DataXchain – Decentralized Data Trading Service Based on Blockchain

What is DataXchain ?

DataXchain is “Decentralized Data Merchant Services based Blockchain”. DataXchain provide customized services match between Own Data and User Data “Intelligent Matching Engine (IME) their” unique ”

The way it works is simple, as follows:

When Own Data upload Data (Image and Sound), the Data Enrichment (Labeling & Cataloging) begins, to change the Raw Data into Digital Asset that can be declared. With recommend and search functions, the User Data decided to buy a Digital Asset. After purchasing decisions, Smart Contract is automatically executed and paid Token DataXchain (DXCT) is sent to the Data Owner. The user then downloads the data Data obtained authorization to download data purchased as many times as he wants. Continue reading “DataXchain – Decentralized Data Trading Service Based on Blockchain”

DataXchain – Services Trade Data Based on Blockchain

Crypto currency suffered a serious shock and difficult to select viable projects. But these days my mind interested in the DataXchain project, which is very promising project.

What is DataXchain ?

DataXchain is decentralized services trade data based on Blockchain. DataXchain provide customized matching services between owner Data and User Data via Intelligent Matching Engine (IME), Our unique and transactions facilitated and recorded by Smart Contracts.

When the owner of the data load the data (picture and sound), the data enrichment process (labeling and cataloging) began to turn raw data into digital assets end. With the features of the recommendations and search, data users decide to purchase digital assets. After the purchase decision is made, Smart Contract starts automatically and the data owner received a token DataXchain (DXCT). Data users then got permission to download the data to download data purchased as much as you want.

DataXchain believe that the purpose of Intelligent Information Society is to provide the highest efficiency for all mankind, based on new values created on a foundation of ICT, to provide intelligent technology and innovation to the general public. Data flowing through the network communication of information worldwide is a fundamental resource for our society. Continue reading “DataXchain – Services Trade Data Based on Blockchain”

Tedchain – Modern Game Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

Modern people use their mobile devices to download a variety of gaming applications – they are willing to spend time on new, promising projects, while ignoring the computers and other gadgets. But in this segment, small companies also can not please customers with quality content – large players simply do not allow them to do it.

Most mobile applications are available for free – but the creators of such content spend large enough funds to create these Tedchain projects. In doing so, you should do everything to monetize your own efforts.

What is Tedchain ?

Tedchain is a decentralized platform that allows users to conveniently store, use and sell interoperable crypto elements on a blockchain. Crypto-elements of the platform are compatible, that is, they can be used and sold in several games. The platform includes a process of development based on blockchain technology.


Continue reading “Tedchain – Modern Game Platform Based on Blockchain Technology”

CryptoBank – Global Payment System Based on Blockchain Technology

On this great event I will review a decent platform since it has the points of interest advertised. With the nearness of this stage can give comfort to its clients in exchanges and has a great deal of money trade, with a decentralized stage and based with this blockchain can be a productivity and simplicity in executing. This platform is ” CryptoBank ” to find out about this platform let us allude to the accompanying review.

CryptoBank is a decentralized worldwide installment framework stage with blockchain innovation that has effectively united proficient merchants, the stage depends on bitcoin innovation and utilizations the most recent blockchain abilities and numerous highlights exhibited by this cryptoBank platform.

Based on a bitcoin open source code, this security and straightforwardness require not be questioned on any exchange on account of blockchain and cryptographic money innovation, you can give your own particular administrations and products to clients utilizing non-unstable digital currency, and additionally to limit every single impermanent cost and activities without including conventional monetary establishments. Digital money is accessible for every one of your customers. Continue reading “CryptoBank – Global Payment System Based on Blockchain Technology”

Cybit, Blockchain Based Crowdfunding Platforms for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Crowdfunding has become a very common method for start-ups and entrepreneurs to raise fund for their project or business. Taking advantage of the rise of cryptocurrency, CyBit is developed as an alternative for traditional crowdfunding platform. It offers more security, privacy and also transparency that will benefit both entrepreneurs and investors.

What is Cybit

Cybit is a blockchain based open source ecosystem for crowdfunding. This is a safe and secure platform where entrepreneurs, project starters and start-ups can present their idea to global investors. By uploading their projects to CyBit, entrepreneurs will have a bigger chance to have their projects funded.

Even though this platform is dedicated to empowering talented projects starters and entrepreneurs, CyBit also presents many benefits for investors. Blockchain and smart contract makes crypto based crowdfunding platform safer and more reliable compared to traditional crowdfunding platform. Smart contract also will help ensuring the security and legitimacy of each transaction, which will make this platform more attractive for investors.


