Outdoor Dining Room Ideas

There is a different sensation that feels when dining in the open space. The combination of warm morning sun, the sound of water splashing pool and the cool wind makes the dining activities become more relaxed and fun.

Building an outdoor dining area is an interesting option, especially for you nature lovers. But the design process is certainly not as easy as designing the dining room in general.

There are several things you need to pay attention in outdoor dining room ideas to minimize the risk of damage in the future. Here are some important points you should consider when planning an open dining room.

Choose Outdoor Furniture

Being outside, chairs and dining tables are at risk of being damaged by sun and rain. Therefore, choose outdoor furniture that is already designed using materials that are resistant to all kinds of weather. For example, such as synthetic rattan, solid wood, or made from metal. For wood materials, make sure you provide a waterproof coating and mushrooms to keep the wood durable. Besides resistant to weather changes, outdoor furniture treatment is also easier.

Floor Materials

Choose a weatherproof floor covering material and easy to maintain. Five types of floor covering materials you can choose include ceramics, natural stone, wooden deck, cement board deck and plastic wooden composite deck.


Do not forget the lighting element. Because like the kitchen, dining activities also require lighting is quite bright. Put a standing light in the corner of the room or chandelier if the dining area is shaded by the roof. Then add some decorative candles to change the atmosphere to make it more romantic.

Decorative Pots

Put some decorative pots with beautiful flowering plants to decorate your dining area. The presence of potted plants is reinforcing the nuances of nature, ‘bring’ you as if one with the natural surroundings.

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