Svandis for Intelligent Digital Asset Trading Decision

In the world of digital asset, the demand and need for digital asset trading has definitely been increasing very significant. The fact that digital asset holds so much value is the reason behind this phenomenon that has already been predicted to be more significant in the following years. With so many different digital tokens available in the present, many traders have found it more difficult to choose the right token either to identify or trade. This so called problematic issue definitely needs the right and practical solution so that the traders and investors can make the greatest benefits from investment make in digital asset trading.

What Is Svandis

Responding to the growing need from the digital asset trading investors for solutions to help them in participating in the investment, several founders established Svandis with its core vision and mission. Svandis represents itself as developing platform for the cryptocurrency markets. It aims in providing the leading visualization, analytical and financial research tools. The main users or customers of all those essential tools include hedge funds, analysts, long term and short term traders, proprietary trading firms, venture capital funds, institutional investors, exchanges, token sales contributors and many other participants.

Vision and Mission

As one of the highly qualified platform in digital asset trading, Svandis has one particular and extraordinary vision. It sees itself to revolutionize the way customers or traders receive the information necessary for the digital asset trading. More information doesn’t always mean more benefits because not all of the information is proven to be useful.

To achieve this particular vision, Svandis takes the most effective solutions and adapts them to answer the crypto market demands. The solutions are taken from traditional markets but they will be adapted according to the need. As a result, it brings the right tools for the investors to make insightful investment and trading decisions.


As we speak about the advantages, Svandis has several particular features that the customers can use for their benefits. The features include Token Sale and ICO Screener, T Catalysts Analysis, Svandis Indices, Indices Builder, Charts, oken and Cryptpcurrency Screener, Watchlist and Alerts, Customized User Interface, Portfolio and Marketplace.

Svandis offers digital asset screener to help customers to select the top moving tokens. It works by filtering the digital tokens and currencies by multiple indicators and sorting the date based on a huge variety of criteria. Token sales screener on the other hand is used in selecting and analyzing upcoming and finished ICOS. With additional information from real time newsfeed, it will be a lot easier to find updated information. Meanwhile, Svandis also offers varied visualization tools providing valuable information so the investors and traders can find digital asset as quick as they can.


With those great advantages offered by Svandis, there is this particular and great platform working from behind. It is named the research and visualization platform which is created to offer more selections of blockchain assets and cryptoccurencies, more efficient analysis and to allow more access to the market information. At the same time, the platform also offers real time access to information and news that has been processed by professional analysts. This particular information is very essential and a huge advantage for those participating in crypto markets.

The platform includes several elements including Indices Builder, Svandis Indices, Marketplace, Data Analysis, Certified Reviewer, Svandis DataMining App, Customized User Interface, Portfolio, Alerts and Watchlist, Heatmaps and Groups, Catalysts Analysts, Charts, Newsfeed, Token and Cryptocurrency Screener, Token Sale Screener and ICO Screener.

Token Details.

Total number of token to be distributed to the public is 240.000.000 that represents 60% of total token supply with value of 0.05$ for each token. The hard cap is as much as $12.000.000.

Token Sale Information :

  • HARD CAP …………………………………………………$12,000,000
  • TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY ………………………………….400,000,000
  • TOKEN PRICE …………………………………………….$0.05


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