Midex: Revolutionary Finance Platform

People are trying to find technology which can helps them as well as safe enough to use. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are developed due to the needs. One of the applications is Midex platform. The platform is trying to give benefits of Blockchain and cryptocurrency in any sectors including finance, right, education, health, and many more.

The idea is introducing a revolutionary finance platform which will be easier than classical bank along with benefits for all users. Midex is transferring the use of centralized into automatic and decentralized system whether for investors, business owners, personal users, and traders. In the future, Midex will be developed into several features to help users manage their cryptocurrencies.Visit the official website (https://ico.midex.com)

What is Midex

Midex is a blockchain-based financial platform for cryptocurrency users. The function of this platform is to give specific place to store, exchange, and transfer cryptocurrency assets easier and safer. The platform is supported by several features such as Midex exchange, ATM, card, invest and credit, payment, and escrow.

Midex is developed with high performance security system to make sure that there is no problem to your cryptocurrency asset. You are about to use a platform with password encryption, Google authenticator, and USB secure token to get extra protection. Your data is also protected with smart contract so it is hard to break or share without any agreement from you.

Vision and Mission

Midex platform is developed to support old fashion financial system into high tech system. Later, the use of this platform is able to manage their cryptocurrency asset including store, exchange, and use it safely. Moreover, this platform is trying to connect all parties such as people, government, and commercial users with new financial technology and model.

In the future, Midex will be developed dynamically just like what users need and cover all important sectors such as education, public health, finance, right, and many more. Midex is not only offering easy to use platform but also more benefits for all users. Read more on the whitepaper


Midex is developed for all and to give advantages for all types of users. For investors, you can manage your asset faster, easier, and safer, access to stock exchange, support from the expert, and many more. This platform is also useful for business owners to use cryptocurrencies legally and flexibly.

Moreover, you can exchange crypto and fiat currencies anytime you want. API system provides you with multi currency payment system and safety transactions. As a trader, you have multi currency platform for trading. You can easily manage your asset better by using single account only. For personal users, you can exchange cryptocurrency and electronic money anytime you want while managing it well. You can also use it for various purposes just like when you use traditional money.

Supportive Platform

Midex is a safety and comfortable platform due to the use of several features. For example, blockchain is used to secure the whole system by giving extra protection. The platform is also supported by biometrics so you can verify your account and any user’s actions safely. API technology provides you with a system which can exchange different cryptocurrency.

Token Information

Midex is using specific cryptocurrency known as Midex tokens or MDX tokens. MDX token is designed with specific standard and Ethereum system to keep it easy and legal to use. The token is just like real money in which you can save it as your valuable investment, use it to buy something you need, and transfer it to your friends or family who also use Midex platform.

Token Details

Token Name : MDX Tokens
Token price : 0.00189 ETH for 1 MDX token

Token Protocol : ETH / ERC-20



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