Nebula Exchange is The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

It is surprising, but in Whitepaper Nebula Exchange practically it is not mentioned. Nevertheless, this project goes to the ICO, and the developers plan to play a big role in the crypto community.

About Nebula Exchange

How is this possible? It’s simple, Nebula Exchange is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

To achieve these goals, it was decided to combine the trading platform with social networking, news and independent reviews. Introduced rating and rewards that promote honest feedback participants.

This approach will significantly reduce the impact of phishing web news publication paid reviews and HYIP to disperse fraudulent schemes such as pump & dump. Every participant will be able to quickly determine whether you can trust this report, review or trading advice.

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The Best and Most Powerful Features of Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a custody-free multi asset wallet that is powered by Automatic Swap technology and decentralized orderbook. This versatile wallet is the solution for the threat of centralization and security issue surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrency applications nowadays.

Atomic Wallet is different with most crypto wallets out there. It is more than just a tool to store tokens, but it also can serve as a reliable and transparent solution for the people’s cryptocurrency needs. Here are some of the best function of Atomic Wallet that can be a solution for the current issues in digital currency world.

Trusted Exchange System

Atomic Wallet can be used to exchange coins. It utilizes Atomic Swap technology to cut the needs of third party involvement. It is also supported by two prominent names in the crypto exchange world—Changelly for unlimited instant exchange service and fixed rate exchange powered by ShapeShift. Continue reading “The Best and Most Powerful Features of Atomic Wallet”

Fluzcoin, The Best Solution for Cryptocurrency Transaction in the Future

The future of transaction actually can be seen since few years ago, when cryptocurrency was born and came up as the solution for the current financial system. However, the problem is always the same with the old system. It is hard to get the cryptocurrency or coin that we need. We have to invest on the tool to mine the coin, which can take lot of time. More than that, the transaction with cryptocurrency isn’t also that effective and efficient. That make there are many potencies has been thrown away because of this system. Fluzcoin is trying to change that condition by providing much better system in acquiring coin.

The Fluzcoin

Fluzcoin is a retail store where you can buy or acquire coin from different cryptocurrency. This service use Blockchain technology as its based, which means the most operational process is machine-based controlled. Fluzcoin, with this unique system, offer the fastest, cheapest and reliable system that anyone can find to get and trade their cryptocurrency coin. This service also provide environment where merchant and their client can be connected. From that, the transaction can occur, but with much faster and more effective method. The coin holder in Fluzcoin program also has chance to get reward from holding the coin.

Vision and Mission

The vision of Fluzcoin is providing the best solution that will change how the cryptocurrency will be treated in the future. In the end, the new system will be able to facilitate all user and customer who need cryptocurrency and use it like what they want, without problem.

The main mission of Fluzcoin is to realize this project and merge it with the current transaction and retail system. When the program can be well-tuned with the current global transaction system, customer will have more benefits than they ever imagined. The quote of customer is the king, will be able to be materialized, finally.

The Advantages of Fluzcoin

The price of coin in Fluzcoin is much cheaper than other place. Its price is also lower than the FIAT values, which make it become the best investment you can try. More than that, you also need less effort to acquire or mining the coin. Once you become the member of Fluzcoin program, you can get coin just by holding coin in your account. The main reason why you can get have this kind of easy day is the reward system of Fluzcoin. With this reward system, the coin that user has will be like an investment asset or stock, which can produce dividend.

From the merchant point of view, the benefits that the Fluzcoin give to them can be found on the transaction effectiveness. The merchant will be able to improve their transaction quality, because it will be cost free transaction, plus it has lower risk than the current transaction system. More than that, the coin that the merchant got will be converted into FIAT currencies as soon as they receive it. This is also the other way that Fluzcoin team tries to do, in order to merge this system with the current system.

The Platform and Tokens

Using Blockchain technology and Ethereum as its platform, Fluzcoin can work really well with any condition. More than that, this program also has EUNOMIA, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that can be said to be one of most powerful AI in cryptocurrency field. This AI will be able to maintain the operation process and erasing the volatility problem on crypto-economy.

The token of Fluzcoin was released in ICO event on April this year. The token is created by using ERC20 Standard as its base. With this token, user will be able to use many features and transaction in Fluzcoin environment.

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