Vision and Mission

CyBit’s main goal is to help entrepreneurs and start-ups realize their ideas and innovations as well as taking their business to the next level. CyBit aspires to revolutionize fund raising process and makes it easier and safer for both project owners and investors. By providing a safe environment where investors and entrepreneurs can meet, it is hoped that this world will be full of brand new inventions that can bring benefit to the society.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain, despite their popularity, is still a foreign concept for many people. CyBit’s team takes the complicacy of blockchain and cryptocurrency when designing this platform. As a result, CyBit will be just as easy to use as traditional crowdfunding platform, but with all the great benefits of blockchain technology.


CyBit platform is very easy to use. Start-ups simply need to submit their ideas to platform and their proposal will be accessible by many investors in this platform. After evaluating the proposal, investors can fund the projects they like with CyBit token. To protect the investors, in addition to CBT token, they also will get one other type of token which is issued to insure the investors in case the projects are failed to be realized.


CyBit is built on ERC-223 protocol. Its flexible infrastructure and stable system provides extra protection and security for the platform. Furthermore, it also has a smart contract which will help with transaction validation as well as keep every transaction secure. This platform can be used for three different fundraising campaigns. Besides crowdfunding, project owners also can raise fund by starting an Initial Coin Offering and Crowd Investing. This way, people can easily choose the best fundraising method for their project.

Token and ICO Details

  • Token Name: CyBit (CBT)
  • Pre-ICO Period: May 10, 2018 – July 31, 2018.
  • ICO Period: June 8, 2018 – August 1, 2018.
  • Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 CBT
  • Token for Sale: 7,000,000,000 CBT
  • Token Price: $0.07 (pre-ICO), $0.10 (ICO)
  • Payment Accepted: BTC, ETH.
  • Min. Purchase: $100
  • Max. Purchase: No limit.
  • Soft Cap: $2,500,000
  • Hard Cap: $50,000,000 CBT


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LigerCoin for Blockchain-Based Secure and Real Time Betting Experience

Billions of people around the world have been enjoying the fun of playing betting and wagering regardless of their age. Today, it gets even more fun because of the unlimited opportunities to involve in various betting activities including sports betting, fantasy sport and online casinos without being geographically restricted thanks to online gaming and betting. But there is still one particular problem when it comes to online betting. It is the issue of security and time delay when playing and receiving the reward. Thanks to Liger with support from Blockchain technology, the issue will no longer exist. With the unique betting platform it has built, all betters will enjoy the comfort of playing betting games from their couch.

What is LigerCoin

LigerCoin is a unique online betting ecosystem which particularly uses the Ethereum Blockchain technology in developing its ecosystem. The main reason why this particular technology is chosen is because it is managed by the unique peer-to-peer networking that it is able to provide validation protocol of each fresh transaction. As a result, it assures secure instant transaction all the time.

Furthermore, all Liger users are invited to play the betting games right from their handheld devices without having to worry about the geographical restriction. In fact, Liger also allows the betters to play in offline casino live for the greater gaming experience. Imagine how fun it is to be able to participate in most popular games in most famous offline casinos in Vegas while you are actually half way around the world.


Vision and Mission

Liger is built based on one particular vision, to provide safe and transparent betting without any involvement of intermediary parties. This way, the Liger will be able to build large community with service providers and betters as the main members using the cryptocurrency that Liger particularly builds for all content transfers of peer to peer. What the Ethereum blockchain technology has to offer is trust.

In order to make sure the vision goes real, Liger is committed to its own missions. Among the main missions is to develop its unique ecosystem using the Blockchain technology. This way, Liger will be able to build choice’s utility for both online and offline casinos, sports betting and online fantasy sports. Moreover, it also has mission to be the preferred payment mode with assurance in speed and security.

LigerCoin Advantages

When it comes to advantages, the LigerCoin offers a variety of advantages especially for the users. First of all, the users are provided with unique stacking mechanism which allows game’s fairness in all games within the ecosystem including the offline casino games. It is up to the users whether to play for or against bookies or casinos thanks to this unique mechanism.

Every game will be delivered with speed and better experience. It means the betters will be able to receive the reward without any delay once they have won the games. This automated reward is one of the best parts. Since betters can play at offline and online games miles away from their house while sitting on their comfortable couch, they definitely enjoy unlimited gaming experience.

There are also advantages in terms of club facilities. The Gold and Platinum member of Liger will enjoy access to top line and exclusive facilities in top casino clubs.


Since Liger uses the Blockchain technology, its platform is built based on this technology to assure secure and real time gaming experience.

Token Details

As many as 75% of total tokens will be distributed in the ICO phase. Each token is valued of only 0.025 USD. The amount of soft cap is 4 million USD and the hard cap is 41 million USD.

Token Information

Token Name : LIC
PreICO Price 1 LIC = 0.025 EUR
Platform : Ethereum (ERC 20)
Accepting Payment : ETH, BTC
Minimum investment : 0.20 ETH
Soft cap : 4,000,000 EUR
Hard cap : 41,000,000 EUR

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