How to Create a Minimalist Kitchen

How to Create a Minimalist Kitchen

Having a limited number of shelter makes you have to work on arranging the layout of every room in the house, including kitchen placement. Minimalist kitchen quite a lot of interest because of its size which tend to be small and simple, so easy to clean. Despite being in a cramped space, always keep the minimalist kitchen in your home stay comfortable to use and function optimally. Here are tips how to create a minimalist kitchen in your home:

Efficient and modern with multifunctional Furniture

The small kitchen facilitates your activities while in the kitchen, the distance between processing food, cooking, washing food to serve it in an adjacent area. To be more efficient and still look modern, just use multifunctional furniture. For example, make a multifunctional sink sink (kitchen sink) into a table. So, when the cover is lifted, the sink can be worn, when closed it becomes a large table top.

Use the bar counter

If it is not possible to make a dining room or put a large dining table near your kitchen, just use the bar table. This concept is suitable for you who live alone at home or newly married couples. With a bar counter in the kitchen you can save space in your home and this table can also be an insulator or border between the kitchen with another room in the house.

Maximize Storage

Keep the kitchen equipment into the cabinet or kitchen set for the kitchen to always look neat. Do not let your cooking utensils fall apart in the table top. If the storage area is fully loaded and no longer loads your kitchen equipment, immediately declutter the contents of storage in your kitchen.

Think before buying

Avoid buying kitchen utensils or cooking utensils that you do not really need or just use occasionally. When you look at a new item and think about buying it, wait for a week, do you really still think about it because it needs it or you have just forgotten it because it’s just a momentary desire.

Window near the kitchen

The tiny minimalist kitchen can be stuffy and crowded when you use cooking if there is not enough ventilation in the kitchen. In addition to functioning as an air exchange, windows can also make the kitchen look more spacious.

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