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Today we will talk about the platform, which is a unique project that will combine the games industry, network marketing and passive income. I present to you the project Game Loot Network!

What is Game Loot Network ?

Game Loot Network – an online game platform that works as an app store with the functions supported blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency, LOOT, allows the platform to become a revolutionary shop for all games – from games, shopping and design.


The main objective of the Game Loot Network project is that the designers will submit their game ideas in the catalog presented on the platform including the screenshots, demos and footage from the game. Users then offer Loot markers to fund promising projects that caused them concern.

The game players receive income from the games that helped them. Users have the ability to play games, organize game tournaments and earn money.

What features does the platform provide?

  1. Register in Game Loot Network. The registration fee is $ 125. For this you get some “tools for work” and the title of Ambassador (so-called partners in GLN).
  2. Invitation to 3 people in the company. Once on your referral link to sign up 3 people, you get a $ 250 commission.
  3. Passive income from Game Loot Network. After the first two points you get passive income at a rate of $ 5 a day.

Simply put, the platform will provide the possibility of earning on games for mobile devices and tablets. Everyone is familiar with the Google Play Store and App Store. One of the most successfully sold products in them are games. The approximate volume of the industry – a few billion dollars a year and it will only grow. Game Loot Network decided to get into this industry and make some money for themselves and their partners.

Earnings in Game Loot Network
It is said that marketing plan Game Loot Network – one of the best marketing plans.
Its main feature – the fact that passive income are not all participants in the project, and only those who meet certain conditions.

Prospects Game Loot Network
In my opinion, this project is very promising. Primarily due to passive income and literacy limitations. On the other hand, it should be clearly understood – Game Loot Network is a promising platform that clearly displays grow industry to a new level.

The main income of the planned contributions of new entrants ($125). And sooner or later, the project is closed. Although such a marketing he can run for 2-3 years. Plus, do not forget to soberly assess their strength. Invest $125 – not a problem.


  • The name of the token – LOOT
  • Token price : 1 LOOT = 0.35 $ USD
  • Soft CAP – 50,000,000.00 $ USD
  • Hard CAP – 75,000,000.00 $ USD
  • Total volume of issued tokens – 600,000,000 LOOT
  • Public sale starts on May 29, 2018 and it will last 230 days.


The project has a strong and highly skilled team, which in my opinion is able to bring the project to the highest level as soon as possible and I hope they succeed.

The team consists of leading specialists from various fields with years of experience. With key players you can visit the official website, there you will find links to their personal accounts on social networks.

In conclusion, I want to say that the platform has a pleasant interface, has interesting idea, well-tasks, and as a strong, well-organized, cohesive team. Which has all the necessary range of knowledge and skills for the successful implementation of the project, and the whole project, aimed at solving very important problems. Thank you, until we meet again my friends!

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