Minimalist Stairs Design Ideas

Minimalist Stairs Design Ideas

Stairs are an important part in a terraced house. The ladder itself has a main function as a liaison between the room below with the room above. Along with the development of time, in making the ladder, not only pay attention in terms of function only, but also the ladder model. This can be an added value that can add the aesthetic value of a home. Lots of unique and nice staircase models that can be used as a reference for the stairs in your home.

However, this time we will discuss is a minimalist wooden staircase model. Design of wooden ladder is indeed very popular today, because not only make your home seem elegant but still natural. And the material made of wood also adds a natural impression on your home.

The functional ladder helps us to climb down from the top floor to the bottom. But other forms and functions can be created. One of them like this, suitable for small houses. Functional, practical and able to store other items. Like the example below.

In below design, wood becomes the belle for the material rung. Just one line up, really simple and functional. But the color of this ladder blends with the nearby wall. Make your Home not feel full and pleasing to the eye.

For a small room, white color becomes your best friend. Neutral, receiving light well and giving the impression of infinite breadth. Adding some picture on the wall. This classic ladder style will never be boring.

Minimalist design below will always be the best for small room. On a ladder, a few drawn lines on a white wall can provide an elegant picture, and a practical and functional aspect.

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