How to Utilize the Corner Room to Beautify the House

The corner of the room is often forgotten in the affairs of the arrangement of the room. Though the area can give a feel more fresh and attractive to the house, with the proper arrangement. Here are some ways on how to utilize the corner room to beautify the house you can try:

1. Small Chair

A chair with vintage or antique style will make the room more beautiful. But if you do not like vintage style, you can choose a minimalist model seat but with bright colors to attract attention. To be more interesting, can put a doll, toy hairy or decorative pillow on it.

2. Green plants

Present the natural feel with the plant life in the corner of the room. Choose a plant pot with a unique design, if likes that attract attention can choose bright colors such as red, blue or green.

3. Flowers

Decorating floral nuances are also suitable to enliven the atmosphere. No need for flower life, enough imitation flowers made of plastic or ceramic. You can put some flower stalks in a tall and slender vase. Can also combine various forms of different flowers.

4. Display

Contemporary decoration and unique shape can be an alternative in home decoration. Choose the one that best suits your home setup style. Place a maximum of three displays, do not need too much because instead of beautify but it makes the room look messy.

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