V-ID – Document Verification Using Blockchain Technology

Today let’s talk about the security and authenticity of the data. As you may know, today there are a lot of falsified documents, such as certificates, diplomas, certificates and so on. That is full of fake documents, and it is almost impossible to check them.

But in the modern world, technologies are being created that make it possible to change this. That is, imagine that your data will not only be in a safe place, and thus this source will protect the authenticity of documents by checking them. And the solution to these shortcomings is offered by an ambitious project called V-ID.

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DataXchain – Decentralized Data Trading Service Based on Blockchain

What is DataXchain ?

DataXchain is “Decentralized Data Merchant Services based Blockchain”. DataXchain provide customized services match between Own Data and User Data “Intelligent Matching Engine (IME) their” unique ”

The way it works is simple, as follows:

When Own Data upload Data (Image and Sound), the Data Enrichment (Labeling & Cataloging) begins, to change the Raw Data into Digital Asset that can be declared. With recommend and search functions, the User Data decided to buy a Digital Asset. After purchasing decisions, Smart Contract is automatically executed and paid Token DataXchain (DXCT) is sent to the Data Owner. The user then downloads the data Data obtained authorization to download data purchased as many times as he wants. Continue reading “DataXchain – Decentralized Data Trading Service Based on Blockchain”

DataXchain – Services Trade Data Based on Blockchain

Crypto currency suffered a serious shock and difficult to select viable projects. But these days my mind interested in the DataXchain project, which is very promising project.

What is DataXchain ?

DataXchain is decentralized services trade data based on Blockchain. DataXchain provide customized matching services between owner Data and User Data via Intelligent Matching Engine (IME), Our unique and transactions facilitated and recorded by Smart Contracts.

When the owner of the data load the data (picture and sound), the data enrichment process (labeling and cataloging) began to turn raw data into digital assets end. With the features of the recommendations and search, data users decide to purchase digital assets. After the purchase decision is made, Smart Contract starts automatically and the data owner received a token DataXchain (DXCT). Data users then got permission to download the data to download data purchased as much as you want.

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Tedchain – Modern Game Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

Modern people use their mobile devices to download a variety of gaming applications – they are willing to spend time on new, promising projects, while ignoring the computers and other gadgets. But in this segment, small companies also can not please customers with quality content – large players simply do not allow them to do it.

Most mobile applications are available for free – but the creators of such content spend large enough funds to create these Tedchain projects. In doing so, you should do everything to monetize your own efforts.

What is Tedchain ?

Tedchain is a decentralized platform that allows users to conveniently store, use and sell interoperable crypto elements on a blockchain. Crypto-elements of the platform are compatible, that is, they can be used and sold in several games. The platform includes a process of development based on blockchain technology.


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Sidera- The First Blockchain Technology Using Hierarchy

Today I would like to introduce to you a new project that is Sidera.

What is Sidera ?

Sidera is a new platform that allows users in Retail Point of Sale (POS) using the smart meter and smartband not exposed. Sidera is the first blockchain technology using hierarchy.

Sidera is a complete solution from start to finish (end to end solution) for retail and SmartWatch contactless point-of-sale (POS) include a reference implementation of the entire stack all the components. It consists of a mobile application and endpoint point-of-sale (POS) and are ready to deploy. All components will be widely offered through open source and open specifications.

Sidera Vision

Sidera will help generate demand for new and old, as well as large and small electronic money. Sidera focus on Asia, more specifically in Indonesia and China.

Half of all people living in Southeast Asia. In China there are over 700 million people internet users. Sidera have local teams with a deep understanding of Indonesia and Middle quoccong market with a track record, connections and products to suit needs market demand is moving toward Sidera. Continue reading “Sidera- The First Blockchain Technology Using Hierarchy”

OPU – Inovasi Perawatan Kulit dengan Teknologi Blockchain

Meningkatkan dan memelihara kulit yang baik adalah keinginan bagi siapa pun terutama untuk seorang wanita. Dengan cara ini, mereka hanya bisa lebih percaya diri dalam situasi apapun. Tentu, di era digital ini, informasi mengenai hal-hal yang kulit hanya dapat hanya ditemukan dengan browsing internet. Namun, semua informasi yang asli cukup?

Jika ada platform yang memungkinkan pengguna untuk merawat kulit mereka lebih, itu menjadi benar-benar direkomendasikan. Ini adalah alasan utama mengapa OPU Labs datang untuk memberikan inovasi dalam jangka perawatan kulit menggunakan teknologi Blockchain. Hasilnya sangat efektif untuk membantu orang, pada umumnya, menjaga kulit mereka yang adil dan sehat.

Tentang OPU Labs

OPU merupakan solusi digital untuk perawatan kulit dalam hal pengukuran, pengelolaan, dan pemantauan. Secara global, ada masalah umum yang sering diabaikan di alam industri perawatan kulit. Khususnya di bertukar data itu tidak cukup hanya memberikan pelanggan informasi sepihak. Bahkan, kondisi kulit yang khas harus berbeda dari satu ke yang lain.

Media yang disediakan oleh OPU dimulai dari sebuah aplikasi yang dapat diakses oleh semua pihak yang terlibat dalam industri perawatan kulit dan kecantikan. Ini memudahkan komunikasi antara mereka sehingga dapat lebih bermanfaat bagi semua apakah mereka adalah produsen produk, distributor, dermatologists, spesialis merek, pusat-pusat perawatan kulit, dan pasti pelanggan. Continue reading “OPU – Inovasi Perawatan Kulit dengan Teknologi Blockchain”