speculative purposes and to raise capital for the development of the platform. As you might guess, the tokens will be used for all transactions, the interaction between the participants, interact with the platform and the payment of commissions, and the platform will reward their users for specific actions. Platform cooperates with Blockscore.com, to conduct KYC and not allowed to participate in the platform fraudsters and hackers.


TraXion seeks to create a better financial platform, which will be more comfortable to use and less expensive. It will provide unlimited transactions, transparency, and other advantages, which will be able to evaluate each: organizations, associations, private individuals, and many others. Ann Cuisia creator of the project has more than 20 years of experience in information technology, co-founder of Tamer Maher has over 20 years of experience in software and Fernando Contreras Jr – another co-founder, who has behind him more than 30 years of experience with the technology, by the way, it was he who founded IPhil Communications, which is one of the first Internet-based services. What’s that, and no doubt the team does not matter.


For Additional Information feel free to visit :

Website  : https://traxion.tech/
Whitepaper :   https://traxion.tech/documents/Traxion%20Whitepaper.pdf
Telegram  :  https://t.me/TraxionICO
Medium - https://medium.com/traxion-tech
Github : https://github.com/Traxioncoin
Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/traxiontech/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Traxiontoken
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/TraxionICO/
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/traxiontoken

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