The Best and Most Powerful Features of Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a custody-free multi asset wallet that is powered by Automatic Swap technology and decentralized orderbook. This versatile wallet is the solution for the threat of centralization and security issue surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrency applications nowadays.

Atomic Wallet is different with most crypto wallets out there. It is more than just a tool to store tokens, but it also can serve as a reliable and transparent solution for the people’s cryptocurrency needs. Here are some of the best function of Atomic Wallet that can be a solution for the current issues in digital currency world.

Trusted Exchange System

Atomic Wallet can be used to exchange coins. It utilizes Atomic Swap technology to cut the needs of third party involvement. It is also supported by two prominent names in the crypto exchange world—Changelly for unlimited instant exchange service and fixed rate exchange powered by ShapeShift. Continue reading “The Best and Most Powerful Features of Atomic Wallet”

The Way to Withdraw Tokens in Atomic Wallet with Atomic Swap Technology

About Atomic Swap Technology

The main reason why people love to use blockchain platforms is because they can buy anything they want faster and easier. The process is also secure to do and they get just like what they are expected. The faster and secure process can’t be separated with the role of atomic swap technology. Atomic wallet provides Atomic swap technology platform’s users to use tokens or coins to transfer or transact without the help from any third party including bank.

The token holders can transfer the coins directly to the sellers. At the same time, the sellers will give the request from the token holders or buyers. This is including if the token holders want to sell it to the exchange market or transfer it to friends. Then, the transaction will be recorded completely by a personal Atomic wallet along with the help from atomic swap.

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