Choosing the Grass Type For Your Home Garden

The house that has a garden looks more beautiful, beautiful, cool and pleasing to the eye. One component to beautify the home garden is the grass. Sometimes we choose grass that is not in accordance with the design of the house or not in accordance with the weather around our homes. So we need to know what kind of grass is suitable for our home garden.

Elephant Grass

This giant grass nutritious and true for animal feed, such as cattle, goats and other livestock. However, this grass can also be used as garden grass. Although seen from the less good texture, but elephant grass easy to grow and resistant to human footrests. So it is suitable for parks that are often passed by people. Elephant grass is growing very fast. So we must diligently cut it.

Mini Elephant Grass

Mini elephant grass may be currently much like it. Because when compared with ordinary elephant grass, elephant grass mini texture better and smaller. But still the same as the usual elephant grass, mini elephant grass is resistant to human footing. So it is suitable for children’s playground. Grass was cut enough once a month. Mini elephant grasses can still grow even though only 50% of the sun is exposed. For that it is suitable planted in a place that is difficult to reach by the sun.

Mini Varigata Elephant Grass 

Different from the two previous elephant grasses, this mini varigata elephant grass looks unique. In terms of appearance, characteristic and texture, the elephant grass mini varigata is similar to the characteristics of the mini elephant grass. It’s just different in color. Mini elephant grass only has one color green. While varigata elephant grass has a mixture of white color on each leaf blade. So it looks good to park at home. But the price of mini elephant grass varigata more expensive than the mini elephant grass.

Japanese grass

The leaves of Japanese grass lean and grow tight. Every month should be trimmed so that the sunlight can penetrate the bottom, so the bottom is not yellowish. Compared to the mini elephant grass, Japanese grass needs more urea fertilizer. It usually takes twice as much fertilizer in a month. Ordinary Japanese grass

Peking grass

Characteristics of peking grass is almost similar to Japanese grass. It’s just leaf peking grass less frequently than Japanese grass.

DIY House Painting Tips

The easiest step that you can do to change the atmosphere of the house or room is changing the paint color of the walls.If only to paint the room, you can do it yourself. The advantage, in addition to painting according to taste, of course, save the cost of the builders. Follow these diy house painting tips before trying.

Prepare the equipment

First thing, you should prepare the equipment to paint, such as masking tape, duct tape, newspaper, stairs, sandpaper, putty, brush, water tin, paint tub and roller. Prepare in advance so that when you work you no longer need to look for trouble and wasting more time.

Close the Cracks in the Wall

If there is a crack in the wall, you must cover it with putty first. Spread the putty using sandpaper until smooth. Apply also a paint primer before painting for a flat finish and shiny finish.

Clean the wall

The walls to be painted should be cleaned in advance of the dust. The goal is to produce smooth and flat wall surfaces. You can clean the walls using a vacuum cleaner, broom, or duster. If there is a large stain on the wall, clean it with a sponge and water mixture of detergent. Then, let stand for a moment until the wall dries.

Cover the Unpainted Part

Cover parts of the room that you do not want to paint, such as window frames, door handles, ceiling edges, and so on. Close using duct tape or masking tape. While other items around the painting area you can cover with newspapers, so as not exposed to splashes of paint. You should also cover the floor with a newspaper or board to keep the floor clean. After painting, immediately unplug the masking tape or duct tape before the paint dries to avoid paint coming out pulled.

Stir Paste Before Used

Paints to be used should be stirred in order not to clot and produce optimal color. Stir for about five minutes. Mix paint with water as much as 10 percent of the amount of paint used.

The paint roller will help to paint on a large wall surface. But to reach a narrow area like a corner of space, you need a small brush to paint the results are not messy. Perform painting with zig-zag method from top to bottom repeatedly until the wall is covered flat. This method is at once used to flatten the color of the wall surface.

4 Tips to Build a Low Cost House

Having a dream home is everyone’s dream. Some of them buy the house in cash or credit. In fact, building quality homes does not have to cost a fortune. Here are some special tips for the house that you build good quality and as expected.

  1. Make a Budget Planning

Make a Planning, this is the first factor you must fulfill. Planning includes of cost sharing based on each plot. For example, labor costs, building materials and unexpected costs.
Especially for the cost of labor, in order for you to be more efficient, choose a professional , quickly and carefully  worker. The faster the process of home the more cost-effective you spend.

  1. Select Cheap and Qualified Building Materials.

Many people assume that expensive building materials are synonymous with high quality. This is not always the case. Materials that are cheap and good quality also exist.
Try to find as much as information about the building material as possible and the price. Then compare between one store building with another building store. Choose cheap building materials but quality luxury.

  1. Using the Multifunction Room Design.

The next way to build a home more cost-effective, namely by making the room multifunctional. For example, dining room combined with kitchen, living room adjoined with family room, and so forth.

4. Utilizing of Used materials

These tips for you who want to take advantage of existing building materials for example wood to be part of the building materials of the house. You do not have to buy new wood. A lot of used wood whose quality is also not less good.

In addition to cheap, waste wood is very easy to obtain. You are free to choose according to your criteria. Find used wood taken from old tree trunks. Wood from old trees is usually resistant to weather, termites, and heat. Automatically, with high quality wood, the house you build will stand firm and durable.