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Insurance companies have long been associated in people with something bad. Surprising that there is nothing, as most of today’s insurance companies – it cheats. I will highlight a few basic problems you may encounter each person:

  1. It is difficult to get a payout. In fact, almost every insurance company is difficult to prove that you put the payment or the conditions that create a lot of problems for this.
  2. Almost always, all disputes and latent conditions are written in small print. Accordingly, a person can about them do not even guess.
  3. The high cost of insurance, because there are many intermediaries.

These all problems can be solved with the appeareance of  innovative insurance company, that is InsCoin which is built on blockchain technology.

What is InsCoin

InsCoin – an innovative project in the field of insurance, which provides each of its users a flexible policy, fair conditions and a decentralized structure.

Of course, at first glance it may scare off people, but stable token will be developed within the system, who are interested in absolutely everyone. All users will receive the usual paper certificate, and information about it can be found online.

InsCoin offers a truly innovative approach in the field of insurance, respectively, it will be able to interest a huge number of people around the globe.

How it works

In fact, the platform got a fairly simple principle of its operation. And here it should be understood that the simpler in this segment, the more benefits for themselves can draw ordinary people. Familiarize yourself with the platform structure can be in the following photo:

As you can see, there are no intermediaries, banks and lawyers. Cooperation takes place as follows: the customer – the insurance pole. If something happens or there are disputes, the employees of this company are always to meet their clients.

InsCoin Benefits

I will highlight a few important advantages InsCoin project:

  • Transparency. All terms and conditions, insurance cases, controversies and much more thoroughly attributed to the contract and there are no surprises;
  • Decentralized platform. Accordingly, no one can interfere in its work, to make changes or other ways to deceive customers;
  • Developed smart smart contracts. Their appearance eliminates any possibility of spread of insurance policies that are counterfeit;
  • There are no delays with payments. That is, if the user has come under the insurance case, he put all the money will be paid immediately;
  • Only fair conditions, which are discussed with each client.

I note! InsCoin – this is the first insurance company that is fair and transparent to all customers. And it is for this reason that this company can be called special, not as is often the case.

How are the tokens

I will highlight a few basic characteristics of the company:

  1. The name of the token: INSC
  2. Platform: Ethereum
  3. Standard: ERC20
  4. Total issued tokens: 500,000,000 INSC
  5. Cost: 1 ETH = 5,000 INSC
  6. Payment: ETH
  7. Soft cap: 4,000 ETH
  8. Hard cap: 39,444 ETH

Road map

InsCoin project can also boast of a detailed plan of development, you can read it on the following pictures:

I note! Project staff thought through not only the stages of development and activities, but also take into account possible problems and challenges that they will encounter in the course.


InsCoin – an innovative insurance company that offers a completely new approaches and opportunities for absolutely everyone involved. Speaking of its main features, it should be noted that it is open and fair to all. And for this reason I can say that the project is successfully implemented. Of course, many users will eventually, when blockchain become more popular, but at this time the project is already takes place.

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