How to Take Care of Your Garden

How to Take Care of Your Garden

For those of you who want to take care of your front garden, here are some tips how to take care of your garden that you can apply to take care of the plants in the garden front of your house to keep looking beautiful.

1. Flush the plant correctly

If the plants in your home garden are planted with pot media, you should water them properly. The trick is that every pot must have a sphere for the water discharge. Flush the plants until the water overflows and out of the hole. And stop immediately when the water is out because if the excess water of the plant will easily rot.

2. Add moisture

How do I know that your plants are less moist? The trick is very easy, you can see your plants, if you find brown spots on the leaves, then certainly your plants need moisture. So move immediately to a more humid place.

3. Lighting

Not all plants can live in a dark place. Some of them need enough lighting to be able to photosynthesize. Therefore, make sure your plants get the right sunlight, because it is very important.

4. Change the land

Sometimes plants still can not grow up even if they get enough lighting and water. If that happens, the solution is to replace the planting medium. It does not have to replace it with charcoal or crystal, but replace it with new soil in order to renew the nutrients of the plant.

5. Clean the plants

Not only humans who want to look clean, plants also wanted the same thing. The trick is to clean the leaves by leaf with a soft cloth, this method is used to prevent plants from dust.

6. Check for pests and insects

Plants and flowers that flourish can attract the attention of pests, as well as insects. But it is not a good thing if they do not help pollination but instead damage the plants. Well if you find the signs of your plants began to be attacked by pests and insects, immediately get rid of with pest and insect repellent.

7. Replace the pot

Replace the pot according to the size and age of the plant. It will help the plants to grow better.

8. Cut twigs

Cutting a twig or a dry leaf that is annoying will not make the plant die. Instead, this will make the plants grow for the better.

9. Natural fertilizer

Add dirt and compost to the soil for the nutrients needed during the growth period can be obtained with the maximum. Try to consult with people who give seeds of plants about good composition.

10. Do not let your plants grow on their own

Just like humans, plants also do not like and can not live alone. So try to buy another plant and place it close together.


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