Genesis – Simple and Convenient Investment in Real Estate Blockchain Technology

With the growth of real estate business, a breakthrough investment system is needed to make sure that all the investors will get what they really deserve. The Genesis comes with blockchain and digital technology to create more convenient investment system for real estate investors from all around the world.

Genesis: What Is It Actually?

Genesis comes as a breakthrough solution for investors in real estate so they can get optimum profit upon their investment in more convenience way. The blockchain and digital technologies applied are aimed to give protection for the investors for any risk they might get if they use classic system of real estate investment. The idea behind the company’s establishment is that there is often absence of guarantee in real estate investment that prone to put investors in risks. Moreover, the high price needed for entry makes people difficult to join in the investment system if they do not have sufficient capital.

Based on those problems, wants to make the easier investment system for investors along with secure mechanism to avoid any risk. The new image of real estate marketing created by the company make the investments in the real estate business is faster, safer and more reliable for the clients. Moreover, the company also successfully combines the traditional real estate investment and the more modern one to reach more progressive targets. The distribution of the Genesis tokens will be conducted in some steps. The token distribution is based on the investment strategy applied in the development of the projects provided by the company. The tokens will be distributed to investors as their profit. Read more on the whitepaper

The Benefits of Joining in Genesis

There are a lot of benefits you can get from the Genesis include:

  1. Working Business

The company has been involving in real estate business for more than 15 years. With years of experience, the company is able to manage different real estate business in many countries. Supported with experienced and skillful team, the company has signed more than $100 million contracts in one year.

  1. Credits and Loans

The nicest thing about joining in the Genesis is that the company can provide you with cash anytime you need money urgently. You can ask for loan at lowest interest. In turn, you will be able to use the tokens you have earned before as guarantee. Interestingly, the tokens will be given back to you after you complete all the payment.

  1. Legitimacy

To provide secure investment for the clients, the company uses EU legislation as standardization of the GES tokens distribution. This is to guarantee that you will not lose the money you invest.

  1. Crypto Currency Rate Independent

In joining Genesis, the rate of your cryptocurrency exchange rate will not influence the profit you get from the company. This is because the reward you get due to your investment is fixed. The profit is also converted to Euro. The platform provided will enable you to choose to get your profit either in any fiat cryptocurrency. This is so beneficial and profitable for investors.

Token Information

Token Details

  • Token Name : GES Tokens
  • Token price : 1 GES = 1 EUR
  • Token Protocol : ETH / ERC20
  • Payment Accepted : BTC, BTH, ETH, ETC, LTC AND XIN

Token Sales

    SOFT CAP: 3 000 000 Euro.

Token Allocation

    2% – BOUNTY

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IСO [01 April, 2018 – 15 May, 2018]


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