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Singapore is quickly turning into the favored crypto focus. Fintech-accommodating status, government awards and accommodative foundation of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) have made it a most loved for fintech organizations coming to Singapore. MAS additionally adopts an accommodative strategy where consistence and security directions apply while thinking about particular tenets for future execution. The crypto group in Singapore is likewise very dynamic and this prompts a developing business sector for specialist organizations related with blockchain innovation. Be that as it may, the market is juvenile and numerous specialist organizations likewise focus on abroad markets (like e-installment installments). There is a chance to standardize, command and make an interesting offering recommendation (USP) all together for this venture to succeed in light of the present condition.

Singapore been an imaginative district with high technologies use plans to accomplish an e-installments and a ‘cashless’ society. The nation is as of now trying different things with QR code for Singapore (SGQR) and furthermore pushing for more imaginative thoughts. The Sgpay Platform expects to utilize that chance to bring a third Generation Wallet that will be utilized for both E-installment and E-wallet Services in the local.

Sgpay platform is a third era e-wallet and e-installment portable application that enable clients to purchase and offer cryptographic forms of money, or make buys utilizing cryptoccurrency or fiat monetary standards. The point is to make Sgpay the main e-wallet and e-installment versatile application for everybody living in Singapore and past.

It expects to help different installments through trader and different organizations. Clients will have the capacity to pay for basic needs pay flight ticket and all the more utilizing Sgpay with either cryptographic money or fiat as a method of installment. It Combines Cryptocurrency with Fiat in this manner achieving a consistent technique for exchange and furthermore decrease the weight of utilizing distinctive record for different administrations. The point is to Provide an installment technique that serves the need of every single other movement utilizing a solitary platform . Read the whitepaper

SGPay is incorporating  installment administrations and APIs to different shippers to give progressively and assorted administrations and furthermore expanding the utilization of such platform among the clients. SGPay will be promoted as an ‘ordinary’ installments platform so clients of the platform who are not acquainted with cryptographic forms of money will be urged to dunk their toes in it. This methodology will empower it to catch a substantial bit of the market that would not regularly buy cryptographic forms of money.

The thing that pushed SGPay into ‘third era’ e-wallet and e-installment is caused by 3 factors:

  • The administration’s push towards electronic installments and the ‘non-money’ group will give people in general framework and genuinely necessary help to the SGPay stage
  • The nonattendance of a present installment stage that matches or methodologies the achievement of AliPay in China and PayTM in India
  • MAS’s administrative way to deal with digital forms of money in Singapore that will aid general acknowledgment and appropriation of execution on the SGPay stage

SGPay expects to place SGPay in the hands of everybody and it can play well from the purchaser to the vendor’s corner. Since all traders are purchasers incidentally yet not all shoppers are dealers, we trust it’s critical to drive client reconciliation past just vendor incorporation.

The Solution offered by SGPay and its tokens are:

  1. SGPay is an e-wallet that enables clients to purchase and offer digital currencies. It has an inbuilt motivating force framework that gives bring down exchange expenses to clients who hold more SGPay tokens. SGPay will enable its clients to make exchanges utilizing its token, and to pay for esteem included administrations the stage.
  2. The expansion of SGPay to the installment biological system likewise gives clients more noteworthy decision and assorted variety for installments in Singapore and Asia. There is a lower probability of one e-wallet that increases restraining infrastructure control and forces negative prerequisites for the client.
  3. SGPay will advocate the utilization of digital currency for territorial installments. This makes a more well-known condition for clients who as of now feel great with e-installment applications. Presently crypto is advanced and bolstered on well known installment applications, its utilization will increment without anyone else’s input.


SGPay Token is an ERC20 compatible token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is advanced and utilized on SGPay, related business stages and accomplice shipper outlets. Token holders appreciate different motivators, for example, bring down exchange costs when purchasing or offering crypto on the SGPay stage.

Why blockchain Ethereum? SGPay manufactured SGP in Ethereal blockchain on the grounds that it brought advantages, for example, decentralization, security, straightforwardness and lower exchange costs. It is likewise the favored blockchain system of numerous expansive organizations like Microsoft and UBS that are a piece of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

SGpay Token Main Goal

SGPay will probably make SGPay a main e-wallet and e-installment versatile application for everybody living in Singapore and the locale. Clients will have the capacity to pay for their buys, purchase motion picture tickets, book flights and more with SGPay. They will likewise have the capacity to pick their favored method of installment, either in fiat cash or digital currency at chose traders.

Token Details

Token Name: SGPay Token [SGP]

Number of Supply: Up to 13.8 million

Total Supply: Up to 10 million

Pre-Contribution Period: 1 February – 14 February 2018

Supply Pre-Contribution: 2 million tokens @ US $ 0.40 each

Main-Contribution Period: 1 March – 31 March 2018

Main Contribution Offer: 8 million tokens @ US $ 0.50 each

Soft Cap: US $ 0.8 million

Implied Market Cap: Up to US $ 4.8 million

Minimum Contribution: 1 ETH

Maximum Contribution: 100 ETH

Currency received: Ether (ETH)

KYC / Whitelisting: Yes



One of the key parts when deciding to invest into a project, is what they have planned in their Roadmap … and SGPay have a blockbuster scheduled. Below is the time schedule.

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The SGPay Team Overview

The SGPay team is made up of a number of experts within their industry and more importantly in the right areas for SGPay to succeed. They cover the complete spectrum and system.

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