How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Staying in a small house or apartment becomes one of the options for people who rely on practicality. But the problem is, the small room will feel crowded when filled with various kinds of furniture. In theory the small room will look bigger if the walls are light-colored. Color choices such as blue, green, and yellow can be an option to show a great impression on the house.

Blue and green color is touted as a soothing and relaxing color, so no wonder both colors are suitable to be applied as a wall paint color. But not so for the yellow color, if you want to apply the yellow color on the wall of the house, you should choose the color intensity that is not too bright. there is no dark color restriction that can be applied to the wall of the house. You can use brown, maroon, gray, or dark blue colors that can be combined with matching light colors.

In fact, from the psychological side, home furniture that has a large size can also make the room feel bigger.

As for the apartment, it is advisable not to use the insulation in every room. “If the apartment is better off just open the screen so the theme of open space.If you want to use home accessories, just use partition but the size is half.Or use light partition like glass can also,”

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