LanceChain : A Sophisticated Platform to Connect Job Owners and Seekers

Finding a job often becomes a trouble for many people. It is mainly due to the limitations of job fields in a certain area. The main solution is that the job seekers need to move out from their current place and go to somewhere in which their skills can just be used better. Interestingly, there is now one more solution; it is being a freelancer in LanceChain. LanceChain is a platform that provides an ecosystem where the freelancers and the job owners do each other’s interactions and communicate more easily. Besides, it is considered as beneficial for both sides for the implementation of Blockchain system. Visit the official website (

About LanceChain

LanceChain is designed and developed by a group of experts in the area of information technology. It is in the form of app in which the users can just simply use and set it up easily on their Smartphone and some other devices. Just like other professional freelance agency in the real world, there are some steps the freelancers must be passed through to join. There are several tests to meet the criteria so that all the workers hired by the customers will be really capable and professional in their own fields. Meanwhile, there features that enable the freelancers communicate with the job owners. There will be payment to deal so that the transaction will be beneficial for all.


Vision and Mission

LanceChain has some visions and missions. First of all, it is established to help many people there to find jobs necessary to their skills and ability. By using this platform, it is not a dream anymore to find any job even from those people who are in distant. Second, LanceChain also helps to customers to reach their goals. Of course, the finish their projects, the job owners must need people who understand the works well. That’s why; despite this platform select the freelancers, the customers are also able to choose one of them personally through interviews and other tests conducted by themselves. Third, it gives facility for both the customers and freelancers to discuss whether it is about the job or payment. So, it will be win-win solutions for all. 


It is not doubtful that the main advantage of joining LanceChain is to enable both the freelancers and customers to find and give jobs. Meanwhile, there are still some other benefits. This platform is really accessible and easy to use with many great features available. Next, there is zero commission to be spent so that the freelancers can get what they deserve as well as the customers don’t need to pay more aside from the money they give to the freelancers. LanceChain platform is also supported by high security standard to make sure there are no any bad cases like fraud.


How can be all those advantages there anyway? It is due to the application of Blockchain system. Blockchain is a decentralized system that enables the peoples to do peer-to-peer interactions without any third party involved. This means that the commission also doesn’t need to spend since the transaction is directly from the customers to the freelances. Meanwhile, Blackchain also gives guarantee for not only the safety and security but also the transparency.

Token Information

The utility taken used in the LanceChain environment also has the same name with LANC symbol. It gives some benefits for the token holders including the chance for additional income by taking parts in the talent recognition and selection, some free premium features, opportunities to attend the affiliate program, and more. on the other hand, here are the details of token in LanceChain; Platform: Ethereum; Interface: ERC-20; Maximum Supply: 96.8 Million; Soft Cap: $1,000,000 (USD), and Token Type: Utility Token.

Token Details

Token name : LANC
Platform : Ethereum
Token Type : Utility Token
Interface : ERC-20

Token Sale

Max Supply : 96.8 Million
Soft Cap : $1,000,000 USD




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