LetItPlay, the Future of Decentralized Audio Content

There are so many contents in this world but so little time to watch or read all of them. People have to focus their attention to the content if the content is in visual form. Unfortunately, in this busy era, most people don’t have the privilege for that. As a result, there are plenty of good contents that are not appreciated enough. LetItPlay will solve this problem by taking advantage of blockchain and the simplicity of audio content.

What Is Let It Play?

LetItPlay is a blockchain based that aims to convert texts and videos content into audio contents. It also will come with decentralized ecosystem where the audio versions of contents can be distributed and commercialized. Audio content is more flexible compared to text and audio. People can listen to audio content while walking, doing house chores and even driving. This way, more contents will have a chance to be appreciated by more audiences. In the same time, people can maximize their time to gain new knowledge from the contents they listen to.

Vision and Mission

Audio content can be a solution for the scarcity of people’s attention. Unfortunately, only 1% of information in this world are available in audio format. Meanwhile, studies show that almost 95% of texts and around 90% of video can be converted into audio. By using blockchain and the principle of attention economy, LetItPlay aims to convert those text and video contents into audio.


Audio is actually an excellent source of knowledge and information. Unfortunately, it is not utilized well in this digital era. LetItPlay brings a great innovation to the world of audio content. By converting various contents into audio, users can enjoy more contents in limited time. In the same time, LetItPlay also offers a decentralized platform for distribution and commercialization of the content.


The development of LetItPlay’s platform will be divided into six stages. For the first stage, the team will build a mobile app with podcast feed and also web panel for content providers. In the last stage, the platform will be supported by Artificial Intelligence that ensures copyright protection for all the content owners. The sixth stage of the development also will bring a web panel for advertiser which will improve the business aspect of LetItPlay.

Token Details

Token Details:

–       Token Name: Play

–       Token Price: 1ETH = 10,000 Play

–       Token Protocol: ERC-20

–       Payment Accepted: ETH

Token Sales

–       Sales Period: Fall 2018

–       Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Play

–       For Sale: 10,000,000 Play

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For further information feel free to visit :

  • Official website: https://letitplay.io/
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