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It is surprising, but in Whitepaper Nebula Exchange practically it is not mentioned. Nevertheless, this project goes to the ICO, and the developers plan to play a big role in the crypto community.

About Nebula Exchange

How is this possible? It’s simple, Nebula Exchange is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

To achieve these goals, it was decided to combine the trading platform with social networking, news and independent reviews. Introduced rating and rewards that promote honest feedback participants.

This approach will significantly reduce the impact of phishing web news publication paid reviews and HYIP to disperse fraudulent schemes such as pump & dump. Every participant will be able to quickly determine whether you can trust this report, review or trading advice.

Exchange trade security tokens

Security token – form of tokens, which by its functionality is similar to the securities companies. Their holders earn on increasing enterprise value and to receive dividends, which pays the issuing tokens.

Closely resemble securities obliges all parties to the transaction to pass the verification procedures and to comply with financial regulators. These difficulties still hold startups and traders from trading such tokens. But, according to the team Nebula Exchange, the situation will change soon, and within 2 years they will start actively traded on the stock exchanges.

Realizing this understanding, the project developers create the conditions for the functioning of all the systems on the platform, characteristic of traditional stock exchanges – the trustee, broker, clearing house, and others.

Work is underway on cooperation with financial regulators to obtain all necessary permits and licenses, allowing trade security tokens.

Such approach involve the exchange accredited and institutional traders with large amounts of capital. Private traders, after the passage of KYC procedures, will also be able to participate in this kind of trade.

Why centralized exchange

Having considered the advantages and disadvantages of both systems, organization of exchange platforms, the developers chose a centralized version of it can provide ease of use for the user, greater liquidity and trading velocity. An additional advantage is the ability to use fiat in trading pairs.

In order to eliminate the drawbacks of centralized crypto currency Exchange Commission, the project focused on the security system. Nebula Exchange provides users with:

  • Protection from DDos attacks, developed by Cloudflare;
  • Combination of a password and two-factor authentication for login and withdrawal;
  • A combination of multi-signature and cold wallet for storing funds
  • An independent audit of all smart contracts;
  • Security audits and testing hacking conducted by the best experts in this field.

The centralized architecture of the exchange provides:

  • Registration up to 1 million transactions per second;
  • Professional graphics, licensed Trading View;
  • Various types of orders (Limit, Market and Stop Loss);
  • Export trading history and order history;
  • A multi-signature wallet and 24-hour monitoring
  • A ten-fold leverage for margin trading.

Additional advantages Nebula Exchange

The big problem for startups is cryptocurrency payment of their tokens in the listing of stock exchanges. It is no secret that for this accommodation projects have to pay crazy money.

Team Nebula Exchange believes that it would be better if a large portion of these funds will be allocated to development projects. Therefore the price for placing a token in exchange sheet would be reasonable and acceptable to start-ups.

Negotiations are already underway with more than 40 projects on their inclusion in the shopping list Nebula Exchange. Exchange Commission for the operation at the exchange will be small, for example, a transaction will take 0.1%.

Referral Exchange program provides great rewards. Thus, the participants in the system, invited the referral will receive 50% of all commissions paid by his protégé for the current year.

Token and ICO

Yet quite without blockchain Nebula Exchange could not do. To perform internal calculations and ICO project needed utility token (NESC). It corresponds ERC20 standard.

NESC will be applied when paying for transactions, the new list drawn up by trading pairs, payment for entering the stock exchange listing. If NESC used as payment for the commercial operation the user will receive a 50% discount.

In the first phase of sales is planned to receive $ 500 000. Hard Cap public sale is listed as $ 20 million. And this is the price of one token is equal to $ 0.4. It is planned to issue 100 million tokens.

ICO Details

Token Name : Nebula Exchange Star Credits
Token Ticker: NESC
Type: ERC20
Token Price : USD 0.40
Soft Cap: USD 500,000
Hard cap: USD 20,000,000

For more information and sales start date at the official site:


Nebula Exchange – Centralized cryptocurrency exchange, which combines a modern trading platform with the systems of news, technical analysis, independent reviews, P2P-messaging. It will create a single community centered on cryptocurrency trade.

Willingness and understanding of the need to work in the legal field and to actively cooperate with the financial regulators are a big plus and an important lever to attract more traders.

Ambitious goals and understanding of the ways of achieving them are doing a project for a promising investment.


More information about Nebula Exchange can be found by following the links below:

Linkedin: https: //www.linkedin .com / company / nebula-exchange /

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