BQT – P2P Crypto Hedge Exchange

Today we will consider a new project for the exchange of crypto-currencies. We all know that exchanges play a big role in the life and functioning of crypto-conversions. The exchange market is growing, and the exchange is developing along with the development of the entire cryptographic world.

Since we remember the leadership in terms of trading volume, and therefore the popularity of the stock exchange as a whole is constantly changing. The BQT exchanges is more innovative and functional trading platforms that bring more and more useful functions to their system.

What is BQT and what are its outstanding functions?

The main problem of current crypto-exchange exchanges is that they are closely related to fiat currency and are often targeted at them (for example, USDT). Not all crypto allocations can directly communicate with each other. This, in turn, brings inconvenience to users, as well as hinders the development of the entire crypto-currency market.

The BQT team believes in reducing the dependence on FIAT, while many Blockchain experts are trying to find more ways to marry crypto money with fiat money.

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Financex – The Solution for Cryptocurrency Exchange in the Future

When we want to trade currency, we can do it easily, by trading it on the currency market. But, it’s different on cryptocurrency market. You need to have the cryptocurrency in order to be able to trade. And, to do that, you must buy the cryptocurrency with the standard money or we call it Fiat money. This complicated process cost a lot of money, time and energy. It doesn’t match with the Blockchain technology concept, which makes everything easier and faster. For that problem, Financex team has the solution that you need through their project.

The Financex Project

The Financex project team is those who have 20 years and more experiences in cryptocurrency trading. They know the problem and what it needs so it can be solved. For that reason, they create this project that can simplify the trading process. With this project, you don’t need to buy cryptocurrency to join the cryptocurrency trading. You can do it with Fiat money. Yes, you can use your Dollar, Rupiah, or your own currency to trade. But, now, this project aims for the Southeast Asia area, so the currency mostly comes from the country in this area. Continue reading “Financex – The Solution for Cryptocurrency Exchange in the Future”

The Financex Project Simplify The Cryptocurrency Trading

Tokens or coins that you can find on many platforms made from Blockchain technology is needed in order to use the service from that platform. In order to get the coin, you must buy it with cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and such. This is actually a good system.

However, with the current currency system that still can’t leave the Fiat currency, it can become troublesome. For your information, in order to buy the coin, you will need cryptocurrency. And, to get cryptocurrency, you can only use the Fiat currency. You won’t be able to buy the coin directly with your fiat currency. But, we found Financex project that seems able to solve his problem.

What is Financex Project?

The Financex project is a project that tries to create a platform, where you can trade your fiat currency in the cryptocurrency platform. In the past as well as today, you will need to buy cryptocurrency to make a trading. However, this project tries to break that limit. With this project, now you can buy or sell any currency with your own currency. Continue reading “The Financex Project Simplify The Cryptocurrency Trading”

BQT-Social P2P Crypto Exchange

Project outline

Wow, this is cool. The most transparent and welcomes you with scalable and unbreakable platform. So far, the project must cryptocurrency boundaries that attracted recent interest in authentic ecumenical.
Many people have invested in the market and cryptocurrency magnifying glass. Online Investment encryption technology investments based on Blockchain is advantageously very informative. People are always very reliable future Probing a good investment projects.

Now, it is that I have two people of the world are mainly governed by the project, on the other hand, decide how much information to the information, the truth, this generation of business projects to succeed in the business. This is why we have to bring to the readers – investors implicitly updated on the world’s best ICO. I always monitor the encrypted call news today, it was discovered a very attractive project with a great future and encrypted calls. Let me introduce one of the cryptocurrency Exchange project, that is BQT (Better Quick Transparent) Exchange. Continue reading “BQT-Social P2P Crypto Exchange”

Cardonio- Multi Payment Card on VISA

The digital currency will become the main currency for use at the international level in the next 10 years.The company has developed the concept of crypto protected loans, instant international transfers and credit cards for customers around the world

Cardonio – ultramodern payment card for the owners of crypto currency. In addition, it is perfect for those who spend money in foreign currency around the world.

You just keep ETH / BTC in your wallet and when you want to make a purchase, the system will exchange your cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate to the currency, after which the payment will be made for this purchase. The exchange of crypto currency is absolutely free for the user. Cardonio will not charge a monthly / annual fee for the use and maintenance of the card, as well as for withdrawals from ATMs.

Cardonio servers instantly make interbank exchange rates. Counting. $ 16.00 is equivalent to 12.30GBP (GBP – British pound) at that time. Based on the highest daily rate for ETH, the exchange between GBP and ETH will be made. 12.30GBP = 0.057 ETH at the time. For currency exchange Cardonio will not take any extra charges or additional fees. Cardonio will also cover the cost of the transaction at the exchange rate of GBP and ETH (such a rate is usually charged at the crypto exchange or transfer of funds). For the exchange of GBP and USD no fee is charged. In its end, the user receives the best exchange rate without an extra charge. Continue reading “Cardonio- Multi Payment Card on VISA”

RedCab – Decentralized Transportation Solution

Passenger transportation, one of the largest industries in the world by number of customers and volume of services provided. Today it is difficult to find someone who at least once in his life did not use a taxi or driving. At the same time, the growing demand for such services and the number of companies that provide them. Despite this, the passenger transportation industry is completely centralized, which adversely affects both the passengers and the driver.

RedCab platform will be the first decentralized service, through which passengers can use taxis and private drivers on the most favorable terms.

What is REDCAB?

RedCab – a decentralized platform that has positioned itself as a new solution in the field of transport and schema-based peer-to-peer or person to person, which means that all interaction will take place directly between the users of the system, without intermediaries.

The company is very serious attention to the overall market analysis. More than a year after the founding of the company produces a variety of needs assessment of both passengers and (not least) drivers. After all, in the conventional structure of the taxi basically all proceed from the needs of customers and forget about the drivers. Continue reading “RedCab – Decentralized Transportation Solution”