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I mainly consider reviews of promising companies that link blockchain with finances, as this is a huge market in which there is a lot of money. This is beneficial for both companies and investors. But we do not often meet companies that implement blockchain in other sectors of the global infrastructure. But it is precisely the development of less profitable from the financial point of view industries that push the market and technology forward and make it possible to receive big dividends.

Today I want to tell you about the company MeFy, which provides the low-income population of the globe with full and affordable medical care, while people have the opportunity to make positive changes in life, getting professional treatment at the lowest cost.

More than half of the world’s population lives below the poverty line. In Africa alone, out of 54 countries, 33 live below the extreme poverty line. GDP per capita in them does not exceed $ 750 per year, the level of health care, education does not reach the minimum standards. Within the UN, the name “least developed countries” is used for such countries.

In most cases, the cause of the problems of these countries are: corruption, climatic conditions, wars, external debts and an unfair distribution of financial services. Residents of the poorest countries are in dire need of help, capable of at least a little improvement in their standard of living.

If we consider India, there is 1 doctor per 10189 people, 1 hospital per 90343 people and 1 hospital bed per 2046 people. And if we consider more distant from the center areas, then there these numbers are multiplied several times. Because of such a big difference in the ratio of doctors and patients, the latter have to spend a lot of time and effort to obtain the necessary treatment or even simple counseling. These are unreasonably high costs, which only aggravate the general health situation in the poorest parts of the country.

Also a great influence on the general atmosphere has a distrust of doctors and methods of treatment, so if someone was unhappy with treatment, he has nowhere to complain and get more qualified services. The concept of MeFy is to provide the population in the developing world with affordable medical care, professional treatment, no queuing, and less time and money spent on maintenance.

What is MeFy ?

MeFy is a decentralized, integrated platform for users to track their health indicators, record and store them, receive medicines, and assign medical consultants and doctors all over the world. For these purposes, the MeMe Edge Device will be used.

MeFy creates an integrated platform that combines blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning which is includes medical examinations, data to support research, hospital management, treatment without a doctor, and organizations associated with health care.

MeFy functions including :

  • Work with health professionals, health care providers and governments in strengthening primary health care services through the introduction of new technologies;
  • promote research and development of medical solutions that will help MeFy become a leader; to promote the improvement of standards and the quality of health care in the rural and poorest areas, which usually do not have access to quality medical services
  • Combining artificial intelligence into existing systems for professional customer service by automating all processes;
  • implement blockchain technologies for safe and public access using the latest technology;
  • create your own primary clinics using all the MeFy tools.

MeFy is the future of decentralized healthcare, combining blockchain, AI and IoT machine learning.

The MeFy platform will build an ecosystem that integrates doctors, patients, pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and research centers into a single system. To date, the platform is already working in test mode and has many partnership agreements. So for today:

  • there are agreements with more than 100 doctors and specialists;
  • agreements have been concluded with the 3 largest hospitals in India and negotiations are underway with other hospitals;
  • tests have been carried out and the MeMe program itself has been launched.

How it works?

MeFy is deploying its program not for nothing precisely in India, in which more than 638,000 villages with a population of more than 840,000 people do not have their own medical facilities. With the MeFy program, these people can easily get the appropriate medical care by paying a paid subscription and getting a subscription to a year-round survey, any number of tests and necessary medications. It is estimated that when a paid subscription is used by chronic patients who need constant examination and testing, a saving of up to 80 percent is obtained.

MeFy Application

So anyone can buy a paid subscription and receive timely assistance in the following ways:

  • visiting the nearest or newly created clinic and out of turn using MeFy’s (MeMe Care) Edge Device. The built-in processing engine on artificial intelligence processes and analyzes the received information, using all necessary sensors and sensors, issues a diagnosis and synchronizes with the MeFy application. If necessary, a referral to a doctor through eConsult is issued;
  • Using the application MeFy Doctor and Medical assistant you can diagnose more than 15 parameters of the human body at the moment and up to 50 parameters in the future;
  • using telemedicine econsult in the most remote corners, while conducting online interviews.

Additional benefits of MeFy

  • Security – two-factor authentication is introduced based on the unique identifier of the mobile device and password. The personal data of the patient will not be able to be seen by anyone else, not even the doctor after finishing work with the patient;
  • Artificial intelligence will be able to recommend drugs and warn doctors about the dangers of certain drugs, for example, if the patient is allergic, etc .;
  • Decentralized platform – no framework or boundaries in the ecosystem. All transactions between all individuals in an ecosystem are directed through a decentralized peer-to-peer network;
  • Artificial intelligence can monitor your standard of living and make necessary recommendations.
  • All the necessary information is recorded in a file and systematized, while it will never be lost thanks to the blockchain technology;
  • MeFy profide a mobile and WEB application and insurance also available.

ICO MeFy Details 

Name of the token – MEFY
Platform – Ethereum ERC – 20
Pre-sale period MEFY – will be announced later
PreICO price – 1 MEFY = 0.20 USD
Main sale period – will be announced later
ICO price – 1 MEFY = 0.30 USD
Soft Cap – 10 million USD
Hard Cap – 30 million USD

The distribution of funds received from the sale of MEFY tokens over the course of the entire ICO will be carried out in accordance with the diagrams below:

Anyone can become an investor and join the project. The exceptions are residents of the following countries: the United States of America, the People’s Republic of China and any other countries and regions where the sale of tokens is prohibited. Purchased MEFY tokens can be used as a payment tool to pay for services on the platform, but other types of fiat currency or cryptocurrency can also be accepted and used, it all depends on the country and whether cryptocurrency is prohibited by law or not.

The Team

The project is developed and promoted by a team of high-level specialists, the details of each team member can be found by going to their Linkedin profile.

Road map

The idea of ​​creating a project was born in October 2014. The company was registered only in June 2016. In August the working team will began. The first EDGE clinic and medical web application were launched in March of this year. During the current year, developers are actively working to increase the functionality of the product: in the first quarter of the year, indicators of temperature, blood glucose meter, blood pressure and SPO2 appeared on the platform.

In the second quarter, the team worked on the functional sections on ECG, GRS, body position, spirometers, EMG and snoring, and more. In the third quarter, automatic recipe technology will be developed, EDGE will learn to work with data on cholesterol / lipid, heart, kidney, thyroid. In Q4, machine learning, supply chain, EDGE will have a functional analysis of blood, urine, test for antibodies and so on. By the end of next year, the team promises to create a system for managing the hospital.


If this program is fully implemented, it will be a breakthrough in medical care. MeFy took a great height and is ready to easily overcome it. The test program was successfully completed and the ICO stage is currently underway and the subsequent implementation of the system in the largest medical institutions in India with which active negotiations are under way.

I am glad that this project, using the latest technologies of decentralization, also helps the society to preserve its health, money and time. If there are as many such projects as possible, the world will change for the better. In turn, friends, follow this and similar projects, the future is not far off, and decentralization will soon fully reveal its full potential.

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