Home Accent Wall Ideas

Home Accent Wall Ideas

With accents, the look of space can be more interesting, making the space look different, and away from the boring impression. Accents on the walls or space as a whole can come from many things. The accents do not need to be large or are in a large area, just select a unique technique, object, or material and let it stand out in space. As some of the following ways can be used for home accent wall ideas.

Paint the Wall

Painting is one of the easiest ways to decorate and beautify walls and spaces. In this way too, the color can be an accent in the wall and space. Apply a different color from the dominant color in space on one side of the wall. Choose colors that contrast with the overall color used, can be color with a lighter or dark gradation. Use the color on the side of the wall you want to find, eg walls that have windows or artwork that want to display.

Use Different Materials

Side walls can also be decorated with the use of certain materials, such as wood or natural stone. Wood or natural stone can coat one side of the wall. That way, both materials can be accented in space and highlight the area.

Present Patterns and Textures

In addition to colors, patterns or textures can also be an accent in space. Patterns and textures can be presented through wallpaper or wall sticker. Using wallpaper or wall sticker is also a simple way to decorate walls and space.

Take advantage of home accessories

A variety of home accessories can be mounted on the wall and become a beautiful accent. Select large objects, such as mirrors or artwork for display. In addition to size, another thing to note is the color of accessories and the unusual shape that can add to the attraction of the object.

Present Letter Art

When the color or wallpaper is used, letter art can be a fun way to decorate the walls. With different types of writing, color, size, and material, letter art can be an interesting accent for wall and space look.

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